Pirates job

Shanks : Surf teacher

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Trafalgar Law : Surgeon 

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Eustass Kidd : Rock star 

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Marco : Maths Teacher 

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Ace : model 

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Doflamingo : Drug dealer

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How would Ace, Law, Marco, and Lucci be when they are jealous? (Awesome blog!)

(This turned into headcannons, if you want a senario you can just message me again)


  • Ace would be very close to his S/O, not letting him/her leave his side
  • Things around him would start to burn constantly


  • Law would “room” the source of his jealousy into a river or what not. Out of sight out of mind
  • If Law was jealous than leaving his side was no longer an option


  • When Marco is jealous he just stops talking, that includes not talking to his S/O
  • If his S/O pays to much attention to someone else Marco becomes very needy and clingy


  •  Lucci sends Hattori (the pigeon) after the person he is jealous of. His S/O does not appreciate this
  • Always keeps an eye at his S/O just to be sure that no one gets the wrong idea.

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Hello! I hope you don't mind me requesting!~ How would Cavendish, Zoro, Law, Kid and Ace react to seeing their S/o doing something extremely cute? ♡ (:

(I don’t mind at all! You are very much appreciated.)


He would be all over his loved one telling him/her that he/she was almost as cute as he was. He still was the most beautiful though!


Zoro would shake his head slightly and sigh a little. It was in moments like these he realized how much he loved his S/O.


Law would laugh a little under his breath, and pat his S/O on his/her head. Law would never admit it but he loved moments like these.


Ace would totally be all over his lover. Not only would he fangirl like a boss, but also occasionally pinch his lover’s cheeks

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How is going to react luffy,ace kid,law,enel,sanji,robin and killer if a kid give his daughter a love letter? Great blog!! Sorry, my english is not very good😅

(It’s okay, I think I got the point.)


Luffy would maybe be more exited than the kid. He would jump up and down and go on about that this was the first nakama the kid made on her own.  He really would not get the whole love letter thought. It’s so much easier to just tell people directly.


Ace would make sure the kid was a good one. No wannabe should be able to love his daughter. He would go a little overboard and make his daughter so embarrassed. Ace didn’t mean to get to involved but it’s not every day your baby daughter gets a love letter.


He would be so angry! Some pipsqueak thought he was good enough for his daughter?! No one was good enough for his daughter. He even sent her a love letter! That was not a man’s way! A man should tell the object of his affection in person! Not through a fucking letter!


Law was at first very skeptical. He was neither to found of someone liking his daughter, but after a long talk with her mother he agreed to let his daughter choose for herself.


No on was ever going to be good enough for his child! How did that human dare to even send his child a letter to express his/her affection toward her. 


Sanji would be flattered that his little girl was popular among the kids, but he would still not really approve. His little baby girl was not ready for love yet, and he had promised to keep her out of harms way.


Robin would find it very amusing, and laugh at the way her daughter’s cheeks turned slightly red. It really didn’t matter to her, except the fact that the kid’s feelings were real. Other than that, she was fine with it. 


Killer would be okay with it, as long as it did not exceed a love letter. He understood that he could not control feelings but he could control, for the most part, who his daughter was dating.

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