trail running


Running is slowly coming around.  The first chart is the last 5 MONTHS of running.  Averaging 35 miles a week would probably be better than 35 miles per month.

The second chart is the last 5 weeks.  It starts the week after the Birkie.  Last week was pretty good, but of course half of that came in a single run.  The good news though is that my weekly mileage finally exceeded the event distance.

Speaking of the event.  The Chippewa 50k is run on the Ice Age Trail near Chippewa Falls WI and is a mere three weeks from Saturday.  The weekends between now and then are, open (this weekend), weekend scout camp (limited running), and the Mammoth Gravel Classic 100 mile gravel ride.  Plenty of time to build up a little more base… not.

My first ultra should be a piece of cake right?


2.6 miles in, I wanted to quit, because this beauty of a trail is one of the hardest in the god forsaken valley. but… i did not quit. Do you see that top picture? Yeah, 5 miles of both steep and gradual climbs (some of which i had to do in a brisk walk, instead of a run) and 5 miles down. pure, glorious torture. 

10 miles today, 30 miles so far this week. and right now? man, food is fucking great and so is the high. 


Ruby Muir