We cannot police the world. Drugs are simply too easy to produce. And the profit, too great to ever persuade poor people from growing them. We cannot stop supply, I’ll say that again, we cannot ultimately stop the supply of heroin or cocaine or any other drug. We can only limit the demand for it. And in the long term, that will mean making a decent life for people. And producing a decent society that people will want to live in and not escape from. And that, my friends, will not be easy.
—  Jack’s Speech in the last episode of Traffik

And if you had any reading comprehension, you’d see that the article was literally talking about how manga harms child and then reports that no link had been found between anime/manga and child abuse.

If you take no precautions to protect your child from harmful media, you can’t complain about them finding it. Yes, kids will find questionable content unless you’re over their shoulder 24/7, however, if they can’t realize that just because they see it on TV, in a movie, or in a picture doesn’t mean that it is okay to do to an actual person, then maybe you should have a talk with them about what they find on the internet or actually suck it up and not let them go onto a computer or device with internet unless you’re there to supervise or have very strict parental settings 

What’s funny is that literally none of you sources state a link between anime and manga, and child abuse. All of the sources only mention real children being involved in real porn. Your source from the guardian only talks about why the UN wants Japan to ban anime and manga depictions and one of the people states that anime/manga doesn’t qualify as child porn because there is no real victim. The third source is talking about banning human trafficking (and I mean, who wouldn’t want to ban human trafficking?) and the first doesn’t even mention any type of link between anime, manga, fiction, etc. and child abuse or pedophilia. Several types of studies have been done revolving around video games and the results have shown that there is no link between video games and violence.  People have done studies re; anime and manga and child abuse and found no conclusive results. 

Maybe you should actual read your sources and understand that the “culture that appears to accept child pornography and abuse” comes form the fact that Japan didn’t ban REAL children being in ACTUAL child porn until 2011. Or maybe the culture that promotes privacy and discourages victims from talking about child abuse both physically and sexually? Or the fact that Japan was largely inactive in stopping human traffiking? The third source even states that japan doesn’t have any anti-human traffiking laws and doesn’t even bring up anime or manga other than the fact that one was published to help their cause o fending human traffiking.

Maybe you’re the one who needs reading comprehension because literally none of your sources even state or mention a link between anime and manga, and pedophilia, CSA, and human traffiking. They talk about those issues as they happen to real people because real people are in danger. 

I didn’t call you a dumbass becuase you disagreed with me. I called you a dumbass for not even reading your own sources and I’m doing it again because once again, you didn’t even read your own sources again

Wackest Jay Park Lyrics

“I built this shit from the ground up/and can I mention there will be no 9/11” - 2013 appetizer

“You can call me George Foreman cause I’m all up in your grill” - 2013 Appetizer

“If admiring you makes me a pervert, then I wanna be a pervert” - Mommae

“Are you sure your parents are Korean?
Your hips are like an import” (hes saying shes too curvy to be korean) - Mommae

“I’mmah animal you are just a tourist on the bus dude” - William Hung

“My flow hard, I gave it viagra
Try me you will fall, Call you niagra” - William Hung

“This shit be a gun, It bangs it bangs/Your hair in the front, It bangs it bangs/A gang on a slut, It bangs it bangs/This be William Hung cause it bangs it bangs” - William Hung

“As I spit raps and facts with the coldest flows/Yeah I’ll go refrigerator on yah” - William Hung

“Yeah you’s a skateboarder and I’m a rail/Better grind up on me better use your tail” - Body2Body

“Her wand is my dick and she be doin magic tricks” - You Know How We Do

“I have everything, don’t call me short, I’m not short, you all are just really tall” - Evolution

“This music scene is going backwards/What, it discriminates the true artists/Guys put on makeup thicker than girls/They dye their hairs like girls and say it’s manly” – Who the fuck is you

“This sex traffiking site is dressed up with dance and song” - Who the fuck is you

“Yo girl a turkey on my dick gobble gobble” - Lotto

anonymous asked:

Mommy say, can never go out side. Say manny danger, a "traffik" and "kayotey" and "rat poysen", I never seen those things, don't belieb on it. Please , tell a kit, is it real?

sadly , used to live outside and was horrible. NO treats, and also cold, and many loud and lorge things. lots of birb but not worth!