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hi! i was wondering if you could recommend me some really heart wrenching shoujo manga? just a couple would do! thank you so much!! (really in the mood to just bawl my eyes out)

Sorry for the late response, I’d say:

Orange (TAKANO Ichigo)


Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari   

Deep Love - Host

Deep Love - Reina no Unmei

Kare Wa Tomodachi 

Kimi ni Chiisana Uso Hitotsu   

Bokura No Koi Wa Shi Ni … o You De 

I’m trying to remember one where there are three childhood friends who live on this island; two boys and one girl. The girl moves away from the island to go to high school in the main city but i think she got expelled for having a relationship with a teacher and she has to go back to her hometown. Her two childhood friends who are in love with her are lowkey competing to win her heart until one of them dies from a fishing accident. It’s driving me crazy trying to remember it but if it rings a bell for anyone please send me an ask!

Hope this helps though!!    

UPDATE: shoujo-paradise suggested  Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan, i just read it and it’s really good!! I definitely cried.

underneath the clair de lune.

we see lovers lazing,
draped in each others arms -
not unlike ourselves
as we float
along the seine.
suited men weilding cigars
as skinny as the women
that whisper in their ears
nod at us as we
sail by.

the moon looks
down at us all
smiling at our serenity,
bathing us in glitter
that gleams off your skin
as if you were not
already so full of light
that when i hold you
it is like a rainbow
against a dreary

i take your shimmering hand
and ask you to dance -
you nuzzle your nose
between my neck and
like the last, perfect piece
to complete
the jigsaw that
i am.

i ask you to stay with me
with a gem whose glow
pales in comparison to your own.
for a fleeting moment
i know what we will be
like this
a perfect picture
for eternity

but then
with your voice
softer than the moonlight
above and around us
you breathed your
last words -
an apology
light on your lips
yet so heavy on
my heart
then you fell back
into the deep, dark waters
taking with you
all the colour in
my life.

the ripples glazed over
and so did my eyes
but the moon, no longer
shone even brighter
as if guiding me
in what to do.
and so, under the
clair de lune,
i fell in after you,
hoping to see your
light again
in another life.


Mental abuse is VERY REAL in the African community

You do not STAY in a marriage because your husband “at least” doesn’t beat you up physically

You do NOT have to tolerate cheating because “that’s what men do”

You should NOT stay with a man who steals money from youYou are allowed to LEAVE your marriage even after three months if he’s doing cocaine and his character is not what you knew before … Kim K left after 72 days for no goddamn reason

Your job as a wife is NOT to STOMACH things for the sake of saving face

Your job is NEVER to make a man feel like a man

I could go on, but even in her hurt words she doesn’t seem to realize how intolerable her husband’s actions have been or maybe she does but has to cope with it somehow. I feel for Tiwa, but at least she had the guts to leave after two years of marriage. People stay for 10, 20 years, or until death

The worst part is some Nigerian/ other African folks blame her for exposing her home: May the Lord have mercy on your pathetic soul if you’re one of those people

20th August 1989 was a calm summers evening in London, where Antonio de Vasconcellos was celebrating his 26th birthday aboard a pleasure boat named Marchioness. Just minutes into the cruise along the river Thames, the boat was struck by Bowbelle, a much larger vessel, each unaware of the others position on the river. Within just 30 seconds of the collision the Marchioness was completely immersed, and of the 131 guests aboard, 51 sadly drowned.

The handling of the disaster was greatly criticised for both a lack of culpability and for the treatment of the victims (who bizarrely had their hands severed for ‘identification purposes’). It took over 11 years for a public enquiry to officially blame the incident on both vessels, and to confirm that the driver of the Bowbelle had consumed several pints of beer on the day of the collision. It remains one of the biggest tragedies the river Thames has ever seen.


Don’t sit opposite me on the train unless you’re comfortable with being sketched as a blobby nude version of yourself using a broken pencil that I should not have picked up from the floor because that’s gross. And trees.
April 2016, More pages from my notebooks


some Shakespeare stuff HAMLET

Hamlet is a v good artistic puppet because you can just put him in like a hundred different angsty poses

Also what does Hamlet actually look like because in the play he

  • makes a comment about his beard
  • is actually 30 years old
  • his mom calls him fat

Oh well, I “casted” this guy B) I’m also like hnnng should old Hamlet and Claudius look like twinssss?

In other news, I hate tumblr’s image compression so. much.