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I wasn’t supposed to get this done on time, but @dreamsandteethmarks gave me the most awesome prompt ever and what’s wrong with staying up till 2am to write fanfic?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

For BSHiatusFic Week 5 / Prompt: Anniversary

But As You Wave Goodbye, I’ll Be Getting Closer

She is pretty sure this is not how it’s supposed to be. She may not be that aware of all the social norms and expectations, still, but she knows that couples are not supposed to spend the anniversary of their first date fighting. They especially shouldn’t have their first real fight on that day.

They’ve had fights before, and arguments, most of them having been work related. But not all of them have been. It doesn’t make sense after all to go an entire year in a relationship and not have the occasional argument, misunderstanding or fight, especially when the two people involved are as strong headed and stubborn as they both are.

But they have never had anything like this. No, this is different. Work arguments aside, they have never gone to bed angry at each other, they have never spent a night apart, except for reasons related to work that kept them apart, they have never let an argument stretch from one day to the other.

They’ve never slammed doors or thrown appliances ~ or was it a vase? ~ at each other. They’ve never been so angry they couldn’t talk to each other anymore, or stand to be in the same room with each other.

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