tragic history of the kurds


this post makes me want to vomit because you gross white kweer fucks dont care about brown people at all lol.

zaza is not for you. you should not be using zaza.

zaza’s are kurds, mainly kurd elewis who speak zazaki. most zaza’s live in dersim, which is called tunceli now. dersim is the only city in turkey where more kurds than turks live (now yall know why the dersim massacre happened there) and it has a tragic painful history of a genocide that killed up to 70.000 kurd elewis. zaza will never be for you and to see that you all are even trying to steal our words and language is so fucking gross to me. leave brown people alone. if i see any of yall use zaza i will throw a brick at you. the pain of my ancestors is not a cute kweer word for your delusional asses to use.