tragedy in colorado

I had the pleasure to know this sweet girl heaven gained today. Today is a tragedy for the Colorado horse community and many others. My love, support, and prayers are extended to everyone who also knew Claire, I will continue to pray for you all, especially her family and her . Rest in peace, Claire.

There are just so many sad things about the situation in Colorado.

First, there are the obvious horrible things about it. Lives were taken by the evil of one man; innocent lives no less. The other victims, those who were lucky enough to survive, will never be the same. The hearts of loved ones and those of an entire country are breaking for these people. 

Then, there are even more terrible things to consider. The Dark Knight Rises is an extraordinary movie in a lot of ways. The writing, the acting, and the directing are all in the top tier of cinematic excellence. However, the work that so many people have worked so long on, will forever be connected to this tragedy. I just hate the fact that the passion and the work of so many people is tarnished by the acts of one man.

The stories. If you listen to any of the stories of the victims and their families, you will hurt really bad. Nothing can describe the pain. Every day is a gift, every minute with your friends and family is to be treasured. Pray for them. All of them.