tragedy of a friendship

Incredulity // Jughead Smut

Summary: Fred Andrews is the single parent of twins. He walks in on his daughter with her girlfriend in the middle of sex. Following that breakup you got together with your brothers best friend whom doesn’t have experience in sex so you teach your boyfriend. Guess your not the only twin in a forbidden relationship…only one is legal.

Characters: Jughead x Andrews!Reader, Betty x Reader, Kevin Keller, Archie Andrews (mentioned) and Fred Andrews

Words: 3237

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I do not own the Comics either. Jughead is NOT asexual in his.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, smut, former same sex relationship,

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N Originally this was going to be a Veronica fic but apparently my subconscious was needy for Jughead.

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Jokes were always made about the Andrews twins, Archie was the boy that got hit by the puberty bus during the summer before sophomore year. You however had came out of the awkward phase a lot early than your twin brother, it was the end of middle school when you hit puberty in the most graceful way.

While Archie incredibly straight, you were bisexual with no real preference to be honest. Nobody believed that you were bisexual, especially your dad because he had never seen you look at a female before. Fred Andrews got a rude awakening when he walked in on Betty Cooper going down on his freshmen aged daughter. Next the whole town found out about the relationship, minus the sexual side, with the knowledge that Betty had been crushing on you. It was purely fun for you and experimental for her so it didn’t cause any problems when she discovered she was only into guys and actually liked your twin. You guys continued to be best friends.

It was amusing when your father walked in on Betty and you because he fumbled through the safe sex talk. He didn’t know much about safe sex between females but he tried his best even if both of you were embarrassed beyond belief. He was happy however that you wouldn’t become the parental nightmare of pregnant teenager.

It was the last day of summer that he caught you with your boyfriend in bed together and getting the shock of his life for the second time. Jughead and you had gotten together at the very end of freshman year. Nobody, even Archie whom knew everything about you, knew about it because there was no real reason that they needed to know. You were a slut by any means, you only had had sex with Betty so you didn’t care if someone found out that Jughead and you were together. The only thing was that you hadn’t gone that far yet.

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Glyph ( ♄ )

Ruler of Capricorn (co-rules Aquarius)
Exalted in Libra
Detriment in Cancer and Leo
Fall in Aries

Time Spent in a Sign: 2 ½ years (almost 3)

Mythology behind Saturn
In Roman mythology, it was Saturn, the God of Time, who was seen as the evil, brute father figure. Cronus is the Greek equivalent of Saturn, however, Saturn wasn’t as “dominating” as Cronus was painted out to be. In fact, the Romans saw Saturn as a wholly Roman God. But both Saturn and Cronus were overthrown by their sons; Jupiter, Saturn’s son & Zeus, Cronus’ son. Why? Because their sons saw Saturn/Cronus as abusive of their power and decided to put a limit or end to it.

Saturn in Astrology
The notorious Saturn is always being shown in a bad light. But why? Well, Saturn is mainly about discipline, restriction and limitations. It does sound harsh because while Jupiter expands and brings luck, Saturn restricts and provides lessons. But, do not fight Saturn! Saturn brings us an abundance of knowledge, appreciation, discipline and respect in our lives. One must go through difficult times and struggle in order to truly live. Saturn teaches us all about setting boundaries for ourselves and learning self-control. Saturn is also representative of fears and authoritative figures in one’s life. So what does Saturn placed in a sign mean?

Saturn in Aries
Saturn is in fall in Aries. With Saturn in Aries, we find that these people could have had trouble asserting themselves. People with their Saturn in Aries may struggle finding their sense of self at first, but hopefully will develop confidence in the end. Recognize your value, Saturn in Aries.

Saturn in Taurus
With Saturn in Taurus, financial crisis’ seems to be a common theme. People with their Saturn in Taurus can struggle finding jobs or grew up surrounded by terrible financial situations or in them, but nonetheless money and stability is of importance to them. Seize the opportunity, Saturn in Taurus.

Saturn in Gemini
With Saturn in Gemini, intelligence seems to be of importance, but highly doubted as well. People with their Saturn in Gemini can fear being seen as “dumb” or they can struggle communicating their ideas with others. Share your knowledge, Saturn in Gemini.

Saturn in Cancer
Saturn is detriment in Cancer. With Saturn in Cancer, family and home seems to be the theme. People with their Saturn in Cancer can have a lot of ups and downs in their family environment as a whole and everything seems to stem from there. Learn from others mistakes, Saturn in Cancer.

Saturn in Leo
With Saturn in Leo, there seems to be a struggle with displaying exuberant emotions. People with their Saturn in Leo may struggle having a good time, seeing the positive in others or can see their friendships, relationships, even sex life fall to tragedy. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, Saturn in Leo.

Saturn in Virgo
With Saturn in Virgo, there can be a tendency to hypochondria or simply falling ill pretty easily. People with their Saturn in Virgo can see problems always stemming from a health related issue, but these people are usually helpful and provide great service and management. All is not well, but it will end well, Saturn in Virgo.

Saturn in Libra
Saturn is exalted in Libra. With Saturn in Libra, we see problems stem from friendships and relationships. People with their Saturn in Libra could go through tough friendships and relationships, but through this they learn valuable lessons that they can teach to others. Find your worth, Saturn in Libra.

Saturn in Scorpio
With Saturn in Scorpio, control and finances seem to be a common theme. People with their Saturn in Scorpio might have struggled with controlling issues and may have been controlled or wanted to control every aspect of their life. There could have been major financial struggles as well. Learn to let go, Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Sagittarius
With Saturn in Sagittarius, religion and spirituality seem to be the root of a lot of problems. People with Saturn in Sagittarius could have been controlled by a higher principle or may have felt the strong need to break free and go against religious or spiritual ideals. Find your wings, Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn in Capricorn
Saturn is domicile in Capricorn. With Saturn in Capricorn, work and the public image seems to be a common theme. People with their Saturn in Capricorn can be more on the workaholic side and go through many fails in their lives, but nonetheless they do not give up. Count your blessings, Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn in Aquarius
With Saturn in Aquarius, we can expect there to be problems in the area of friendship. People with their Saturn in Aquarius can feel like their relationships with others, especially friends eventually shatters and causing them to give up towards maintaining them. Also, they may work hard towards their goals/dreams or feel like there is no hope. You just have to believe, Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn in Pisces
With Saturn in Pisces, there seems to be a lost sense of self. People with their Saturn in Pisces usually don’t set boundaries for the people that enter their life and end up getting hurt by those people in the end. All that glitters is not gold, Saturn in Pisces.


BAMF!Deadpool captures Spidey and brutally tortures him for information he knows nothing about. When he finally suspects something’s not right, he unmasks him and realizes broken!Spidey was set up and he hurt a kid. Deadpool is out for revenge and also fixing his mistake.

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But one thing more. A last request
grant it, please.
Never bury my bones apart from yours, Achilles.
Let them lie together.
Just as we grew up together in your house.
—  Iliad, Homer (rhapsody Ψ, verses 83-85)

the adventure zone: what is beyond the edges of the universe? how can friendship and family develop out of tragedy? what do we sacrifice for love and how do the bonds of love still connect us even after death?

also the adventure zone: what if there was an elevator and the inside of it was made out of meat

[AO3] Paperweight (Dear Jongdae)

Title: Paperweight (Dear Jongdae)
Author: Anonymous until reveals in Baekbitficfest
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chen, bff!Beagleline
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Unrequited Love
Warnings: Homophobia

Summary: Baekhyun has always been in love with Jongdae. But now, in the middle of war, may not be the best time to tell him.

Reasons Why You Submitted: this fic is so well-written and so absorbing, their characters so well-defined and it made me cry so much

Reasons Why You Submitted #2: this fanfic is gOLd. iTs PERFECT. aMAZING. and honestly whoever gets to read it is lucky affff. the fic is so underrated and it made me bAWL my eyes out- even if you dont ship chenbaek you should read the fic. you won’t regret it. trust me.

At the end of the Tarmac Scene, Sherlock and John share a handshake that mirrors their first in ASiP. The story has come full circle with their friendship. If Mofftiss wanted them to just be friends, the story would end here. Because everything’s been resolved. But of course, Moriarty returns and the show continues. This can only mean one thing; Their relationship can’t just end in friendship. It only ends in tragedy that way. The only way they can be fulfilled is through romantic entanglement. 

anonymous asked:

Can you possibly write a scenario where Lance's s/o is comforting Lance about his insecurities and reassures him that everyone, including them, need him and love him? Lance deserves more love ❤

“Babe? What’re you still doing out here.” Lance’d left the bed to get a drink about 20 minutes ago. not only that he was out for a long time, he left the room instead of going to the en-suit bathroom. So after waiting, you slumped out of bed, pulling the blanket around you like a cloak, you went to find him. 

And here he was, leaning over the kitchen sink, the tap dripping, but his eyes were closed, his hands gripping to tightly onto the counter top. When you spoke out to him, his head twitched in your direction, but his eyes stayed closed, and his lip curled up in either a smirk, or a cringe, you couldnt be sure. 

Concerned, you glided closer to him, but seeing him step away from you, just barely, stopped you from touching him reassuringly like you wanted to. 

“Lance… Whats on your mind?” 

“Did… You heard Allura today, right? She treated me like an after thought. Again.” his voice was rough, a sign of sadness, if that wasn’t already obvious. Getting a better look at his face, you could see red tear streaks down his cheeks. Something told you that Allura’s behavior wasnt the only thing bothering him. 

It’d been something you and him had discussed before, so you weren’t clueless what to say. As time went on, you began to notice it more and more; his under appreciation. It wasnt anything specifically, but something kept striking Lance, right where he was most emotional sensitive: How he was regarded. 

It was evident that he wanted his space, but from past experience, you didnt feel comfortable leaving him alone like this. 

“Do you want me to talk to h-”

“No! Please dont tell her! It’ll only make it worse.” He was breaking, it hurt to see. He turned to face you suddenly, eyes open and bloodshot as he stumbled back a step, hitting the island. He griped onto it, watching your face before falling down to his knees, curling into himself, hugging around his torso. You gasped, and knelt down in front of him, heart breaking at the sound of his chocked sobs. he wouldnt lookup at you know, as he radiated sadness. you could feel the hurt he felt in your own lungs, as you watched him crumble, feeling helpless. 

“I dont-dont know what i keep doing w-wrong!” He called out, out of breath from crying. He finally looked up to you, conveying his desperation with his eyes. His expression was one of tragedy and vulnerability, something that took you months and months of friendship for him to reveal to you. 

It was better for you to let him vent, let him cry, let him feel this hurting. being a a safety net when he fell to deep. He needed you keep him above water, you got his silent message. you touched his forearms, and he limply let you hold his hands. Taking this an an allowance to come closer to him, you did, leaning forward, urging him to do so. He followed, and with fingers laces together, foreheads touched gently, you listened to what he had to say. 

you werent sure how long it was, but it felt longer, surely. maybe about half an hour of sitting together like that, and your knees began to cramp, but you didnt dare move. you could take the dull pain as it was nothing his heart was dealing with. but after a time, he calmed down, out of tears to shed. Once things got quiet, you notices he was trying to match his breathing with yours. 

“Want some water?” You asked in a hushed tone, pulling back from him, using the blanket you still have over your shoulders to clear his cheeks. He nodded, letting you stand and you wrapped the blanket around him and he hummed fondly at the warmth of it, using the edge to wipe his running nose. 

“We should head back to bed, the floor can’t be too comfortable.” You offered him your free hand, the other holding his cup of water. He nodded and stumbled up with your help, adjusting the blanket around him. You smiled as sweetly as you could at him, and led him back to the bedroom you two shared. 

Back in a more comfortable space, he huffed in bed and sipped his water as you sat beside him. Taking a bit of the blanket to cover yourself, but leaving enough for him, you began to speak. 

“I dont care what others say, I love you, Lance, you can always count on that. Ask me again and again but my answer wont change.” He looked your way, and you promised him this, happy to see a smile tease its way to his face. 

“You know, just the other day, Hunk and i were talking about you,” You began, noticing the somber look on his face. “He was telling me stories about your time back in the garrison. How you’d always joke to cheer him and Pidge up. he made it very clear to me how thankful he was that you are the blue paladin. Youre the one who keep everyone together. your friendliness is so important to the team, Lance. it may not always be clear, or recognized, but you’re important. They need you here, just as much as you need them. I promise you.” 

Your eyes never left him as he let your words soak in, nodded gently as he pressed the lip of the cup to his teeth, taking small sips now and then. you would wait for his response, not wanting to overwhelm him with your passionate affection and support. it’s been a highly emotional night for him, after all, he deserved a break. 

He never did respond, instead just turning to you, pulling you down to lay with him. He looked so exhausted as he kissed your forehead before closing his eyes. it was likely that he wouldnt bring this up tomorrow, or ever, and that didnt bother you. 

To your surprise, you woke to him already out of bed, but with a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, written in his familiarly sweet handwriting: a heart beside a smiley face with a simple “thank you”. 

Important announcement

I don’t really talk about anime or manga besides Tokyo Ghoul. But I would like to take a moment and try to convince you to watch a masterpiece called Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. I don’t use the word masterpiece lightly as nothing is truly perfect, but I think this show is the closest an anime can get. Sgrs for short is a story of the dying art of Rakugo during the Shouwa era of Japan. It follows the life of two men as the narrators named Yakumo and Yotaro(or as my friends joke Shirazu in another life). This anime tackles themes such as love, life, death, friendship, forgiveness, and moving on from tragedy. All centered around the love for story telling. All the characters are well written and it’s hard to dislike any of them, the story is gripping an hard not to binge watch. It’s a story that gets better every episode, the only complaint I have ever heard is that it has a slow start. But I promise you that this story will grip you and impact your life. So please watch Shouwa Genroku Rakugo as it a story that should be enjoyed by everyone that is all

My Top 10 Favorite Women Characters

I was tagged by @darkcyradis  It was so cool to see how many cool female character are; I’ve so much fun. Thank you!! ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

10. Eliza Sommers   from  Daughter of Fortune
She dare to leave a comfortable life where Eliza have everything, she follow the love of her life, starts a long journey away from home to another country, a totally unknown city and find something way better.

9. Kagura  from  Gintama
Kagura patting his beloved pet Sadaharu; but don’t get fooled by this two, she’s not feminine more like a tomboy, bad manners, say pervert stuff, very strong in more that one way.

8. Touka Kirishima   from  Tokyo Ghoul
Even tho Touka have been tho many things she’s a lovely person who supports, help and keep going forward even if it’s difficult.

7. Yuzuki Seo  from   Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun
Seo try to helps others but no in the conventional way, say what she think, cannot read the atmosphere or context, kinda rude but funny, she makes me laugh so much.

6. Shirayuk  from  Akagami no Shirayukihime
Doesn’t want to be a prince concubine, run away to another kingdom and Shirayuk is determinate to become a pharmacist even tho she start a friendship with royalty doesn’t take advantage of, work very hard and is very talented. Shirayuk is kind, always is helping in whatever she can and speak her mind.  

5. Arrietty  from  The Secret World of Arrietty
Arrietty love adventure, don’t chicken out, loves her family and she’s so strong, keep going and make the most beautiful friendship ever.

4. Nanaba  from  Shingeki no Kyojin
I love this woman, she’s so cool, strong, determinate and don’t debut to protect others event if they may not be worth it; of course she have personal dreams and beloved ones but her human side is more bigger.

3. Haruhi Fujioka  from  Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi don’t give a crap about what others think, determinate to reach her goal; in the process have new friends and help them to be a better human. Even tho have a sad part in her life she keep going and learn how to enjoy life.

2. Sheryl Nome  from  Macross Frontier
Even tho Sherly is not the main heroin she doesn’t give a second tho to fight for what she want, she’s sweet and cool, even tho she’s orphan keep going and don’t let the sad part of her past took over her present.

1. Candice “Candy” White Audrey  from  Candy Candy
OMG! Tragedy after tragedy, orphan, best friend cut the friendship, fall in love, so many deaths, fall in love again, can’t be together, going from one place to other, from one city to another continent. Don’t blame her for crying so much it’s really sad, even tho Candy is the main character Candy lose everything all the time!! Don’t hide resentment, is positive and keep going, Candy have a super strong will, meet her goals and always is helping others event tho some of then don’t deserved it. Candy always give love.

Every female character that I like they have in common a strong will, do your best! Don’t give a crap about what other think. If you want something Go for it! When the shit hit the fan well… Just keep going and enjoy your journey!!

P.S. Also I like so much from:
SNK - Riko, Historia, Ymir.
Ghibli movies - Shopie and Chiro
Cowboy Bebop - Faye Valentine
Noragami - Bishamonten  and Hiyori
and probably I forget to mention many others.  ( ゚ヮ゚)

I‘m tagging @nangnuk @pinkjasmink @shtarka @survey-corps-rookie @blueweil @k0zuha @rsn258 @zedsdead1001 @winglysimmer @gallifreyanphd @acrknowyou @eruri3xpress @ongzori
and anyone else who want to do it are welcome… Have fun!!

ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part Seven):
  • "You always were such an exciting date."
  • "I don't keep you around for your brains now do I?"
  • "Well if you're not the warrior, who is?"
  • "Hey, get out of there! We've got work to do!"
  • "Times like this I feel extremely close to you."
  • "C'mon boss, I have a headache!"
  • "I don't want to be smart later, I want to be smart now."
  • "You always were good at ruining a party."
  • "You've got to trust me to finish the job."
  • "Don't mind me, just taking the lead."
  • "Don't you just hate me?"
  • "I'm not supposed to let anyone—I mean ANYONE—in here."
  • "Hey, she touched me!"
  • "I wouldn't want to scare any of those fish away!"
  • "I better do something before someone gets hurt."
  • "What I want is for you to let me go before I make more trouble for you than I'm worth."
  • "Oh sure, it just has to breathe fire too."
  • "Remember that speech you gave me about keeping your promises?"
  • "I haven't had this much fun in minutes!"
  • "Rule number two: I double cross whomever I please."
  • "Do you always lie to me?"
  • "Oh sure, that solved all our problems last time."
  • "It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it."
  • "You must ponder my words."
  • "You not feeling well?"
  • "That was easy, huh?"
  • "You can stay with us on one condition: stay out of our way, okay?"
  • "And now they're going into business together?"
  • "You really should lie down, you look terrible!"
  • "Oh yeah. We're done for."
  • "It is said that broken friendship is best mended by tragedy or apology."
  • "I like the red one, not the blue."
  • "We've a live one on our hands!"
  • "This is not in my job description."
  • "What are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to win!"

Teen And Up Audiences

Jinguuji Ren/Shibuya Tomochika, Ittoki Otoya/Nanami Haruka, Ichinose Tokiya/Nanami Haruka

Shibuya Tomochika, Jinguuji Ren, Ootori Eiichi, Nanami Haruka (Uta no Prince-sama)Ichinose Tokiya, Ittoki Otoya, Mikaze Ai

Two souls intertwined across time. Two stories waiting to be unfolded. One manor holding secrets. The twist? All of this seemed to eerily connect to a tune locked away, hidden inside a music box and most importantly, to one person. Shibuya Tomochika. Life, love and mysteries colour the skies as the curtains drop

Romance, Mystery, Friendship, a little Tragedy

We are at 4 chapters, woo!

If you are a fanfiction(.)net user, here’s the corresponding link! :3

If you are someone who loves my writing, Jinguji Ren and Shibuya Tomochika along with some TokiHaru and HaruOto, this is the one for you! :D Do give it a read! >3>