trail runner nation


Working on my hill game. 16 miles in 2:33

Visiting the inlaws this weekend. It was nice to a) run someplace different for my long and recovery runs, b) incorporate some hills and c) run in weather in the 40 degree F range.

I listened to part 2 of a Trail Runner Nation podcast interview with Bob Crowley. This guy is a philosopher-sage-poet who loves trail running. The discussion is about the culture of ultra trail running. Anyone interested in it should give it a listen. Great for long runs.

I’ll try to find some of my favorite quotes later and make them posts.

I hope you got some good weather and great runs in today.


Day 20-Runblr holidayrunningstreak

Couldn’t deal with rain + dark + careless drivers, so ran on the treadmill this morning. Also, need to do some homeschool with LB before teaching spin and yoga this morn. I hope your day treats you right.

Listening to Trail Runner Nation interview with Brian MacKenzie. Fascinating stuff. Combining love of running, nutrition, strength and mobility.