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wandering if you knew a good slow burning swan queen fanfic, set in storybrooke. including smut at the end. shh :3 thanks

ehi drumstick :) my fav is so does this make us both the other woman (the beginning may not seem so slow-burn, but it is) there is The Secret’s in the Telling (very slow burn, very good plot, a must read, but with less smut ;) somewhere, someone must know the ending (au, veeeery good) Safe (not set in SB but one of the best ). i still have to read a-Trail-Of-Destruction and Who Needs Shelter but i think they’re worth a try ;)

The Final Invasion: Endgame

This was it. The final attack. Monster X had brought all that remained of the Xilien fleet with him, leaving a trail of destruction scoured across entire countries. Now, he was back, back where he had first fought Godzilla, back where he had been defeated, back where he would have his revenge.

Back at Tokyo.

The massive mothership floated above the center of the city, the smaller cruisers waiting in a massive circle around it. On the mothership, Monster X waited. Waited for his foe to show himself.

"I know you’re there," he whispered," Godzilla."

2/15/2015 9:59 pm

Things are getting bad again
I’ve started crying myself to sleep
I’ll fall apart in my bedroom
Into a crumbled heap
I can’t hold it in anymore
I have to let it out
Although I cry in silence
I want to scream and shout
Somebody please help me
I can’t do this anymore
I keep dying piece by piece
All shattered across the floor
There’s a trail of destruction
It follows me everywhere
I’m so full of fear and fright you see
I’m like a startled hare
The twisted maze I’m in
Somebody please save me
The lights are getting dim
I think I’m nearly done now
I’m going to leave it here
I can feel death getting closer
I sense he’s getting near
I died long ago
Did I really convince you I was happy
With the flowers and the bow?

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The crazed Koopaling was in the jungle, however this jungle seemed to be much different than where he was from. However, in the midst of this, something was causing a ruckus and causing a trail of destruction which caused him to perk up. "Oh, looks like the natives are restless, what luck~" He was in the mood to prank and so he hid himself as he only watched.

Enter the ferocious TASMANIAN DEVIL! The wild, always hungry beast was eating through rocks, trees, grass and water in a small cyclone of destruction!

Like it's supposed to be (Dean X Reader)

Title: Like it’s supposed to be (Dean X Reader)
Author: fezinating
Based on: The challenge of tears (carry-on-my-wayward-imagines)
Warnings: Depression, cutting, suicide (please don’t read if you’re triggered by any of those D: ), blood, angst.
Word count: 941
Notes: If you cry, it means my job’s done right. If not, I’ll have to find another way to rip your heart out. Soz.

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Must love leave a trail of destruction?

We reconcile our defeats for the hope inherently found in the most tender of eyes that have yet to familiarize themselves intimately with true suffering.  The promise of their tomorrow glares back at one, as if they were hallowed words colored black and white… truths that I personally cannot argue against.  It is bittersweet to land here, in this middle stage within oneself where experience has seared me too often, as if my flesh was that of cattle.  And although it pains me to let go, I cannot argue against or even recriminate anyone for relinquishing what one most longs for…for that only thing that shifts one’s soul like nothing else, in order to do right by others. I can’t.  I cannot reproach.  I can only respect the bravery of laying your life before others, so that they may be happy.

For, must love leave a trail of destruction?


Cyclone Marcia leaves trail of destruction in Queensland

A trail of destruction has left thousands facing a grueling clean-up effort to repair shattered properties after two powerful cyclones ripped through Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia on Friday.

While there were no reports of deaths, 550 homes were destroyed and 60,000 homes were left without power in several coastal towns.

Apart from all the damage, there have been additional losses with tourist sites, such as beaches, being closed and several flights being canceled and delayed along the coastal belt.

There are around 50,000 Chinese nationals travelling in Queensland during the Lunar New Year holidays, and many have had to change their plans due to the severe storms.

In fact, 15 Chinese tourists, including four children, were reportedly trapped in a town near Brisbane amid the flooding. Fortunately, they are reportedly safe and are waiting to be transferred to their next stop.



I this is the first weekend I’m actually going to be spending at my house since I ended up getting a job so seriously, rec me alllll the Clexa or SQ fic, please.

These might not be all of the Swan Queen fics, but it’s a start!: By Process Of Elimination, A Trail Of Destruction,

Jesus that’s a long list, but there’s definitely a few on here that I haven’t read. Thanks!

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