Okay, so sometimes people make gifs, and those gifs show up on my dash, and I am absolutely gobsmacked at Destiel scenes that have actually happened on the show. This gif is stolen from the very talented some-people-call-it-tragic (hope you don’t mind me using this) but what the hell?!

What is that look in Dean’s eyes? I am serious, like yes, we’re always joking about how 9x06 was one giant chick flick, but this is Dean’s face when he drops Cas off for what he thinks is Cas going on ‘a date’. 



Seriously, what else is that look? And if you’re not ‘playing it that way’, what even were you doing? Why is Dean looking at Cas like that? 

Exhibit A for when people ever call you delusional for shipping Destiel; this shit happened. 

in which i embrace my identity as a maker of sad mixes [listen]

i. from eden; hozier ii. dreaming; leighton meester iii. better; kodaline iv. musician please take heed; god help the girl ost v. barcelona; george ezra vi. eugene; sufjan stevens vii. like real people do; hozier viii. lay down; ella henderson ix. heartstrings; leighton meester x. bumper cars; alex & sierra xi. my favourite faded fantasy; damien rice xii. death with dignity; sufjan stevens xiii. moving on; kodaline xiv. the moon song; karen o & ezra koenig xv. god help the girl; god help the girl ost


That’s why… all that’s left is to hit them with our basketball.

The Severus Snape Effect

Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and minor spoilers for Thor I and the Avengers…

Hello Void-Creatures,

This is a PSA. I’d like to talk to you all about something I have dubbed “The Severus Snape Effect.” This phenomenon is what occurs when a bad character gets (a) a tragic backstory, (b) a love interest, or © both and, suddenly, they are treated as a hero. You can see, now, why the name of this phenomenon is so apt. Perhaps the most famous beneficiary of this effect is, indeed, Severus Snape. I’ll be square with you; I fell for it. I wept the same tears and felt the same heartbreak reading “The Prince’s Tale” as everyone else. But why did we all buy into that? Snape abused his authority as teacher, bullied students as young as eleven, and was generally a greasy jerk for 6 and a half books. But, halfway through book 7, we found out that he had a sad childhood and that Harry’s mother friend-zoned (I really hate that term but, let’s be honest, that’s what Snape was thinking) him when they were 14 or 15 so, clearly, he is not responsible for any of his actions as an adult. Umm, no. That’s not how that works. I will give Snape points for not actually being a death-eater. Good for him for not being a genocidal maniac and for risking his life to help the Order of the Phoenix. But, in the words of the immortal (yes, immortal. fight me) Sirius Black: “the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters” (Order of the Phoenix). And, while Snape may be an interesting character, and on the side of the heroes, he is not a good person. But that’s okay. Good characters don’t have to be good people; in fact, they often aren’t. The problem only arises when one confuses a good character or a complex character with a good person. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. It’s a hazard of being in a fandom. It’s so easy to forget that, no matter how cute (it’s very cute) Tom Hiddleston is, Loki has killed a LOT of people. Sure, Odin is not A+ parent of the year, but that’s hardly an excuse for mass-murder.

As my dear friend, Jake Peralta of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, says:

(By the way, my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, season one, is coming soon)

I think the most important thing to remember, when you’re hearing a tragic backstory, is that heroes have tragic backstories too. Often stories more tragic than the villains’s. In the case of Harry Potter, for example, Harry was kept in a cupboard for the first eleven years of his life, Hagrid was kicked out of school for a crime he didn’t commit, Sirius was sent to Azkaban on false charges, and Remus was bitten by a werewolf and ostracized by the entire wizard community. None of them spent the rest of their lives bullying eleven-year-olds.

I love a good backstory as much as the next person, I really do, but it’s important not to lose all sense of proportion. Sure, maybe “every villain is a hero in their own mind” (Tom Hiddleston), but that doesn’t mean they have to be a hero in everyone else’s mind too.

This isn’t to say that a villain can never redeem themselves. I love a solid redemption arc. But a redemption arc belongs to the Draco Malfoys of fiction; the people who change their mind because it’s the right thing to do, not out of some misguided loyalty to the child of the woman you were obsessed with.

So, my lovelies, hopefully you can remember this the next time a character tries to excuse their actions with a story about how sad their life has been. Reasons for evil make the character interesting, not heroic. Don’t fall victim to the Severus Snapes of this world.

Have you ever fallen victim to the Severus Snape Effect? What other characters do you think fall into this category? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Opinionated As Ever,


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50!! I wanna see your trash! :D

32. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.


Pearl twiddled her thumbs nervously. She paced back and forth in her little spot on the cliffside of the lighthouse. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess in her head.

I can’t do this.’

Her small shoulders dropped in defeat. Glancing up at the purple orangish skies, Pearl watched the sun descend, seeming to submerge with the beautiful ocean. She felt a strange yet familiar ache in her chest.

Sighing heavily, Pearl placed her hand over her chest where it hurt. She sunk down onto the lush grass, her eyes fixed on sunset. It was foolish of her to want to admit her undying love to Rose. Especially when Rose had more important things to be concerned with.

While they won the war against home world, they were still the guardians of earth and protectors of the humans. There was no time for –


Straightening up, Pearl glanced over her shoulder to see Rose walking toward her. She blinked a few times, watching Rose sit beside her on the grass with a warm smile.

“Are you alright? You seem… distant.” Rose murmured, her expression softening considerably. Her hand reached out to grasp Pearl’s, giving a gentle squeeze. “You wanted to talk to me about something?”

‘I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.’ Pearl wanted to say, but instead she said, “Oh! No, it’s nothing to concern yourself with Rose. I’m fine.” Her hand pulled away reluctantly from Rose’s, because it was too much to bear.

“Pearl…” Rose frowned, her hands folding in her lap. Her eyes closed gently, a quiet sigh escaping her soft lips. “Alright.”


So proud of these guys. My friends are gonna do big things

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I'm following you on pretty much all of your social medias, and I just gotta say everything you're doing about the Bruce Jenner transformation is honestly lovely. the world needs more people like you! just gotta tell you that people appreciate everything you're doing xx

Hey, ah thanks i’m glad you think so! I just think it’s very important to influence people as much as you can into supporting communities who are in the line of fire with societal attacks! It’s not just the trans, it’s LGB, POC, feminism etc etc. We need all the help we can get and to try and initiate a successful revolutionary movement, because it’s just ridiculous the way people go on about such basic human rights.