El tiempo es el único testigo de nuestro gran amor, este amor que comenzó como pequeña ilusión y que de a poco fue creciendo como un volcán en erupción. Qué difícil es explicar en unas cuantas líneas lo que hemos vivido, sufrido y disfrutado. Que tonto seria tratar de resumir tanto amor a tu lado, tantos momentos he instantes que hemos ido escribiendo en nuestra historia. Por eso, te doy las gracias por tanta felicidad, dolor y también sufrimiento, que nos han ayudado a que este amor se haga más fuerte y ayudándonos así también a soportarnos el uno al otro cada día.
Nadie dijo que el amor es fácil, cada día se deben de superar pruebas y obstáculos a lo largo del camino, pero sé que, si estoy contigo, esas pruebas y esos obstáculos los derribare y los saltare por encima de todo, y si vamos juntos, sé que serán más fáciles de superar. Te amo.
—  Ismael R  (cartas a mi amada)

I hate having venus in the 12th for many reasons but one being that when I have the ~slightest~ affection for someone I would do anything for them, anything. You have a favor? I can do it for you! You need that thing? Here, I’ll buy it for you! it’s stupid and I need to set boundaries but I know myself…I’m not going to do it in the end. I love feeling loved because affection does not come my way often, and I would hate to lose anyone who shows me the slightest indication that they like me. Venus in the 12th often has this mindset because they suffer from a lack of love/affection from others, especially in the early life. the 12th house dissolves everything, so with Venus in the 12th this means the self-worth, values and affections are blurred and unclear and this is why they’re prone to “dissolving” or molding into ppl they have interpersonal relationships with. Selfless love, sacrificed heart.

Yohane: By the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays on the furthest madness. We sense your true intentions, Kurosawa Dia.

Dia: Is anyone else currently seeing this?

Yohane: The jibbering of mad cultisists whisper wicked words on the temperal winds.

Dia: Anybody? Any of the two people right next to me?

Yohane: They inform us that you are not to be trusted. Usurper, usurper.

the house where your sun is placed will be where your identity revolves around for completion or growth. sun in the 9th for instance, their identity revolves around their inner philosophies and morals. If underdeveloped they deem their own inner truths as The Truth or The Ultimate Fact and refuse to believe any other’s experiences but their own. They love to learn, yet apply their own beliefs to new knowledge, making it so that it’s by their standards. This makes for a semi-rebellious person. The 9th house is the house of law, this person can be known to take law into their own hands, faulty judgment in other words. Sun in the 9th eventually learns, or rather needs to learn to open their mind because this is the house of the higher mind. They can’t reach the higher mind, or grow, if they choose to only go by what they know rather than what they can potentially come to know.