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Happy Trails to Daveed Diggs! (½)

Imagine: Hiking with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Content: Fluff & Smutty beginnings

Request @har-rystyles: Hiiii! Hope you’re well, I absolutely adore your work! Your way with words is just beautiful. If it’s alright, could I request a Sam/Reader fic? Loads of fluff, with a large helping of smut on the side; perhaps where the reader is interested in photography? A walk through the woods with Sam and her camera, or small intimate moments where the reader cant help but capture every detail of Sam that she adores- take it wherever you want! Thank you Xx

Salt mingled in the cool morning breeze, drifting through the forest carrying the scent of the sea from the west. The relaxing psithurism soothed and excited your mind drawing unending waves of energy despite the early hour. As the crisp air kissed your cheeks you grinned unrestrained at the path before you as if the babble of the creek to your right spoke amusing tales to the canopy of new green above. Lingering snow in the pockets of shadows patched the browns of tree bark with bright white allowing the infantile shoots of grass and flowers to appear in the richest of greens. You paused on the path leaning back ten degrees to view the scene through the lens of your camera. You twisted the focusing ring to compensate for the wide landscape and clicked.

“Did you get a good shot?” Sam’s voice; as soft as the spongy soil below your boots, warm like the dancing rays of sunlight drifting through the leaves, and as clear as the brook following the path, asked.

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Omg 2 with wonho please??? Love your blog anyways! Thank you....... 😁😁😁

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2. “I thought you’d be gone by the time i woke up…”

You made your way into your bedroom and found a very startled Hoseok, sitting at the edge of the bed with disheveled hair and a hangover that was physically obvious to you. You smirked and leaned against the doorframe as he met your gaze, eyes still heavy with exhaustion, “Y-Y/N?” he managed and you chuckled, “I thought you’d be gone by the time I woke up” you said and his eyebrows knitted in confusion.

A hint of fear making its way into his shoulders in the form of stiffness. You grinned at his reaction and he only seemed to be further into bewilderment. He cleared his throat and ruffled up his hair with a heavy sigh, “I don’t… Remember what- why am I in your- did um, we?” he stumbled over his words, earning a chuckle from your end as realization of what he meant kicked in.

“Oh my god, no! No we didn’t do anything, I slept on the couch” you said and he visibly relaxed. You snickered and motioned your head in the direction of the kitchen, “I made you breakfast” you said and he closed his eyes, “On my way” he managed and you smiled.

Once at the kitchen, you drank from your coffee and watched as Hoseok chewed his food languidly. “So, you don’t remember anything?” you asked and he shook his head slowly as he met your gaze. You nodded and smirked, “Let me refresh your memory” you said, taking another sip from your cup. “You came, already a little buzzed, then you asked me for any liquor and we sat down and drank as you ranted over your busy schedule and no sleep-” you said but Hoseok cut you off abruptly, “Shit! My manager- I need to call-” he started but you stopped him, “Hoseok! I called him already, you’re fine, he said you could go later, you guys only have something in the afternoon” you stated and he grimaced.

“Oh… thank you” he said, rubbing his temple, “Anyway, we drank for a while but I made sure to stop way before you as you practically cried a little and sang loudly, almost broke a few things, and finally gave out on my bed” you stated, making Hoseok bury his face in his hands.

He let out a whine and squeezed his eyes shut, “I’m sorry…” he said softly and you shook your head in dismissal, “Don’t be, it was fun to watch” you stated and he scoffed, “I’m sure…” he replied and you grinned, “I was surprised when you confessed…” you commented, your voice trailing off.

Hoseok’s head shot up, his eyes wide, and his face becoming paler. You met his gaze and guffawed in amusement, “I’m kidding!” you said, but Hoseok only seemed to chuckle nervously as his cheeks took on a tint of pink. He stared at his plate and shoved a forkful of his breakfast into his mouth, making you quirk an eyebrow as you grinned.

You had definitely taken aback when he had confessed through slurred and over enthusiastic words, but you decided to dismiss it. You would rather hear those same words when he was sober, and actually ready to let you know of them.


Who Dies? {2/3}

Happy Trails to the genius himself, Lin Manuel Miranda

"Happy Birthday, jackass." - Solangelo

Will couldn’t fight the wide smile to broke out on his face when he saw the dark haired waiting by he gate, leaning against it as a small group of three girls surrounded him, talking animatedly.

Nico’s gaze wondered over the crowd of people that passed him, almost pleading as he watched out for the familiar face among the sea of unfamiliar ones.

“What’s a cute New Yorker doing all the way here in Austin? I love your accent.” Will stopped in his tracks once he could hear the girls around Nico talk. The son of Hades ran a hand through his shaggy hair and shrugged. “Oh, don’t be like that, hon.”

“I’m meeting someone here,” Nico explained. “And I’m from Italy, not New York. I haven’t even been to New York in two years.”

“Who are you meeting?” Another girl asked, sounding slightly upset about Nico waiting there to meet someone. That fact made Will’s smile wider. A boy with hipster glasses gave him a weird look, but Will couldn’t care less with the words that came from Nico’s mouth next.

“I’m meeting my boyfriend.” Will watched the girls freeze before bringing their hands up to their mouths.

“That is so cute!”

Will watched as Nico’s eyes widened upon seeing him, lips turning up lightly into a smirk. Will could feel his heart pounding against his rib cage just looking at the son of Hades.

“Nico, hi.” Will bit down on his lip as he joined the small group. The girls gaped at him before muttering something along the lines of all the attractive boys in their year being gay. Will ignored them and watched as Nico held something out to him.

“Happy birthday, jackass.” The small box was wrapped in a metallic green paper, decorated with a bow Will knew Hazel had tied. Nico could barely do up his shoelaces.

Will’s eyes flickered up to Nico’s as he pulled at the paper. “Tell me you didn’t come all the way from Long Island just to give me this.”

“I wanted to see you too,” Nico said softly. “And I didn’t come alone.”

“You better not have come here the way you usually do.” Will warned. The box was free of paper, but Will was too distracted by the laugh that came from Nico to remove the last layer that separated him and his surprise.

“No, Jason got the ‘okay’ from his dad and we flew. Now open your present.” With a firm not Will opened the box.

Inside was a leather bracelet with a silver sun and moon charm on it, engraved so finely it was obvious it wasn’t a cheap present. In the centre of the sun was a yellow diamond and in the centre of the moon there was a black one - whether or not they were real Will didn’t even want to consider.

“Oh my gods, Nico…” Will didn’t know what to say. So he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and breathed out a thank you into the crook of his neck instead. As soon as Will stepped away from Nico he put the bracelet on.

“Ready to go?” Nico asked. Will tilted his head in confusion, eyebrows furrowing. Nico chuckled at the expression and took Will’s hand in his won, tugging him through the gate.

Whereas Nico still wasn’t completely comfortable with public displays of affection holding hands was something he found himself to be okay with. Coincidently, I was also something Will loved.

“Where are we going?”

“To your house,” Nico answers as if it were obvious. “You didn’t think it was just Jason and me that came here for you, did you?” Will shrugged. “There’s a bunch of us here. We’re throwing you a party because your mother said you weren’t celebrating your birthday this year.”

“Well with all the low key apocalyptic events that have happened the past few years my birthday seems like a minor thing to celebrate.” Will nudged Nico with his shoulder playfully. Nico stumbled, almost knocking into an elderly man that looked at their entwined hands and turned his nose up in silent but obvious disgust.

“So celebrate actually making it through two wars to reach your sixteenth birthday.”

The two demigods made idle conversation as they walked, Will talking about his last few months without Nico at school and Nico about his time going between Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter.

Most people looked at them with distaste, their opinions matching those people saw about on television. The odd person or two would smile at them kindly, the fact that their hands were enveloped by those of the same gender not a problem. As it should be.

The usual half an hour walk seemed to go too quickly with Nico around, Will noticed. It felt like a few minutes previously he was watching his boyfriend talk to the girls about meeting him. And now he was outside his house which had been decorated in balloons with the number sixteen on them.

Nico gave Will a smile before gesturing for him to go first, bowing with his hand extended as the words 'sir’ slipped past his lips. Will rolled his eyes but walked past Nico nonetheless, opening the door to his house and walking in without hesitation.

The shout of 'surprise’ didn’t faze Will as much as he assumed it would have. Yet again, not much could frighten him after serving two wars against Titans and Giants.

“Happy Birthday, honey.” Will’s mother hugged him tightly, humming content lay as Will wrapped his arms around her too.

“When you said you were going to force a party on me I didn’t know you were being serious.” Will’s mother merely chuckled in reply.

“Happy birthday, Will.” Hazel said sweetly, embracing Will with her hands in his shoulders and a warm smile. “Have you had a good day?”

“It’s good now.” Will admitted, looking over at his shoulder to see Nico talking to Jason and Piper. “Thank you so much, Hazel. For wrapping the present, I mean.”

Hazel laughed. “It was nothing.”

Several more people wished Will a happy birthday while Kayla and Austin refused to until they were told why they didn’t know Will had such a 'cute and cuddly mom’. Lou Ellen and Cecil spent the rest of the day calling his mother 'Auntie Naomi’, which didn’t seem to bother Will’s mother but bothered him more than he would admit to his friends.

They ate an array of junk food and talked. They danced and retold stories. They listened to music and encouraged Austin to play his saxophone, which Piper recorded so he could put it on YouTube later.

It was more fun than Will could have ever imagines, having those he cares around him for his birthday. Usually it was just him and his mother eating an unhealthy amount of cake and pizza before going to the cinema.

The only fault Will could find in the day was how hanging with his friends meant that he was away from Nico.

He kept looking over to the son of Hades, who seemed content eating finger food and talking to Jason throughout the day. When he saw Will watching him from across he room he would wave lightly and smile. It killed Will to see his boyfriend being so adorable when he couldn’t have a moment alone to just talk.

So he got the second best thing.

“How did you and Nico start dating, honey?” Will’s mother asked, sitting on the countertop with a toothpick hanging between her lips.

“That’s an adorable story!” Jason announced loudly. Will looked back to see Jason pushing Nico through the crowd until he was at Will’s side. “Go on, Nico. Tell your boyfriends mother how you got together.”

Nico glared at Jason. The Roman merely shook his head and walked off to find his girlfriend.

“Will and I had both had a pretty obvious-to-everyone-but-us crush on each other for a few months before we actually started dating.” Nico explained to Naomi. Will took Nico’s hand in his own, squeezing it reassuringly. “We were practicing out sword fighting because Will sucks at everything that medical or using a bow. I bet him and someone - probably Percy, but I don’t know - shouted at us to just get together already. So Will asked me if I wanted to go get a McDonalds and we started dating from there.”

“Ah, McDonalds.” Will’s mother put her hand to her chest. “The epitome of romance for fifteen year olds!”

“Mom, stop.” Will rolled his eyes.

“How did you even get out of camp and to the nearest McDonalds?”

“Zombie Chauffeur.”

Will laughed at the shocked expression in his mothers face and pressed his lips against Nico’s cheek. The son of Hades blushed at the feature, but Will was too happy to care.

For more than once that day Will was happy that he was a demigod. Without the godly 'dna’ in his veins he would never have met Nico di Angelo.

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the problem with being the hero...

and banging the bad guy.

This was supposed to be some angsty smut, but it turned into Link having something of an existential crisis. Whatever. 

Uh, have some Link struggling with existentialism and trying to reconcile being the Hero of Courage and having a relationship with Power below the cut!

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White Rabbit - Eighteen

Things had changed. Not dramatically so but since the night Ally had run from the hidden hut at the bottom of the herb garden, things had been different for Alice, at least in her head.

Not that she let on to anyone though. She still went to weapon training, still went about her daily chores and still let Lewis tell her that she was important, that she was going to be a leader. But she didn’t believe it anymore. She quickly learnt to hide that though, it wouldn’t do well to slip out of favour with him or the other elders. Despite her perceived mishap that night, Lewis still seemed to worship the ground she walked on, showering her with praise and visiting her bedroom at night. And she let him, all the while thinking and wondering of what would happen if she or Abby were to fall ill.

Abby was older now, and spending more and more time away from Alice, which she didn’t mind so much. What she did mind was how much time she was spending with Rebecca, Lewis and Marnie when Ally wasn’t in the house. Initially it hadn’t bothered her. She and Abby had never had a strong relationship and Alice had been grateful that she could easily palm her off. But now, all she could think was that Abby was being brainwashed too, the same way she’d been. But there was very little she could do about it. Abby adored Lewis and Marnie, and Rebecca was a firm favourite. All three seemed able to give her what Ally was unable to; unconditional love and attention. Alice wasn’t able to, she’d never been able to connect with her, and she’d tired of her easily.

Which complicated things immensely for Alice. She’d been working on a way out of her situation, carefully calculating things and making plans. When Charlie and Eric, or some of the other elders went out into the woods, she’d always ask to accompany them. She wasn’t allowed into any of the towns, Lewis wouldn’t permit that, but she was allowed out on wood runs, and to help patrol the walls and fences, to help fix and mend any weaknesses providing she was accompanied.

She was mentally filing away the lay of land immediately outside of the compound, keeping note of any areas of the wall that she could possibly scale or slip through. She spent time in Lewis’s office, memorising the rota that was set up for the night shift security and she wheedled information out of Charlie over many months, about how far away from the nearest town they were. Not that far as the crow flew it turned out, it just took longer by car or truck because of the terrain. He estimated about twenty miles.

Lewis had maps in his office, of the compound and the surrounding area in the park, and over a number of weeks Alice would sneak in, copying the map meticulously piece by piece, folding up the four pages she had numbered carefully and keeping it stuffed inside of her sock at all time during the day and hiding it under a loose floorboard in her room at night. Under her bed and pressed against the wall was a backpack, hidden by stacks of books she’d been slowly pilfering from the school room. The back pack contained a stack of Polaroids she’d taken during her first few years, when she happy and ignorant, the camera belonging to Marnie. It also contained three bottles of water, crackers and nuts, and importantly a flash light and compass that she’d stolen.

She had a plan. One that was complicated by Abby, something she still didn’t know how to deal with. She’d figure it out though, when the time came.

The time came just over a year after the incident in the hut. Lewis had been telling her for months that the next one was up to her, she had to learn sooner or later. Alice just nodded and smiled at him, thinking that she’d be out of there before that time came. She was planning on leaving during the next full moon, thinking that the light from the sky would help guide her and save her battery usage on the torch.

Before the full moon came though, Alice was called for again, this time by Eric. At this point she’d been at the compound for four years and five months, celebrating her twentieth birthday only two months before.

“Alice, I need you to come with me. Duty calls,” he poked his head into Abby’s room, she slept in the main house rather than the dormitories that housed the other children. Of course she did, she was special. Her room was between Lewis’s and Alice’s. Alice was tucking her into bed when Eric interrupted them.

“What? No one told me.” Ally met Eric’s gaze, scowling at him.

“A decision was made at the meeting this evening. You weren’t there, but it’s time. I need you to come with me.”

Alice hadn’t even known there was a meeting tonight, it wasn’t part of the routine. She looked over to Abby who was snuggling into her comforter.

“Eric can’t it wait? I’m busy.”

Marnie strode around his body, pushing into the room and sitting on the end of the small bed. She patted Alice’s hand.

“You go, sweet pea. I’ll finish here. And remember, you’re strong. This will be your job.”

Ally blinked a few times, accepting that there was no way out of this and very slowly following Eric out of the house and down past the herb garden.

When they entered the hut there was only Lewis and Oliver there. And a body on the floor, tied up with a sack over the head. It was barely breathing but whoever it was, was still alive. Just. Alice tried to mentally run through the list of residents who’d been missing over the past weeks, months even. There were only two that had been taken to the infirmary who hadn’t returned yet. Katie and Michael. Katie was a 16 year old girl, she’d come to the compound with her parents when she was six. And Michael had joined after Alice and Rebecca had. Neither had been seen for a while. Alice studied the body, it was clearly female, gaunt arms with open sores covering them, and sallow skin. But she could make out the curve of breasts and hips underneath the clothing.

“Katie… ” she whispered, her breath shaking.

“We thought this would be easier if you couldn’t see her. She’s beyond our help, Oliver had diagnosed her a while ago as being HIV positive, but now it’s progressed. She must have come to us that way. Her parents have already been reprimanded for inflicting such a sickly human upon this group, God only knows what could have happened if she’d infected one of us.”

Hearing the disdain and disgust in Lewis’s voice made Alice feel sick.

Oliver spoke, “Her symptoms started to a few years ago, but we didn’t know what it was. And then we had complaints from a blood buyer….” he trailed off as Lewis shot him a look.

Blood buyer?

“Her time has come Alice, she’s barely alive as it is. Pneumonia has infected her body, her immune system obliterated by the HIV. Her time is here and so is yours.” Lewis held out the same gun that he’d presented to her over a year ago and she gingerly took it.

Katie’s body began to tremble on the floor, jerking slightly.

“Think of it as putting her out of her misery. She’s in pain, a lot of discomfort. Even conventional medicine wouldn’t be able to treat her now, she’s too far gone. If you don’t do this, she’ll continue to suffer.”

Alice gulped, looking at the girl who she used to groom the horses with, the girl who was so quiet and shy and would turn red if anyone complimented her. She WAS suffering. And Lewis and Oliver had made sure to leave it long enough so that she wouldn’t survive either way, knowing that the guilt of Katie’s suffering would force Alice’s hand.

Tears leaking down her face, she held out the gun, her finger over the trigger.

Her arm started to shake, barely holding it straight as she squinted, trying to make sure she would get a head shot, the quickest and most painless way out for poor Katie.

“I…. I can’t…. ” she whispered, her words quivering.

“Yes Alice, you can.” Lewis was calm and commanding, moving to stand next to her.

“No… Look…. I can’t.” She could barely grip the gun she was shaking that much. Lewis stepped closer and placed his hand over her’s, steadying her; his finger covering her’s on the trigger.

“Alice, you’re a leader. This will be your job. You will lead and you will make these decisions. It’s the only way the group will survive.”

Alice had stopped believing this months ago, there were too many contradictions and there was no way any of it could be real. She’d been sucked in, sucked into to a group full of people who had accepted this man’s delusions as she once had. And now she being used to kill someone.

“On three Alice.”

She closed her eyes.


She took a deep breath, her eyes screwed shut, feeling his finger forcing her’s backwards.


He squeezed her hand, drawing her finger all the way back, the gun firing once as a sob burst through Alice’s chest.


Company - Part 11

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 986

A/N: Hey guys, next part is here after all this time! This is probably gonna be the penultimate part of the series as I don’t know very well how to go from here, but if anyone has suggestions I’m always open for them! Also, I’m sorry for the ending, I know it sucks lol Anyway, I hope you enjoy this part, let me know if you do :D

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 12


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I haven’t done a good star trail shot with the North Star in it in a bit. Here’s the sky over Austin Texas, with an open lens so that as the planet turns, the stars turn and leave trails.