The Party’s Just Beginning dir. Karen Gillan (2018)


The Dumplin’ official trailer is here! The book by Julie Murphy is definitely a worthwhile read! Who else is excited??

Happy watching!


VIDEO: ‘Amazing Worlds’ Trailer - AQUAMAN

Heisei Generations FOREVER trailer breakdown

  • We start off with the standard Dynaman-patented “all heroes stand in front of a huge explosion pose”.
  • In a nice bookend nod to the Rider War of Decade, we see the former Destroyer of Worlds biking alongside Blade, Kiva, Agito and Faiz rather than facing against them as they charge at him. 
  • The Heisei Riders fight armies of mooks, consisting of Ghouls, Masquerade Dopants, Inves,Gammas, Dustards, Bat Roidmudes, Waste Yummies, Bugsters..pretty much every disposable grunt used in the Heisei Era! (Time shenanigans!) We even get more biking action in one frame!
  • Kamen Riders have been erased from memory and are now…a TV SHOW?! The only one who can save them is a fan of said TV series. Wow.. meta.
  • Sento is having trouble remembering who he is in this new reality.
  • Zi-O is a TV show as well.
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O is fading out of existence!
  • Tid, the “Super” Time Jacker appears, proclaiming he will wipe away Kamen Riders from time.
  • Scenes of chaos as monsters attack Japan due to the Riders not existing to stop them. Another Double and Another Den-O are seen.
  • Kamen Rider Build gets Thanos’d!
  • KUUGA! 
  • Montage of stock footage with audio clips from past shows, compounded with the voices of kids cheering on Kamen Rider.
  • Sento and Sougo are all alone in the rain, faces filled with despair. Seems they took a pretty bad loss of some kind.
  • Zi-O fights all of the mook army on his own as the rain keeps pouring
  • RIKU’S SARCOPHAGUS AT MT. KUROUGATAKE! Something happened to Riku, Daguva and the Arcle that prevented Kuuga from existing in the year 2000. Wait…somebody is standing in the tomb next to it…could it be…him? We’ll find out once more magazine data pours in next month!
  • Fleeing citizens panicking as the mook army attacks them and advances, but ol’ Momotaros is getting serious as Den-O, he marches slowly towards the danger and is ready to throw down. All the people fleeing cry for Kamen Rider to save them.
  • Camera goes dark and we hear motorcycles rev their engines and the shout of one word in many voices is the final tease before the narrator takes over: “HENSHIN!”


This Next Round of MST3K Will Take on “Mac and Me”

The MST3K crew will have to take on six entire bad, bad, bad movies including the classically bad Mac and Me, used ruthlessly by Paul Rudd whenever on Conan, all the way to the brazen rip off of Pacific Rim even brazenly called Atlantic Rim.

It’s being branded as The Gauntlet of which Jonah and the robots will have to go through and you can get a taste of what’s to come here with this trailer.

Thankfully, all of this is dropping on Thanksgiving day if you need some content to find solace in from forced family gatherings.

The Marvel fandom in search of the Avengers 4 trailer…