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Sebastian Michaelis finding out his s/o is ticklish! - requested by anon

Omgomgomgomgomg this is adorable!! ^//^ I had so much fun writing this! Anyone who requests Sebastian or Ciel (or both, both is always good!) gets virtual cookies and the satisfaction of knowing they made me smile :)

NOT MY GIF - Sebastian is beautiful omg

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- Our dear Sebastian would find out accidentally

- It’d happen when your guard is down

- Lying on your bed, Sebastian beside you, his gloved hands trailing up and down your back lazily, cradling you to him

- He’d come into contact with a hip or a rib and you’d jolt, and he’d still, watching you slightly wide-eyed

- “My, my,” he’d murmur, a devious smirk tugging at his mouth, “what have we here?”

- He wouldn’t understand your reaction, and would become curious

- Holding you tighter to him, he’d trail his hand down your back again, waiting for you to jolt

- There.

- He’d chuckle, looking down at you.

- He wouldn’t ask as such, but you’d murmur, “I’m ticklish.”

- There’d be a beat of silence and then, “is that so.”

- It wouldn’t be a question

- “Such a display of weakness is unbefitting of a young Lord/Lady”

- He’d seem to relax fully on the bed, and the two of you would lapse into silence

- You close your eyes, enjoying the quiet company with Sebastian

- He’d start chuckling and you’d frown, and then

- He’d tickle you lightly at first, testing the waters

- He’d be fascinated by your body’s reactions and would want to know more

- So of course, he’s gonna perform little experiments on you

- What happens if he tickles here? And here? Ooh, what about here?

- He’d watch your face carefully, chuckling at your reflexes and involuntary movements, your chest heaving from laughing so hard, your jaw and sides aching

- He’d come to see that the laughter is actually a form of panic

- He’d make a mental note to research it at some point

- He’d eventually stop, though, satisfied for now

- He’d ask if you like being tickled or not and would listen to your answer intently, a light furrow on his brow as he tries to understand

- He’s so confused by humans xD

- I have no doubt that, at some point, the little shit we all know and love would use his demon speed to tickle you

- Not for long, though, he doesn’t want you to get sick

- He’d probably come to use tickling as a method to get you to smile or tell him when something is wrong

- It’d become a bargaining chip - tell me this thing or get tickled, your choice

- He’d make another mental note to try it on Ciel - omg I’d pay to see this!

- Sebastian would definitely enjoy the experience, and would definitely creep up behind you for surprise tickle attacks

- He wouldn’t do it if you told him not to

- … That’s a lie, yes he would!

- The next thing is: is Sebastian himself ticklish?

- I’ll leave that for you to decide! :3

Omg I’d love to see Sebastian use this on Ciel omf! :D

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Ignis wouldn’t lie that he had sat on Gladio’s lap to get closer to the beautiful display of muscle and tattoo. His gloved hands trailed down his chest, tracing over the eagle’s face right by his heart. He was entranced by Gladio, to put it bluntly.

“Well you might want to find a new job as a chair. I don’t plan on moving.”

He shifted, getting more comfortable in his lap until he was straddling him and leaning much too close than was socially acceptable.

“Have I mentioned yet how I missed you?”

Gear: Merrell Trail Gloves


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The Merrell Trail Gloves were my first adventure into the minimalist shoe realm.  Couple that with my amateur status in the running world and there’s some potential for a disastrous entry.  Luckily, I took the slow and steady approach and…

Background information on me: New to competitive running, flat footed, and front curvy (beer belly).  No real athletic history, I just work out for work. 

Last winter my wife and I were at REI and I saw the Vibram Five Finger shoes.  I was intrigued with barefoot running so I went home in pursuit of research.  Many of my friends wore them and spoke highly.  However, upon further review, I could not wear them in my work uniform.  Drats….

Along comes the Merrell Trail Glove.  A shoe that is not totally distracting in uniform?  Zero drop?  Awesome. 

When I first tried them on, I immediately noticed how little support there is.  Coming off of the Brooks Adrenaline series, I was naturally apprehensive.  The biggest perk I noticed immediately was how much room my toes had to splay out.  It was amazing considering that usually my toes feel suffocated.  

I walked in them for a few weeks, then started wearing them as my daily shoe to allow my body to get used to it.  Then I wore them to the gym, and on to small runs here and there.  I made the commitment to start running full time in them two months ago and have since run a 5k, 8k, and 5k Mud Run in them.  


  • Zero Rubbing
  • Quality laces that tie tightly and last
  • The toe cup size is the Cadillac of running shoes (in my limited experience)
  • Can wear with socks (have to for uniform and my shoes reeked until I wore them)
  • Dry extremely fast when barefoot and walking/running


  • Sole didn’t seem to last as long as it did for others

Honestly, I’ve already bought a second pair.  I still wear my first pair for all of my training (except long long distances) and my second pair for everything else.  I wear these shoes 90% of my time out of my work getup.  

Rating: 5/5


These are some light trail photos I took today in my boyfriends bassment during a sesh with the homies.  Here we have Billy, Joaquin, and Alfred reppin team rubix, warming up for tomorrow night’s FNL in Massachusetts!  

Please do not steal credit for these photos for I took the time to take and edit these shots myself! <3 thanks