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Worry (Tim Drake x Reader)

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PROMPT?: A Tim imagine where the reader and Tim are going on their honeymoon and the bat family follows them???

A/N: OK BEFORE YA’LL LOSE IT this is written from the batfam’s perspective of them following you, explaining the gif. I know that’s not Tim so trust me, it’ll make sense

WARNINGS: all of the Wayne boys, smut implied/mention, cursing

You hadn’t been dating for long, but Tim easily knew you were the one. All of the other boys knew it too, especially when Damian started to call you Ummi. You had even moved in and started to share making meals with Alfred. Everyone loved you. (Especially your lasagna) So when Tim asked you to marry him, it wasn’t unexpected. Everyone was elated and Dick started helping you plan the wedding immediately. Dick actually planned most of the wedding, staying home from missions to pick out the centerpieces for the table. “(y/n), are you more of a lily or a rose?” “(y/n), what’s your theme?” “Colors?” You and Tim could’ve sworn he was more excited than the two of you, if that was possible. So when the wedding came around, Tim almost felt bad at the thought of joking with Dick that he wasn’t best man.

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Better Than He Can

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Summary: Ahlia dating Graham but she can’t help how Stuart catches his eye at the Google internship competition, the way her stomach twists and herr heart flutters when he smiles at her. This will be a series. Inspired by the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Ahlia was nervous. Her entire future was waiting for her just beyond these glass doors. Graham stood beside her, face set in determination. She reached out and took his hand, squeezing it slightly, seeking reassurance. He glanced at her, flashed a smile, and dropped her hand. Well…at least it was something. Graham pushed open the doors and Ahlia followed him inside. Her large brown eyes scanned over the crowd before her. She tugged her plump bottom lip between her teeth as she took in the crowd before her. There were so many people, more than she had ever seen in her life.

When she went to reach for her boyfriends hand for some support, she found him missing. A small pout curved her lips downwards. He most likely wandered off to shmooze over some coordinator or some other higher up. That’s what Graham did. He was a classic teachers pet with a superiority complex, still you ended up with him. He could be very sweet when he wanted to. However, the operative term here was wanted. 

Ahlia heaved a sigh and began to make her way into the crowd. She slipped between bodies and conversations, searching for a place to sit. She spotted an open chair not too far away when she ran into a firm chest. She looked up to a see a man who seemed to be twice her age. Her face scrunched up in embarrassment as she took a few steps back. He was rather taller, well at least to her and her five foot frame. He had long blonde hair and crooked nose. He looked rather nice.

“Oop, didn’t see ya there!” he chuckled lightly. “Nick, Nick Campbell,” he introduced, holding his hand out with a warm smile. Ahlia frowned, quite confused but took his hand and shook it. 

“Uh, I’m Ahlia Bitar,” she said forming a small, unsure smile. “Um, are…are you here for the internship?” She asked softly, eyeing the older man before her. Nick chuckled good naturedly and nodded. “Yes, yes I am. My friend Billy and I are both enrolled,” he admitted to Ahlia’s surprise. “Oh!” she said. “That’s…interesting,” she mumbled, rubbing the back of her neck.

“It was nice meeting you Ahlia,” Nick said, dismissing her. He could tell she was a little uncomfortable. A grateful smile found its way on to her face as they shared goodbyes and Ahlia made her way to that empty chair. She flopped down with a sigh, scanning the crowd for her boyfriend to no avail. Ahlia sighed in defeat and waited for the orientation to start.

She didn’t have to wait long. In just a few moments a dark-skinned Indian man appeared. He held a stern expression and commanded attention. He introduced himself as Mr. Chetty and explained how the internship would work. They would be competing in teams for the internship. It was all or nothing and only a group of six would be awarded the prestigous honor of working at Google. Ahlia swallowed hard as her stomach twisted in knots. Her eyes searched for Graham once again. This time she found him, desperately trying to catch his eye. Just as he turned his head, Mr. Chetty let everyone loose to choose their own groups and he was once again lost to the crowd.

Ahlia felt her stomach drop. She didn’t want to be stuck in a group of strangers. It’s not that she couldn’t handle it, she just preferred to work with Graham. It would just stop a lot of issues before they started. Graham was…competative and working against him was not something Ahlia was looking forward to. Before she could even get out of her seat, it seemed like everyone was paired off into groups. She dropped into her seat with a frown. 

“Who does not have a group?” Mr. Chetty called out. Ahlia reluctantly raised her hand, followed by a few others. She recognized one of them as the man she met earlier, Nick. He seemed nice enough so that calmed her nerves. She climbed down the stairs to where her new team was convening. Her eyes took stalk of what their team was made of. There was a brown skinned girl, Nick and his older friend whom she didn’t know the name of, and a philipino looking male who seemed rather skittish. A lanky boy hurried over with way too much enthusiasm. “Hey everyone! I’m your team leader, Lyle. You can call me L-dog, whatever,” he said bobbing to an invisible beat. Ahlia frowned. They were doomed. “Aren’t…aren’t we missing someone?” the brown skinned girl asked. Lyle’s eyes scanned the group and realized she was right.

Ahlia’s eyes followed Lyle’s only to land on one of the most goregous boys she had ever seen. She didn’t get a good look at his face since it was buried in his cell phone but she didn’t need it. Lyle called out to him and his head snapped up, gaze souring when he saw the group he had unknowingly been thrown in to.

Ahlia was captivated. His skin was so smooth and his glasses sat precariously on the bridge of his nose, his whiskey colored eyes shining at the over the brim of her glasses. His lips were so pink and the need to feel them on her own scared her. Stuart’s gaze connected with Ahlia’s and she froze. His gaze danced over her frame and the look of distaste lessened slightly. Ahlia quickly tore her gaze away and turned back to the group. It was time to get to know each other and do some ice breakers. Ahlia trailed behind the group, feeling Stuart behind her. She heard him quicken his steps before he was beside her. Ahlia refused to look at him first, attempting to act as nonchalant as possible. She was in a relationship anyways so even if she wanted something, which she didn’t, she couldn’t have it anyways. 

 "Hey,“ his voice rippled over her. It took everything she had to no shiver at the sound of it. Ahlia swallowed hard and glanced up at the boy. "Hi,” she said quickly, looking ahead. She could feel his eyes scanning her body. It shouldn’t have made her so giddy. “I’m Stuart by the way,” he said, hands slipping into his pockets as he let their shoulders graze. “Ahlia,” she responded, looking up at him finally. She really wished she hadn’t. It was like he’d been waiting for her to give in, and he probably had. Stuart was looking at her so intently that it made her gasp softly. He smirked, eyes flickering down to her pink lips. The way his tongue poked out and wet his own lips sent a rush of excitement up her spine. 

 "Alright we’re all here!“ Lyle called out, snapping Ahlia out of whatever spell she had been under. She let her gaze linger on Stuart a little longer before moving away. He was dangerous. They introduced themselves and Ahlia learned that the other females name was Neha. It was pretty and she seemed nice enough. She already knew Nick and found his friends name to be Billy. The only other male left that she didn’t know was named Yo-Yo. Then it came to Stuart. He was once again engrossed in his phone. Ahlia couldn’t help but wonder what was so intriguing on it. "Stuart,” his smooth voice said uninterested. His gaze flickered up to meet Ahlia’s, followed by a smirk. She averted her gaze and turned to Neha. They had a bit of free time so she decided to get to know the only other female on the team. That and it gave her an excuse not to interact with Stuart. 

 "Hey, Neha right?“ Ahlia started. 

 "Yeah, and you’re Ahlia?” She responded. Ahlia nodded with a smile. “I’m kinda relieved there’s another girl here. I’d probably go nuts with all of this testosterone,” Ahlia giggled. 

 "Girl I feel you,“ Neha laughed. "Although there are some pretty good looking ones here,” she said, flicking her gaze over to Stuart, winking at Ahlia. Ahlia’s face burning pink at the suggestion.

 "Oh my god no!“ She gasped. "I have a boyfriend,” Ahlia whispered to Neha. 

“Someone tell Stuart that,” she snorted. Ahlia furrowed her brow and turned to look at him. Stuart sat a bit ways away. His eyes were trained on her, the hunger for her clear. Ahlia’s eyes went wide and she turned back to Neha. “Holy shit he was totally eye fucking you,” Neha laughed. You groaned softly, wary of the way it gave you butterflies. For the rest of the time you talked to Neha. She was rather funny although a bit overly sexual. Every now and then you would glance up to find Stuart looking at you. He would send you a wink which would in turn cause you to look away only to repeat this a few minutes later. 

After about three hours of getting to know each other, the first challenge was issued. Your stomach filled with butterflies as Mr. Chetty’s voice came over the speakers and explained the task. You had to find a bug in a program and fix it. Seemed simple enough for a first assignment. Your group got to work strategizing how to find the bug. This proved difficult seeing as Nick and Billy kept running their mouths a mile a minute. It was abruptly clear they had no experience with these sort of things. 

Ahlia and Neha both tried to politely tell them that it wasn’t a word scramble. It was programming. They weren’t getting it. Stuart took the matter into his own hands telling the two men to go to a neighboring college campus and search for a Mr. Xavier. He was balled and was in a wheelchair. It was a reference to X-men that neither Nick nor Billy realized. They were sprinting off to find the non existent man within the second. Ahlia sighed and shot Stuart a half hearted glare. He lifted a single eyebrow as if he didn’t know what he could have done wrong. “What?” He quipped. “That was rude and you know it,” Ahlia mumbled but went back to work. Nothing she could do now. Stuart eyed her, shoving away the guilt that Ahlia had drudged up with in him. He allowed his gaze to linger just a moment longer before he too went back to work. 

A few minutes later an announcement came on. A group had already won. Ahlia sighed, shoulders slumping, as did her teammates. On the screen the winners were shown, Graham in the center with a smug smile. Ahlia smiled halfheartedly, proud of him. She was still disappointed her team lost though. Neha saw the smile and nudged her, “That your boyfriend?” She whispered just for Ahlia’s ears. Ahlia nodded and her new friend nodded in approval. “Cute,” Neha commented. 

“Whose cute?” Stuart’s voice cut in. Ahlia jumped at the unexpected addition as Neha rolled away in her chair with a smirk. Ahlia shot her a glare before turning to Stuart. She froze seeing how close he was. He hovered just a few inches in front of her face, a confident smirk on his face. “Nobody,” Ahlia whispered. She mentally slapped herself for not telling the truth. She needed to tell Stuart she was taken, stop this weird tension between them before it got out of hand. “Mmm, you’re not nobody,” Stuart smirked. Ahlia felt her heart skip and blushed but was unable to look away. "Neither are you,“ Ahlia found herself saying before she could think. She cursed herself for her behavior as Stuart shifted slightly closer to her. Ahlia’s breath caught in her throat as his eyes flickered down to her lips. 

"Ahlia!” The girl nearly jumped out of her shoes at the abrupt call of her name. She quickly pulled back away from Stuart to a normal distance. Her eyes scanned the room finding it empty of their teammates. Her eyes went to the doorway and found Graham. Her stomach dropped wondering how long he’d been there.Stuart dropped into the closest seat, lips pressing into a thin line to hide his amused smile. Graham’s eyes flickered over to the boy but chose to ignore him. “You ready to go?” He asked turning to his girlfriend. Ahlia nodded quickly and grabbed her things before hurrying over to him. “See ya Ahlia,” Stuart piped up from his seat, eyes burning into her. He reveled in the way her eyes flickered to his lips before she responded. “Bye Stuart.” He watched her leave with confidence swelling in his chest. Stuart spun in his chair, hands tucking behind his head. Maybe this group wasn’t so bad.