Sorry for not posting much (and for completely messing up my inktobers, lol…) but things have been kind of nuts around here lately with work and life and traveling for a bit. But! How to Train Your Dragon 2 came out on the ITunes store the other day and I was all over that like shit on velcro, so I had to watch it three times and draw Valka, haha. I really love this movie, the mood is awesome, and I really love Valka’s character. She isn’t perfect, at all, but I like how honest she is about that and about who she is. Plus the way she was designed and animated was just too cool.

By the way, I totally spaced about thanking you guys for helping me reach 2500 followers when it happened, so thank you helping me reach 2600 instead! I love all you guys!! You rock! At 3000 I’ll do another giveaway, promise! :)