Another race native to Mythasia!  The Troligits! Who share a common ancestor with the Myo’Grel.  They are nasty and crude brutes but despite not being very smart they have maintained the ability to smith armor and weapons even when common races have forgotten.  Troligits have three main forms Tragolls, Tragits, and Trugiha.  It was once believed that each was its own species but due to some research and the lost lives of many scholars it is found they are the same, just malformed from each other.  Tragoll’s are stronger than the other three, while Trogits tend to be agile and clever, while Trugiha’s are used as mounts by the others they have been known to be just as smart and strong as the others.

Troligits are angry beasts and are quick to torture or eat anyone they cross but it is not uncommon for someone to take command of them.  It can be done several ways and even humans have led hordes of them against their enemies but due to violent nature most conquests end with the Troligits devouring each other and their former masters.  The sizes described are rough estimates some legends tell of Troligits growing to enormous in size.  The size of the Birthmass decides the size of the Troligits it hatches.  If it is allowed to grow the bigger and lesser deformed the Troligits it produces. 

Which is your favorite form of Troligit?