Gotham Academy: Second Semester #11 by Karl Kerschl


“The Ballad of Olive Silverlock” part three! A terrible revelation sends Maps on a quest for answers at Wayne Manor! With Two-Face hot on their trail, Maps and Damian Wayne must work together to stop Olive’s rampage of destruction across Gotham City.
On sale JULY 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


I’ve been musing about this for a while, and finally took the time to put it together. It’s a long one, but mainly because of the images.

In The Six Thatchers, we are shown Mary’s apparent flight from London, through randomly selected places around the world. Many of us have noticed that elements of this flight are strange; I’m going to discuss some of them here.

First, Mary seems to be selecting her destinations based on (a) three rolls of a die and (b) the selection of a location based on this roll – from this source:

Many of the place names listed here are obsolete. There are references to East Germany (reunited with West Germany in 1990), the USSR (dissolved in 1991) and Yugoslavia (dissolved in 1992). Many of the cities are very old, but Noranda, Quebec, was founded in 1926 and became Rouyn-Noranda in 1986, so that sets the date limits for this source. Most of this period was dominated by the Cold War, which lasted from 1947 to 1991.

Maps and more under the cut.

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Sigvald Goes on a Magnificent Adventure

So in over a decade of playing Total War games I’ve never had a battle that’s also a true one-on-one.

Until yesterday.

Step up Sigvald the Magnificent (or Siggy the Magniggy), chosen son of Slaanesh and Champion of Chaos.

I was undertaking a Warriors of Chaos campaign and recruited him as my secondary lord. Just a couple of turns after his arrival I noticed an enemy “army” near him on the map. 

Army is in parenthasis because, in fact, it was an army of one - the lord, master and sole survivor of a rival tribe, Jarel Ingersson. I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to send Sigvald for my first over solo lord-on-lord “battle.”

Here’s Jarel modelling the latest in Generic Chaos Sorcerer range from Kurgan ™: 

And here is the Magnificent looking as magniggy as ever:

Damn, what a looker. So anyway, Siggy gets stuck in right away, and it doesn’t take long for Jarel the Gutless to realise he’s outmatched and make a run for it. 

Even more amusingly he apparently has the Banner of Swiftness, which means he leaves Sig in his snow-trail. On the campaign map, however, things are different. The Sigulator catches up with him for round two:

And within seconds, killing blow:

Yep, that’s an action shot of the greatest ever Slaaneshi fuqboi decapitating the last of the line of the Skell.

Don’t lose your head over this, Jarel. And to add insult to injury, apparently Jar’Jar is hauling around a warp-tonne of loot with him, which Sig subsequently takes.

All in all, a productive first encounter for the Magnificent!





Farewell to the festival of frailty I fester in.
This hollow home of the hopeless is opening to the world.

I wanted to write a poem for the slivers of light that slide through the curtain cracks,
for the trail of veins that map my weathered wrists.
For the creaking complaints my bones make.

So take my hands.
This body is a sorry shell, apologising for every moment.
But you are every prayer I ever dared whisper,
and I will not stop worshipping you
until my blood dries up and I am full of dust.
Until my joints are rust and I am left down on my knees.

I want my fingers wrapped around your bones.
I was afraid, a dull blade without you,
but now I’m razor sharp, repaired and ready for regrowth.

I am a passing moment, clinging to the moonlight.
Empires will rise and empires will fall,
but I will always remain yours.

The stars will forget us in time,
and we will be abandoned to the wilderness of empty space.
Our kisses are eternally brief, permanently locked together.
I want to kiss you through the end of the universe.
This brief game of living should not be spent alone.
Time will tie us tight to another soul.

—  giraffevader - Our bones were built to be together

Well, it’s definitely no secret that my Camber and I have become quite the pair. My boyfriend and I have even started making a tiny course to practice on in our backyard AND I signed up for a Women’s Downhill Camp that’s happening in July. I pretty much jumped in with both feet to say the least. I’m still SO incredibly new, but very set on learning.

This past weekend we took a trip to Destin for a little beach vacation and while we were there we thought we would visit a local MTB trail. We reached out for suggestions on social media, found the address of a trail near by, packed up our stuff, and headed out. The trail head had no map of the trail system, but plenty of bear warnings. As we’re riding along I’m thinking to myself how flat it is, no one would need anything more than a CX bike out here, easiest trail ever, so and so on and then BAM I over correct and throw myself into a tree. Just goes to show you that you can literally fall anywhere so use this as my friendly reminder to wear a helmet while riding. Regardless of the tiny scratches (and slightly hurt ego) I ended up with, we had fun, explored through the path of palm trees, admired the crazy amount of white moss, and of course stopped to take photos.

We finished the ride, stopped for acai bowls, and ended our day playing in the ocean while enjoying Floridas white sandy beaches. Bikes, food, and the beach - I’d say this is one of my favorite ways to spend a day.


The taste of mint cold
on her teeth makes her mouth feel
cut up and blue like
a sky full of jet trails.
A cloud map of places
she could be going,
planes she could sleep in,
and cities she could
wake up in,
slowly disappears with
a mind full of someday and
a mouthful of mint
—  Lucy (II) //Name Aesthetic Poem #8 –C.A. Miner
Cut Short

yess?? @theschrodingerqueer



    Large hands gently grasp her hips in an attempt to keep her from walking out of the door of their private chambers. It isn’t too late, it’s barely in the early evening slot, and most of the others busy themselves with supplies or simply roaming about the base outside.

    Corrin flushes at the tone of Silas’ voice: hinted with desire. Her palms press to his broad chest, shuddering at the way his hands begin roaming up and down her back.

    It’s not fair, how little time they have to spend time together. Even on the battlefield, Corrin ends up fighting among others a majority of the time, and the times they actually can spend in private is always interrupted by war conflicts. Not now, he thinks, pressing his mouth to her forehead, planting a gentle kiss. The kiss does what he wanted it to do – visibly have her relax.

    “I know you’re needed, but just give me twenty minutes…” Silas lets his words fade along her soft skin, proceeding to pepper small kisses down her cheeks, her jawline, then stops at her chin. He notes the change of her breathing, and smiles to himself at her hands now raising up to hold his sides for support.

    Corrin rumbles out a purr at Silas leisurely moving them towards the bed beside them, one step at a time, without breaking his lips off her skin. Before she is able to utter a peep, his lips cram against her own, cautiously moving them closer and closer to their bed.

    A soft plop later, and Corrin’s laying on her back, eyes widening as Silas slips on the bed, towering over her, both knees resting on either side of her. Even without his armor, she can map out such lovely features hidden in his clothing, which was in dire need to be removed from his body. What has her take in a sharp breath is the gaze he slyly flashes her. “Silas…”

    The cavalier’s hand leans down, tracing his bare fingers along her flushed, soft cheek, and watches Corrin instinctively lean against his touch – a sign of trust and love. Her eyes slid closed, and simply lets Silas begin trailing that hand down, mapping out her slender neck, collarbone… “Let me spoil you…” he whispers, both hands now gripping the collar of her top, beginning to fumble with it.


    Silas freezes in place at the second button he’s just barely undone, and immediately turns his head towards the door. Corrin leans up, now sitting, hands on his thighs for support. “What…”

    “Mama, mama! Sakura said you were here! I brought you some pretty flowers!”

    “Kana,” they both mutter in unison.

    Corrin turns to a somewhat disappointed Silas, and smiles weakly, which to her surprise, he returns with a gentle chuckle as he cups one of her cheeks once more. “How bad is my luck? Very. But, soon I will have those twenty minutes.” Silas buttons up her top and crawls off the bed and out of her way to let his wife pass through to the door.

    When Kana skips in, he beams at Corrin, and flashes her the flowers he holds in his palm. “Look, Mama! I found these lovely flowers near the coral mine! And I brought some for Papa as well!” He hands his mother one, and trots over to Silas and extends his hand. “Here you go, Papa! Isn’t it lovely?”

    Silas grins, taking the colored plant and ruffling up Kana’s locks in appreciation. “These are very lovely, Kana.”

    “Just like my mama!”

    Laughing, Silas nods in agreement. “Just like your mama.” When the two gaze up, they see Corrin with an endearing smile caressing her face.

anonymous asked:

You should write something about that anon earlier with his wet beard against your neck(((:

A/N: I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, waiting for an idea.  There was also another anon about it, that can be found here.  Luckily, our little award winner inspired me.  Thanks to my crew for helping me with the start!

People’s Choice

The silver streams of light peeking through the curtains told you it was still early, too early to be awake for sure. You felt the dip and shudder of the mattress as Niall woke up.  You knew his movements by heart, he was such a creature of habit. He rolled onto his back, stretching his lean frame out under the duvet.  You could feel each long muscles contract and tighten as he pulled his arms out above his head, then dragged his wide palms over his face.  You could hear the rough pads of his fingers scratch over the thick stubble on his jaw - you’d insisted he grow it out, something about the thick, dark hair set you ablaze.  You smiled into the pillow, enjoying the quiet predictability of your boyfriend’s routine.  He raked his hands down over his chest and down over the bulge in his white Calvin’s, palming across his length.  You snorted a tiny laugh, belaying the fact you were awake.  “What’s so funny?”  His voice was still deep and raspy with sleep and you were sure it was the best sound you’d ever heard.  

You rolled over to face him, smiling at the sight of his arm thrown back behind his head and the dark shadows of the room outlining his strong jaw and nose.  Reaching out to drag your fingers through his thick chest hair you sighed.  “Nothing.  Just makes me laugh when you have to check and make sure your dick didn’t fall off in the middle of the night.”  He grabbed your wrist, biting playfully at your arm, earning a squeal from you.  “Ha ha.  Very funny, petal.  We both know you’d be the one cryin’ like a baby if it fell off.”  You hummed in agreement and rolled back over to try and fall back asleep.  You and Niall had no plans for the day and you were determined to be lazy.  You heard Niall scrounge around his side table, looking for his phone, finally grabbing it and yanking it off the charging cord.

“Well, fuck me!”

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Mc goes hiking and tells the guys that it should be like 1-2hr trip (idk around that) then SHE GETS LOST AND CANT MESSAGE BACK FOR 2/1 day(s), how would they react to finding her in the woods?

ok im really living for this concept thanks anon


  • MC planned a hiking trip for them and Yoosung
  • he’s really excited about doing something new with MC
  • “this is going to be so much fun!”
  • but that dumb boy
  • on the Friday Yoosung and MC are supposed to leave
  • Yoosung remembers he has end of the semester exams starting monday
  • “umm…MC…I don’t think i can go anymore”
  • “what?! why? are you getting cold feet?”
  • “I totally forgot about my exams…”
  • Yoosung smacks his palm into his forehead
  • he begs MC to stay with him instead of leaving
  • but MC is like boy i spend all week planning this hike, im going
  • “fine but I’ll miss youuuu”
  • Yoosung puts on his cutest possible act to try to get MC to stay
  • “oh no, im not falling for those puppy dog eyes this time. you messed up!”
  • Yoosung just continues to pout, sticking his bottom lip out
  • MC leaves him to a lonely weekend of cramming his ass off, despite his efforts to make them stay
  • when MC doesnt return sunday night, Yoosung starts to get worried.
  • after his first exam Yoosung feels exhausted…he just wants to go home and sleep for three days
  • maybe MC is back now?
  • on his way home, he gets a call from a number not saved in his phone
  • he answers the call
  • “Hello? You’ve reached Yoosung Kim!”
  • “Yoosung….thank god….”
  • MC’s voice reaches Yoosung’s ear
  • they sound like they havent heard Yoosung’s voice in years
  • “MC? You ok?
  • “Yoosung…i…i got lost. im calling you from a payphone”
  • “you what?!”
  • “I’m lost.”
  • “well….where are you?? i’ll come get you!”
  • “Yoosung, I’m lost. i have no idea where i am.”
  • Yoosung slams his palm onto his forehead again
  • why did he say that
  • “well….whats around you?”
  • “Um…there’s a little restaurant, but mostly trees”
  • “what’s the name of the place”
  • MC tells him the name of the shop they’re calling him                                                                         from
  • “Im on my way”
  • Yoosung looks up the name of the shop and thank god it was on google maps
  • it was also about a two hour drive
  • damn MC how lost did you get
  • MC please stay still…im coming
  • Yoosung pulls up to the restaurant finally, and MC rushes into his arms
  • he laughs a bit as MC squeezes him
  • “heeeey! dont laugh at me!”
  • “I can’t help it! youre so helpless”
  • Yoosung teased MC
  • “shush. i hate the woods. can we go home, please?”
  • “of course, cutie”


  • Zen sees MC researching good trails in the area one day
  • “hmm? whats this? going on a hike princess?”
  • “yea! wanna come with?”
  • Zen would love nothing more than to spend two days hiking with his sweetheart, but he’s especially busy with work these days
  • when MC leaves on their hike, Zen makes sure to send them off properly
  • “don’t be out one second over two day’s okay? ill worry”
  • “Zen, iv’e done hikes plenty of times. dont worry about me and dont work too hard”
  • Zen kisses MC sweetly
  • “dont forget about me out there in the woods…”
  • “you’re so dramatic, but still sweet”
  • MC gives him a peck on the cheek before leaving for good
  • one day goes by
  • two days go by
  • three days go by
  • why hasnt MC come home yet…?
  • Zen decides to go look for MC
  • when he’s searching for his keys, he finds a folded up piece of paper on the counter he hadnt noticed before
  • he unfolds it
  • its a map
  • oh my god
  • MC forgot their map
  • thankfully, MC had marked their desired trail in red pen, so Zen knew where to find them
  • by the time Zen started on the trail, it was night time
  • he roamed around the forest with nothing but a flashlight, fighting off mesquites
  • after about an hour of roaming aimlessly and dozens of bug bites, Zen hears some rustling 
  • “hello…? MC…?”
  • “Zen!”
  • MC appears from the darkness and runs into Zen’s open arms
  • “Zen…im so stupid. i forgot my map”
  • MC’s voice is muffled as their bury their face into Zen’s shoulder
  • “you’re not stupid, baby. every princess needs a knight in shining armor sometimes”
  • Zen smiles, glad that he could rescue MC
  • “Zen you aren’t my knight in shinning armor. you never have been”
  • Zen pulls away from MC
  • “huh?”
  • “You’re my prince”
  • the smile returns to Zen’s face and he kisses his princess
  • “let’s get you back to the castle. i’ll make some hot chocolate”
  • Zen carries MC’s bags back to the car
  • Zen also carries MC to the car


  • Jaehee beg’s Jumin for time off to go hiking with MC but he simple refuses
  • the cat hotel needs to be Jaehee’s top priority right now according to him
  • “Will you at least call? i dont want to worry about you…”
  • “Jaehee, i’ll be in the forest. I can call”
  • “Oh…”
  • poor Jaehee would be so lost without service
  • Jaehee buys a disposable camera for MC
  • “since i wont be able to see the trail with you, will you at least take some pictures for me”
  • “of course, Jaehee! i’ll be back soon”
  • so on the day MC said they’d be back Jaehee visits their place
  • she’s so excited to see those pictures!
  • when MC doesn’t answer the door, Jaehee starts getting worried
  • did something happen?
  • so she decides to go to where MC said they would be camping out
  • after walking on the trail for a bit, Jaehee finds MC’s tent
  • but….they’re nowhere to be found..
  • as Jaehee looks around more, she grows more and more worried
  • did someone take MC?
  • what if someone killed MC and dragged their body in the forest?
  • should she call the police?
  • Jahee chill
  • just as Jaehee starts to head back to where she has service to dial the authorities, she hears MC’s voice rip through the quiet of the forest
  • “My tent!”
  • Jaehee turns in the direction of the voice to see MC running toward the tent, and then spread their arms over it lovingly
  • “Umm…MC..?”
  • when MC looks up to see Jaehee, their eyes widen
  • “Jaehee?! what are you doing out here??”
  • “i got worried when you didn’t return on time…”
  • “awww Jaehee! you worried about me!”
  • Jaehee’s face warms up as MC wraps her in a warm hug
  • “let’s go home and i’ll show you these pictures, okay? I took so many for you!”
  • Jaehee smiles at MC, relieved that they’re safe and sound after all
  • “okay”


  • Jumin is having a real hard time grasping the concept of hiking
  • “is there a place for you to stay in the woods?”
  • “no, Jumin”
  • “I’ll send the chef with you”
  • “he can’t come, Jumin”
  • “why not?”
  • “there’s no kitchen on the trail, Jumin”
  • “oh…i see…”
  • Jumin kind of hates that MC is just going to the forest for two days
  • arent there wild animals out there?
  • what if MC get’s too cold at night?
  • what if they run out of food?
  • he doesn’t even know if he can go two days without hearing their voice…work is going to be a lot harder now
  • Jumin takes MC to the trail entrance himself, wanting as much time together as possible
  • “I’ll pick you up here at 6 PM sharp in two days, okay?”
  • Jumin points the the trail exit on the map
  • “Okay. dont worry, i’ll be there”
  • “6 PM sharp?”
  • “6 PM sharp”
  • so two days later, Jumin pulls up to the hiking trail exit at 6 PM sharp
  • but MC’s not there
  • his actual worst nightmare
  • ok but he actually does hire a search party immediately 
  • “no one rests until we find MC, okay? i want every inch of this forest looked through. leave nowhere unchecked.
  • despite Jumins fear general dislike for the forest, he searches, too
  • “Sir! we found her!”
  • one member of the search party appears, MC walking next to them
  • without saying anything, MC runs to Jumin, throwing their arms around his neck
  • “Jumin, Im so sorry i worried you, thank you for finding me”
  • Jumin pulls away from MC and kisses them
  • “I’m just glad you’re safe now, my love”
  • “please never let me do that again”
  • Jumin laughs a little bit
  • “I have no problem with you never leaving my penthouse, if it’s what you want. you know that”
  • Jumin squeezes MC tightly, wishing he never had to let them go


  • he’s very supportive of this
  • “one hermit is enough in this relationship and it’s me”
  • he even helps you pack sort of
  • he fillls an entire backpack with honey buddha chips and dr. pepper for them
  • he keeps referring to it as MC’s “rations”
  • the backpack may or may not also have a small tracking device inside
  • he also does some “helpful” research
  • “MC, do you know how to fight a bear? come read this wikihow i found”
  • “MC i dont think you should go until you know how to properly escape from a pit of quicksand”
  • what?! you’re not even taking a pair of anti-rhinoceros under garments?! do you have a death wish???”
  • finally, MC is able to leave
  • Seven does some last minute checking up on them
  • “map?”
  • “check!”
  • “chips?”
  • “check!”
  • “baseball bat?”
  • “Seven…”
  • “remember, if an alligator tried to chase you, run in a zig-zag pattern”
  • “Yes sir”
  • “and you know where to meet me if the zombie apocalypse starts, right?”
  •  “the abandoned building on 34th”
  • “very good. you are well prepared.”
  • Seven sends MC off with a forehead kiss
  • the next day Seven decides to check up on MC using the tracker in her backpack
  • and they’re like….waaay off course
  • at least five miles from the trail
  • if MC wonders off any farther they might actually have to fight a bear
  • so Seven sets out to rescue MC from the depths of the forest
  • he locates them pretty quickly thanks to his tracker
  • Seven finds MC standing in the middle of the forest, face buried in a map, mumbling to themselves
  • “Um, hello? im looking for a helpless cutie. have you seen anyone around here like that”
  • “Seven! i was just…um..”
  • wait
  • “how did you find me?!”
  • “I used ancient native american tracking methods? duh?”
  • “I didn’t know the ancient native americans knew how to bug people”
  • Seven moves in close to MC, pushing their map down to minimize the space between them
  • “hey, aren’t you gonna thank me for coming to your rescue?”
  • “…..thanks”
  • “hmm? what was that?”
  • “thank you defender of justice, god seven, all hail thee. is that what you wanted to hear?!”
  • “it could have used a little less sarcasm, but yes. you’re welcome”
  • MC’s arms are crossed
  • Seven leans down and kisses them, gently brushing some lose hairs out of their face
  • “maybe next time you go on a hike you should invite your genius hacker boyfriend”
  • MC kisses him back, a bit reluctantly
  • “…fine”
  • “now lets go home, you dork”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • sometimes they wished Seven didn’t know everything, but right now they were honestly pretty thankful that he came to their rescue
  • what would they do without him?

HEY IF UR AT THE END OF THIS POST, THANKS FOR READING~! hope u liked it cause it was fun to wrote lolololol

headcannon requests?

“Two’s company” -h.s. Part 2

Part 1



It soon became apparent to you that you and Harry had very different ideas of what this trip was going to be like. 

“I’m not staying in cities and hotels.” You gave him a somewhat bewildered look as he turned around from where he was attempting to get a cab. You shifted your backpack on your shoulder slighting, the tall hiking bag bulging with the supplies and clothes you needed as Harry regarded you for a moment.

“Where are you planning on staying?”

“Do you even know what kind of trip I want this to be? What I planned for this to be? What we’re even doing?”

“We’re exploring the Amazon,” Harry shrugged, turning back to hail a cab as you glared at him menacingly.

“We aren’t staying in hotels and exploring cities,” you quipped, “We’re going on a hike. I have the maps, I’ve talked with the tour guides, and I already have a trail mapped out. We’re going to go and grab all the equipment I’ve rented and then we’re going to start out on our hike.”

Harry groaned and stopped waving his arm, turning back around to you and saying, “I’m tired. We’ve been traveling all day. I’m going to sleep in the hotel room I booked for us tonight and we can start tomorrow.”

“If we don’t stick to our schedule -”

“You made a schedule?! Of course you did,” Harry grumbled, “Look, Y/N,” Harry walked over and placed his hands on your shoulders. You were quick to swat them off. 

“I know you think you need to schedule everything out to the exact detail,” Harry started, “But Willard was never like that. He never made schedules or stuck to a routine. He was an explorer, and we went wherever fate took him. And right now, I think fate is strongly telling us that we need to sleep in a hotel tonight.”

“And why is fate saying that?”

“Because the weather app says it’s going to rain,” Harry said smugly, picking up his own hiking backpack you hadn’t even known he owned. The more you thought about it, the more you realized you knew very little about Harry. And that infuriated you considering he was someone you’d once considered very close, and you’d now slept with him a total of two times in a week. 

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