• tragicallyShoujo:i just rage quit so hard
  • tragicallyShoujo:was doing the meatboy challenge
  • tragicallyShoujo:had 2 full on meatboys
  • tragicallyShoujo:got to the last level
  • tragicallyShoujo:stupid spike room with mask/hearts
  • Nepeta and Karkat just smooching:tragicallyShoujo: had 2 full on meatboys
  • tragicallyShoujo:hahahhaha
  • tragicallyShoujo:fuck
  • Nepeta and Karkat just smooching:that's the grossest thing i ever read
  • tragicallyShoujo:I just said that.
"Pedro, make 5000 indie games with me"
  • tragicallyShoujo:ok
  • tragicallyShoujo:lets go
  • Thymine:one each day
  • tragicallyShoujo:idea 1
  • tragicallyShoujo:go
  • Thymine:Butts
  • tragicallyShoujo:good srart
  • Thymine:it's a butt game
  • Thymine:slap butts
  • Thymine:in a time frame
  • Thymine:done
  • tragicallyShoujo:hahahah
  • tragicallyShoujo:make it
  • tragicallyShoujo:right now
  • Thymine:geeze. I kinda wanna now. ahaha
  • Thymine:your girlfriend is gonna sit in her bed, and pixel butts
  • Thymine:all the butts
  • Thymine:big butts, small butts, cutie butts
  • Thymine:round butts, flat butts, choice butts
  • tragicallyShoujo:each worth different points
  • Thymine:yes
  • Thymine:ghost butts
  • Thymine:ultimate
  • Thymine:points
  • Thymine:'cause they'll be like Boos
  • tragicallyShoujo:hahah
  • tragicallyShoujo:super hero butts
  • Thymine:super ripped haha, in spandex
  • tragicallyShoujo:hahaha

Ok, I think I finally know how to use LSDJ.
This is probably the best thing I’ve ever recorded in terms of quality and mixing ever.
Hooray for the Gameboys wonderful mixing capabilities of HARD LEFT and HARD RIGHT. And I don’t even have a way to get the two channels out into my audio interface, so that means… MONO YEAH!
Cool. Now I need an original Gameboy so I can get rid of that GOD AWFUL HUM that the Color has.
And you know…write original stuff. Whatever. -Tragically Shoujo