A bit about the waiter, Noir.

Like Sui, Noir is not human.
He always think that human is troublesome, since they have a lot of think to consider before taking an action.
Especially the main character this time, Corliss.

Corliss is not the type of human who will think a lot before taking an action.
Instead she is the type of human who will do what people told her.
Until now she feels it is comfortable, but at the time she died, she doesn’t even realize of her death and has no clue if she should die in peace or not.
This irritated Noir a lot, since if she keeps being stuck at the Cafe 0, it means his job is not done yet.

He sends Corliss back to the seven days before she died, and forces her to find the hints which he uses to choose the past event to show within her dream.

Is there any meaning of watching the past event like watching a movie?
Maybe not, maybe yes.

Remember, he is not a human and he is waiting you to play.

“I have work to do so just go with the flow.” –Noir 

*Sorry for my broken English.

Why is it that the police officers in Cleveland who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice after an encounter of a few seconds have been deemed participants in a shared tragedy, but not murderers?

Why is it that a Northern Virginia mother, whose baby died after she put him down for a nap on his stomach, is considered a murderer and not part of a tragedy?

INFOGRAPHIC: Analyzing Shakespeare’s Characters

Are you a Shakespeare fan? This infographic lets you investigate his tragedies by looking at his character interactions. Are they closely connected or isolated? Do all his plays have similar structure and density? Find out below. The infographic was created by data research analyst and designer Martin Grandjean.

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One Punch Man: The Reichenbach Fall (+ villain!Saitama) where Saitama didn’t fake his death.

Disclaimer: This doujinshi is heavily based on Sherlock BBC: The Reichenback Fall, obviously I made up a few parts to make it fit.

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all my favorite books have made me cry in the way that hurts, when your body doubles and heaves. this is not a coincidence. the scars that don’t heal are the ones we remember.
i want a girl who shatters like glass. i want a boy dressed up like a man with shaking knees and a gun in his hands. my favorite hero is the one who dies before their story is over. give me pain. give me heartache. give me hope and rip it from my hands.
is this not life? are these not our stories? some say tragedy, i say scripture. tell me, how old was jesus when they broke his cooling body like bread? how much life did he have left? isn’t that why we remember in the first place?
—  tragic by Auriel Haack

We live in a time of disorienting change. I think Obama said that. But the Pizza Hut lunch buffet remains the same. And that is a comfort. The buffet is from 11-2 and costs 6.99. It is a great deal. Many promises were made in our country’s founding documents. This is what remains. But it’s not nothing. It attracts the same type of people as it always has, the poor fat families, the elderly, those (like myself) who live on the margins of society. We regard each other respectfully at first but we know what comes next. This is a sport. In this group of losers there are winners and there are losers. People stake out tables near the buffet so they can hop out of their seat and land a fresh slice or breadstick. A pie will not last on the buffet for more than three minutes. The amateurs don’t know this. They sit in the back of the dining room. They are left to feast on the bastard pies, the black olive, the thin crust. Me and someone else begin to request pies. I tell the chef “Get crazy in there”. He becomes Thomas Keller sending out pies with sausage and peppers and BBQ sauce, buffalo chicken, crumbled blue cheese. He even put buffalo wings on one pie. People applauded. A woman began to cry. Alliances began to form. A large woman would pass me and say “pepperoni is out, one sausage, one special (meaning multiple toppings. Can’t stop and name them) new sticks.” I would return the favor by dropping off a fresh Marinara when I passed her table. Her criminally obese children began to play video games and she lost it “We came to eat. Don’t tell me your hungry later. You eat NOW!” The waitress, a small sweet woman, begins to speak quietly as she seems to know the gravity of what she’s about to say. “Many of you have asked about the dessert pies, the Apple and Cherry, we have discontinued them. We have cinnamon sticks but no icing”. She then disappeared quickly. There was an audible grown. One man said “Jesus fucking CHRIST!” I turned to a woman “This isn’t right. Something must be done”. She agreed “Send us out more pies!” An obese toddler began to throw a fit. Her mother began to plead with the woman “She loves the icing. I told her there would be icing”. The worker seemed like she was about to cry “I’m sorry. We ran out”. The worker then consulted a manager and said “We will extend the buffet today till 2:30” and relative calm began to return. A man next to me said “They did the right thing”. I said “There’s no right or wrong here, there’s just competing interests”. He said “I think you’re right,” and ladled ranch dressing over a Hawaiian slice.


This Woman Came Back From the Dead to Spite the Husband Who Paid to Have Her Murdered

Noela Rukundo lived happily in Australia with her husband Balenga Kalala until she left to visit the country of Burundi where she grew up for her stepmother’s funeral.

In Burundi, she stepped out for some air after finishing a phone call with her loving husband to meet a man with a gun pointed at her.  Under the threat of death, she did what he told her to do and was taken to a secluded place where her kidnappers met with other gang members. Fortunately for her, the hitmen her husband sent to kill her were principled.

They told her they don’t kill women and children so after some theatrics over the phone, during which she heard her own husband command them to “Kill her” and the hitmen demanded more money and told him that she was dead.

With evidence from her would-be killers she headed home to crash her own funeral. She showed up right as mourning friends and family were leaving her husband’s home.

What kind of thing would you say to the person you love who tried to have you murdered?  Rukundo just said, “Surprise! I’m still alive!”