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Wasnt there talk of a SPN spin-off at one time? I mean, I loved the WayWard daughters idea, seeing as SPN is seriously in need of some females, but I think God'n'Gabe would actually be the best idea EVER. Like seriously, can we make them consider this? Please?


there are a couple of key issues involved with making God’n’Gabe a reality such as

  • Kings of Con! if r2 was regular on a big network series, it would more than likely conflict with the intensive filming/editing/producing they’ll do with that (they’re already writing season 2!)
  • there would probably be some contract/union issues, as they’d probably keep the filming in canada. i wANT SWAIN TO BE IN IT
  • who would write it? i think the only person i would trust to write it for screen would be robbie thompson, who’s knee-deep in marvel

i think it’s really cool how passionate some of you are to put it in the running for a spin-off, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem all the feasible as of right now :’)

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There is so much Rob in your blog, it looks like you’re… benedicted

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My love, I'm so sorry I haven't returned sooner, the general is working us so much harder these days. The only way I've kept going is the thought of you. I'll be home in 2 weeks, dearest. It's only 2 weeks. I've been saying that a lot, and I'm not sure if it's for my benefit of your. I must go now, darling. I'll see you in 2 weeks. Yours forever, Anon.

gasp letter anon you came back <33