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Ola: Your brother should be commended, Nico. He’s exposed a human trafficking network Interpol has been trying to dismantle for years now. 

Nico shocked: My goodness. 

Ola: Human trafficking, child pornography, rape, animal cruelty…it’s a foul, evil thing. I could barely watch that link he provided. I’d advise you not to if you haven’t. Anyway, Steven Brandt is one of the biggest financial contributors to the network. Not to mention he’s participated in a lot of the disgusting acts. There’s enough evidence to lock him and his associates away for life.

Nico relieved: Thank God. Has he been arrested?

Ola: No, not yet. It’s in the process but these things take time. There is much more information to be gathered before a successful arrest can be made. But trust me, it will. He’ll be in prison in about a month.

Nico worried: A month! That long? Why so long if there’s all this evidence?

Ola: Like I said, Nico. They’re in the process of gathering enough intelligence on Steven…the entire network…in order to successfully break it down. Despite the evil going on, it can’t be rushed or the network will go deeper underground and reappear later. Steven Brandt has no suspicion he’s being investigated and we want to keep it that way so he doesn’t go into hiding.

Nico hangs up with Ola, feeling disappointed and anxious. A month. That was too long. The gala was in two weeks. Steven Brandt would be there and Remy was going to murder him there. How could Nico stop him in time? 

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Hello, can I ask for Royai + 26 please? :)

This ended up being much longer than a ten sentence drabble. Whoops.

And yeah, this kind of thing has been done before, sorry I’m not being original here, but I’m a sucker for this trope and jealous Roy, okay? Also, there’s a World of Warcraft reference in this fic. I like throwing in easter eggs for WoW for some reason.

Jealousy (Thy Name is Roy Mustang)

The Slaughtered Lamb was a seedy joint nestled in the back alleys of First Street in one of Central City’s more unsavory districts. On the surface, the tavern appeared to be nothing more than a scummy bar with shady patrons and blunt staff, but it was reported to be a front for illegal human trafficking networks focusing on prostitution. Mustang’s team was put in charge of the investigation into the matter.

After much deliberation on how they would go about infiltrating the place, Hawkeye eventually suggested that she go in as bait. The rest of the team would be in the area to watch her back, and she could certainly handle things on her own, but Roy still hated the idea and voiced his concerns. It turned into an argument and the rest of the team knew to keep quiet when Mustang and Hawkeye butted heads, so they remained silent and stationary in front of the colonel’s desk.

“That plan is too dangerous, Lieutenant, I won’t allow it.”

Riza sighed and glared at the colonel.

“And what other options do we have? They’ll certainly be suspicious if a group of men they’ve never seen before just waltz in like they’re regulars.”

“That’s still a better option than letting you go in there alone. Safety in numbers.”

“You and Havoc can keep watch inside the bar while I attempt to draw their attention. What about that?”

That gave Roy pause and he leaned forward in his chair, running a hand through his hair and sighing in frustration. She had a point. She was always right and he didn’t know why he ever tried to argue with her. He rarely came out the victor in any of their spats. He grit his teeth and frowned as he struggled to think of a better solution before finally taking a deep breath, letting it out in a low growl.

“Fine. We’ll go with your plan. Havoc, you’ll accompany me inside the bar and help keep an eye out for suspicious activity and make sure the lieutenant isn’t harmed. Fuery, you’ll be stationed in a hotel room across the street to relay the situation back to Falman who will be here in the office. Breda, you’ll be hidden in the alleyway to back us up. The usual. You’re all dismissed. See you tomorrow night.”

The team saluted and filed out of the office, but Riza hung back, knowing Roy was not finished griping to her about the mission.

She was right.

“Lieutenant,” Roy said, gesturing into his interior office. “A word?”

Riza held back a sigh as she draped her coat back over her chair and stepped into his interior office. He closed the door behind her and crossed his arms, glaring at her. She returned the gesture, mimicking his posture in preparation to defend her stance on the subject until he dropped it.


The night of the undercover operation was overcast and cool. Rain was in the forecast for the evening and that was just another thing added on to the list of reasons why Roy Mustang was in a foul mood. The main reason being his beautiful first lieutenant smiling and giggling uncharacteristically on a stool at the bar next to a greasy yet well-dressed man whose hands were wandering to places that made Roy fume. He wanted to burn the man’s hands off, but instead, he composed himself and averted his gaze, taking deep breaths so he wouldn’t do anything drastic and blow their cover.

Hawkeye was wearing a form fitting black dress that barely reached her mid-thigh and had a high collar with a scooping neckline. She was gorgeous and for someone else to be touching her while she looked like that was killing Mustang. If they didn’t get out of there soon, he was going to torch the place with his jealous gaze alone.

Havoc was sitting on the other side of the bar in a booth kiddie corner from Roy and he glanced at his superior officer warily. Even from his distance it was easy to see that the colonel was agitated. He lit a cigarette as his eyes drifted back to Lieutenant Hawkeye. He’d have to be extra alert tonight. If anything slipped by his notice, Mustang would definitely chew him out and that was something he’d much rather avoid.

Riza was uncomfortable, but did her best not to show it. Roy was an excellent actor and Riza could match him when it came to pretending to be someone she was not. She tried not to look at Roy too often throughout the night, knowing he was not happy.

Nothing suspicious had caught her eye yet so there was no reason to get Roy’s attention. As much as she wanted to go over to him and scold him for acting so childishly, she kept her focus on the man beside her, the supposed owner of the tavern and possible leader of the illegal prostitution ring. With any luck, he’d attempt to coerce her into joining his business and that would be all the proof she needed to put her gun to his head and place him under arrest.

Focusing on the weight of the gun in her thigh holster was helping to get her through the night. The man next to her was wearing too much cologne and was far too friendly and handsy for her liking. It was definitely a show and Riza matched his good natured facade with her own Elizabeth persona, flirty and loose, but ready to whip out her gun at the detection of even the slightest bit of hostility. She only hoped that Roy would also keep his emotions in check until the time was right to act.

Roy nursed his whisky on the rocks and glared at the man whose arm was wrapped far too low on his lieutenant’s waist. Every time Riza giggled and scooted closer to the man, whispering in his ear, Roy’s fingers twitched, itching to snap. He shouldn’t have agreed to this mission. It was too risky and it put Riza into the worst kind of situation. It took every ounce of control to not stomp over there, pull her from that greaseball, wrap his own arm around her waist, and punch the man in the face. But Riza would kill him for such a stunt, so he gripped his glass tighter and waited, staring at his reflection in his drink to distract himself from his anger.

The sounds of wood scraping across the floor brought his attention back to the bar where the man stood from his stool and held Riza tight against his side as he casually made his way toward the back of the bar. Roy’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. Riza would never have allowed herself to be half dragged like that. Something was wrong.

Roy made eye contact with Havoc and the second lieutenant seemed to have come to the same conclusion, because worry lined his face as well. They moved simultaneously, but the moment Havoc stood, his legs gave out and he fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Panic flared in Roy’s gut. If they had drugged Riza and Havoc’s drinks, then his was probably drugged too and that meant their cover must have been blown from the very beginning.

Mustang was suddenly grateful that the man had distracted him so much. He only had a couple of sips of his drink and felt no different then he had when they arrived two hours earlier. But that meant that Havoc and Riza were out of commission and, with no time to run out the door and contact Breda, Roy was on his own.

“That’s as far as you go, pal,” came a voice to Roy’s right and he turned to see the beefy bartender had a gun trained on him.

Roy frowned and his mind worked double time to come up with a way to get Havoc and Hawkeye out safely. Thankful for his foresight, Roy lifted his left gloved hand and snapped, singeing the bar tender’s hand and surprising the man enough that he yelped and dropped his gun. Roy dove over the bar and grabbed the gun before the bartender had time to recover.

“I’ll be taking this,” Roy said to the man before knocking him out with the butt of the gun.

With the bartender taken care of, Roy hurried to follow Riza, cautiously opening the door she and the bar owner disappeared through. He found himself at the top of a staircase and he descended quietly, gun held at his side, hand raised and ready to snap. At the bottom of the stairs was a long, dark hallway, damp and musty from lack of use, and Roy crinkled his nose when the scent of mold and decay hit him.

A light was on in a room at the very end of the hall, the door to which was slightly ajar, and Roy picked up the pace, jogging over to it and counting to three before bursting in, his gloved hand held in front of him.

Mustang froze at the sight before him, rage bubbling up inside as he took everything in.

A half unconscious Riza was still being held closely by the bar’s owner whose hand was paused midway from lifting her skirt. A shocked expression was on his face as he stared at Roy who had interrupted his inspection of the newest asset to his line of goods.

“So, the drugs didn’t affect you, hm?” The man asked, taking his hand from Riza’s skirt to place it on her shoulder. “This beautiful specimen is part of your team, I take it?” The slimy bastard smirked and ran his hand down Riza’s side, pointedly brushing the side of her breast before stopping below her waist. “She’ll make an excellent addition to my collection.”

“Get your hands off of her,” Roy growled, low and menacing.

The bar owner took an involuntary step back under Roy’s furious gaze.

They were supposed to bring the man in to be jailed, but all Roy wanted to do was burn him alive for hurting the members of his team and especially for what he was doing to his most precious of subordinates. The way the man was touching her was disgraceful, and Roy couldn’t stand it. Orders be damned. He put the familiar pressure into the motion to snap, but before he could, Riza’s voice broke the silence and he stopped, gaze focusing on her.

“Colonel, don’t.”


Roy started to argue, but Riza, even in her near oblivious state, was coherent enough to reach for her gun and shoot the man in the leg. He went down with a cry of surprise and Roy immediately sprang into action, rushing to Riza’s side to catch her before she fell. Roy pressed his gun against the bar owner’s temple and smirked in triumph.

“It’s over for you,” Roy said just as hurried footsteps approached from behind.

Roy gripped Riza’s waist a little tighter, holding her closer to him in preparation for trouble. If the bar owner had backup, Roy would protect Riza at all costs.

Thankfully, it was Breda who ran into the room, gun held high. Once he took in the situation, he holstered his gun and leapt forward to grip the bar owner’s arm, tugging him to stand up then handcuffing him.

“I’ve got this asshole, boss, you take care of Hawkeye.”


“He’s fine, sir. A little disoriented, but he didn’t drink enough of whatever drug they used to cause problems.”

“Good to hear. We’ll follow you, now get him out of here.”

Breda nodded and practically dragged the man out of the room.

Roy turned his attention to his lieutenant pressed against his side and she gave him a tired, weary smile. Things had almost gone very badly and she knew he was going to reprimand her for it. She had been careless with her drink, having taken several sips to keep up appearances in front of the creepy bar owner.

“You were too reckless, Lieutenant. I told you this was a bad idea.”

“It worked… out though,” Riza replied, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Roy sighed heavily.

“But it almost didn’t…And the way he was touching you…”

Riza cut him off with a light press of her index and middle fingers against his lips.

“But you… stopped him. You… wouldn’t have let him…do anything. I trust you.”

Roy smiled softly and squeezed her hand.

“That’s enough talking, Lieutenant. I’ll get you to the medics, so don’t push yourself. If you pass out, I’ll be here to protect you.”

Riza returned his soft smile before succumbing to the effects of the drugs in her system.

Roy slipped his hand under her knees, placing the other over her shoulder, and carried her out the door. They captured the criminal and Riza was safe, and the latter was all that really mattered.


I ended up rushing the end because I just couldn’t stop writing. Lol Sorry. It could have been so much better but eehhh I was sick of writing for this. xD Hope you enjoyed this anyway.

The Ottoman slave trade, which was part of an increasingly globalized trafficking network of the early modern period, brought millions of people from the surrounding regions of Europe, Asia, and Africa to the Ottoman Empire. While abolition and emancipation movements occurred in various forms throughout the last century of the empire’s history, slavery remained in practice until its very end. In recent decades, the ignored history of the Ottoman slave trade has received more attention, but there has been considerably less discussion of how enslaved people brought to the empire contributed to its socioeconomic and cultural transformation and where the descendants of such people can be found today.

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Do you think the (((they))) are behind Zero's human/drug trafficking cult? (((Epstein))), (((Weinstein))), etc

I think they are probably part of it.

. EDIT: I was just made aware that using triple parentheses is a Nazi tactic. As such, please note that if the original anon is anti-Semitic, they can fuck off right along with all the other Nazis out there on Tumblr. But, because both Epstein and Weinstein are part of the trafficking network (from what I was told), that nasty business trumps their faith and/or ethnicity. The people involved in this group are basically slavers. And anyone who thinks that I’m being anti-Semitic for saying something needs to step back and think about that.

im reading an article about 3 politicians who were involved or protected a sex trafficking network in my country and idk i cant believe there’s people out there who support prostitution. there’s people out there who support prostitution, and call themselves ‘feminists’, and created the term SWERF for the actual feminists who care about the 89% of women who want out of prostitution.

the pic is a part of the article and it’s what a woman who was a victim of trafficking said about it. it says:

Kinan started being sexually exploited when she was 25. Today she is 41 years old. She still remembers the pain of being with 20 men on one night. “The women rescued from trafficking don’t recognize themselves as victims first. It’s a self-defense mechanism. That’s what happened to me”, she explains. “The problem will keep on going as long as there are men who buy/consume women.”

she escaped trafficking after 16 years.

like how fucking detached from reality do you have to be to claim that prostitution is empowering? that it is illegal because it lets women control their sexuality?

Mind Your Business


Every waking moment, there was something new about her people being jailed, beaten, deported. Her people were being smeared all over the media, all over a country that would be nothing without them. Now, there was only so much a deity was allowed to do, for fairness, but Coatlicue never did play fair. She protected what was hers, and an insult to them was an insult to her and insults did not go unpunished.

So she relocated, and did what she did best, devour. It was a slow process at first, finding information, but both men and women could be so easily persuaded. Humans. Not to mention their own hate and sense of self-righteous meant that she could spread information and they would do the work themselves. Whether she gave the information to the media, to officials, sent it in as blackmail, or shared it with drug trafficking networks. Someone was doing something. She didn’t lose any sleep at night, not that she needed to sleep.

It was however, the sense of a deity, not just any deity but Xolotl, that gave her some concern. Coatlicue had never quite cared for others sticking their noses in her business. And this was a project she cared about too much to let it be endangered by anyone. She felt it was time to warn the other off, after all, this was a big enough country. He didn’t have to follow her every move.

She sat at a park bench, enjoying the cooling weather of the evening and watching the sky begin to darken. It was California at it’s best, at least she much preferred this evening time slot. In the distance she could feel Xolotl’s presence. Her legs were crossed, fingers tapping out a soft rhythm on her knee as she hummed and waited. But she didn’t have to wait long, and unwilling to see if he would just walk by her, she called out.

“Xolotl. What a surprise.”

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Yo, that anon ask that used parentheses around names is being anti-Semitic (you notice the names they flagged have -stein as a suffix). Flagging Jewish names with ((( this ))) is neo-Nazi/alt-right tactics. Might wanna delete!

Okay. Everyone calm down. I am not up to date on all Nazi tactics. I thought the anon just made a grammatical error. As far as Epstein or Weinstein go, if they are connected, like they look to be, with this trafficking network, I don’t care WHO they are or WHAT ethnicity/religion they are. Their activities make them, as human beings despicable. So I will not delete that post. It needs to be put there. I will try to edit the post, so it is clear that no Nazis are involved in the post.

Day 8: Secret Lovers

Their relationship was a hardship. They met under a cloudy sky after school. He usually stayed behind to catch some bad luck and beat the shit out of people just for his amusement. His dad is notorious for being Japan’s biggest and fearsome yakuza and it comes with benefits. Everyone within the network cowered under his stare and he grew up being cocky, believing that a simple glance will bring people down to their knees. There was big argument once when he wanted to keep his father’s last name instead of his mothers. “You’ll go to jail if you have my name, Naruto. Just deal with it.” Of course being Naruto, he avoided his dad like a plague. After a few shouting matches with his mother, he reunited with his old man and returned hunting down their enemies. When he first entered the school, you could practically smell royalty off of him and his smirks didn’t drive away the male students but urge them to fight him. It also brought along a troublesome fan club. He paid no mind to the girls who practically open their legs without his consent. Oddly enough, he looked more interested in burying his fist in someone’s face than sex. Many people report that his eyes become the devil’s before delivering the last punch. So he stayed after school on that fateful day, ready to jump out of his shelter and into the rain to find trouble when he heard a squeak behind him.

She was known as the daughter of the fame policeman who not only brought down the biggest yakuza in 1985 when he was just a rookie (age: 20, according to the files) but discovered and exploited a trafficking network within the 80’s Japanese government. He managed to save thousands of children in time. A bit later on the occasions and those Japanese children would have been shipped off overseas. People praise his name and if they manage to catch a glimpse of the fame Hyuuga Hiashi, they’ll brag about it for days. “I actually saw him! The Hyuuga-dono!” After his victorious conquest, the police ranked him up until he achieved chief of police. He is well respected all over Japan and is now working on catching the biggest yakuza of this century: Namikaze Minato. His daughter is known for her father’s name but she lived under his shadow—still does. Hinata is the definition of shy and meek. She speaks when spoken to but besides from that, she watches from the background. She’s not heartless or ruthless like her father but kindhearted and noble like her mother. She’s not interested of continuing his legacy, her interest lies in helping others: a social worker. She dare not speak her opposition. She tried once and the result was disastrous. Her father kicked her out and she had to live at Ino’s house for a few days then Kiba’s. It was the toughest for her in those days. Since she was small, all she heard was that she was a weak linage and she will bring shame to the Hyuuga family. Always listen and never disobey became her way of life. Within those days, she thought it over and came to believe that now she’ll be shunned. She tried to commit suicide but was stopped in time by Kiba bursting in the restroom with Shino close behind him. Counseling and her friends helped her out of her depression, also school activities. She loved staying after school to water the plants or help clean the classrooms, anything to keep her mind out of her current situation. She still lives under Kiba’s roof and she was becoming more self-conscious. Maybe it’s time looking for a job? Fortunately today she was supposed to water the plants but the unexpected rain had fulfilled her job. Now is the time looking for a job, she thought nervously. ‘Will I be able to get one?’ She took off her slippers and reached for her shoes when she saw Uzumaki Naruto. He was an intimidating figure: standing 5’10 and having a body with broad shoulders makes a person like her seem tiny.

She squeaked and immediately covered her mouth. She hastily put on her shoes and tempted to hide behind the lockers but Naruto turned at the last minute, catching a glimpse of indigo locks. He cocked his head and raised a blond eyebrow. Who the hell was that?

“Oi, who’s there?”

Hinata trembled when she heard his question. Should she answer?

“I’m asking one last time, who’s there?”

She blew out a slow breath, her heart beating faster than ever, and she stepped out of her hiding spot. Her satchel was clutched tight against her chest and her bangs obscured her eyes. Naruto took in her hunch figure and snorted.

“Why are you looking at the ground? You should look up.” When she made no move, Naruto sighed and took three large steps, closing the distance between the two, and hooked a finger under her chin, bring her head up. Lavender tinted eyes clashed with dark blue and for a moment everything froze. The sound of soothing rain was drowned out and they could no longer feel the cold biting their skin. His eyes widened when he took in her round, flush face and her eyes —a window to the soul, they say—and has never felt such tingling warmth in his life. She, on the other hand, has never seen such dark, blue eyes in her life. Was he from America? His whisker scarred cheeks made her blush. ‘Cute,’ she thought. Her heart thumped quickly and she began to quiver. She’s never been this close to any male, excluding her childhood friends, and her body began to take in the difference between the sexes. She didn’t know this, of course, and she began breath in and out quickly, her short puffs hitting his chin. She was small, he thought. ‘She barely reaches my chin.’ The height difference fired his ego and he couldn’t help but find it attractive. When her breath hit his chin, something awoke within him.

He swooped down and kissed her.

Shock ran all over her body and she didn’t know how to respond. His lips felt warm and sweet and her face flushed. Never had she been kissed and she never thought that her first kiss would be with Uzumaki Naruto of all people! She tried to push away but her arms became jelly and his hands clasped tightly on her shoulders. His fingers made its way to her cheek and one hand cupped her flush cheek and the other caressed it. He moved away, a popping sound echoing the silent hallways, and he marveled how a simple, little girl fired him up quickly.

“What’s your name?” His heated question brought her out of her shock. Suddenly it all hit her. They kissed! They didn’t even know each other and they kissed! That’s the most intimate thing to do and she was saving her first kiss with someone she truly loved and he just took it away like it was nothing! Her eyes gathered tears and he panicked. He paused. When had he ever panicked? Was he such a bad kisser that he disgusted her within a few seconds? “Oi, you okay? What’s—”

Before he can finish, she took off. “Sumimasen!” she cried out over her shoulder before running head first into the rain. She did forget her umbrella in Kiba’s house after all. Remembering their little kiss heated the tips of her ears. Oh dear! What had she done? His eyes widened when he saw her reaching the gates of the school and he took off after her, his long coat fluttering behind him. He didn’t mind the rain hitting his face and instead focused on the mysterious girl who ran away from him. He always knew that he had the power to make a girl quiver by just a mere gaze yet this girl didn’t moan in pleasure but shook in fear. Maybe she was nervous? His ego dropped a bit at the thought that it was him that made her run for her life but his legs continued to run after her. She was different from the rest. She didn’t wear a low cut skirt but the standard one with her socks reaching her knees. She didn’t wear a sailor shirt but the button one up with sleeves that reached her wrists. She doesn’t have highlights of different colors nor has an aura that just screams, “Notice me!” She was different and he liked it.

Before he knew it, he’s reached her. She was still running but she was slower than the beginning. Her hair was soaking wet and one glance on her chest confirmed that her clothes were becoming like second skin. He grabbed her wrist and she squealed when his sudden stop pulled her back forcefully. She felt as if her shoulder sockets popped out. She crashed against a hard chest and she was too tired to pull away. She knew who has a hold on her wrist and she didn’t dare look around, afraid that her blush would engulf her whole face once again. He heard her puffing breathes. She was trembling in his arms and a protective instinct made him blurt out his question.

“I should take you home. You’re shaking.”

She was surprised and her expression showed it. Was the Uzumaki Naruto offering her refuge?

He chuckled when he saw her turn around slowly, her mouth agape. As if reading her thoughts, he answered, “Well I can’t leave you here alone. Plus, your shirt is becoming see through, dattebayo.” She quickly glanced down and saw with horror how her breasts popped out from her sweater and how her nipples were gradually getting hard from the cold.

“H-Hentai!” she screamed. She took quick steps back but he caught her wrist, a blush adorning his cheeks.

“I didn’t mean that! Actually, I did but…I mean…I just don’t want perverts looking at you like that! I didn’t mean to blurt it out!” They stood in silence and Hinata shivered. ‘Maybe it won’t be so bad…’ She let her thought linger in her mind before parting her lips.

“P-Please take care of me.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. Not only did he kiss this girl but she’s now going to his house. He smiled widely and let go of her wrist. Instead he intertwined their fingers and indulged himself with pleasure when he saw her blush.

“What’s your name, by the way? I’m Uzumaki Naruto!”

Hinata smiled shyly when he smiled widely and pointed his thumb to his chest. He was something else from what she heard and seen in school. “H-Hyuuga Hinata and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Naruto-kun.”

His parents were shocked when he brought home a soaking Hinata. Not only did he bring home a girl for the first time but she looked like she was about to pass out. She had a raging blush when his mother, Kushina, began to pamper over her and make false accusations about sex. His mother had no shame and smiled in an evil way when not only Hinata fainted but Naruto was close behind her. He managed to catch his new interest and began a match of insults with his mother. He chose to ignore the way his father lingered on Hinata—he noted mentally to talk to him later on about that—and carried her to his room, yelling to his mother if she can bring tea for their guest. “Not much of a guest if she’s in your room, Naruto,” she snorted but followed her sons request. He scratched his cheek in embarrassment and slid open his door, closing it with his foot. He carefully placed her down and smiled when she twitched her nose. He frowned, however, when she began to shake. Her clothes were wetting his sheets but he paid no mind to it. When Kushina came in with a tray of tea, she ushered her son out, saying that she’ll take care of it.

He scratched the back of his head and went to the laundry room, grabbing a new clean shirt with pants and threw the soaking clothes into the dryer, clicking the button so it could begin to dry. He slowly made his way back into the hallway and pouted when he heard a squeal in his room. Obviously Hinata was awake now and his mother had the balls to take away his new interest from him. He could wait it out, he hoped. He reached the kitchen and saw his dad looking at the wall with a faraway look in his eyes, his hands interlocked with each other and his chin resting on it. His blue eyes landed on Naruto’s form and he managed a smile.

“Drop the act, tou-san. What’s up?”

Minato shook his head and motioned for Naruto to take a seat. His son did so with a smile on his face.

“Any trouble at school today?”

“Naw. You know me, I bring trouble to school.”

Minato chuckled. He knew from all of the reports he got from his son’s teachers. It was becoming a hassle to keep Naruto in that school but he could always pull a few strings to make things balance again.

“Have you made friends yet?”

Usually Naruto would respond with a loud no but he watched with shock eyes as his sons eyes move towards the direction of his room before locking gazes with him once more.

“Yeah, I think I made one today. She’s really pretty, pops. And her eyes are just amazing! I want to get to know her. That’s okay, right?” The vulnerability in his voice made Minato smile almost sadly. He doesn’t have the heart to break his son’s hope. Hinata caught his interest and when Naruto was determined in something, he doesn’t let it go until he accomplishes it. Minato couldn’t tell him that bringing Hinata into his life could bring danger to them all. From what he heard from his networking spy, Jiraya, was that Hiashi had officially kicked out Hinata from the Hyuuga house and from the way this was looking, Hinata is not far from being disowned. Maybe they were safe for now? He’ll take the risk only to see his son smiling the way he did when he looked at Hinata.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Just remember to keep it a secret. We don’t want anyone to know. You know why, right?”

Naruto visibly slumped. “Yeah, I know. Our enemies would make her a target and her old man is the head of the police. But I don’t even know if she likes me! Maybe what I feel for her is lust…”

Minato chuckled and stood up when he heard a door slide open. “Why don’t you go in there and figure it out if it could become something more.”

At first when Naruto entered his room, he felt the shift in the atmosphere. Hinata was changed into one of Kushina’s fuzzy pajamas and her long indigo hair was combed and flowed freely. She was nervously playing with her fingers and her shoulders tense when Naruto slid the door shut. They stood in deathly silence before Hinata broke the ice.

“Your…Your okaa-sama is sweet.”

Naruto laughed, startling Hinata. It was a deep rich sound that left her heart quickening. “Is she? She usually screams at me whenever I do something stupid…” He scratched his cheek at that and Hinata laughed, a hand coming up to cover her mouth. He stopped and couldn’t help but stare at Hinata’s shaking frame as she laughed. Beautiful, he thought. She stopped her laughing when she noticed all of his attention was on her and she shifted nervously. Only then did it dawn on her that she was sitting in his bed.

“S-Sumimasen,” she squealed as she jumped off his bed.

“No, no! It’s okay! Please sit, dattebayo.” She looked down at her feet that were snuggled up by warm purple socks. When she saw Naruto sit on his bed and patted the empty space beside him, she gave in and sat, making sure to keep some distance between the two. It was quiet for a few more seconds—the sound of rain drops hitting his window was heard in his room—before Hinata jumped off his bed once more. He was about to complain when she turned to him, her hair managing to brush his nose and he caught a swift of lavender.

“Do you have a phone?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, we do. Here,” he fished out his cell phone, “why do you need it?” She grabbed it and unlocked it quickly, her hands shaking from something that was on her mind.

“Kiba-kun must be worried.”

“Worried? Why would he be worried?” It irked him that this Kiba was worried over Hinata.

“Ah…well you see…ano…I live with…him.”

“What!” After a few minutes of explaining from her part, Naruto managed to calm down. ‘Phew, thought she was taken.’ The thought made his heart ache in pain and he patted his chest. What was wrong with him?

After the phone call, they settled in a comfortable silence before Naruto started babbling about anything he had in mind. From his morning to what he did during the weekend, he couldn’t stop talking and exaggerating his stories. Hinata continued to listen and responded appropriately when the time came. She gasped as he told her story when he went into the woods when he was dared to enter a haunted house. As she took in his loud voice and happy smile, she couldn’t put the persona she saw in school and the one she’s seeing now together. Where was the tough Uzumaki Naruto she knew? They stayed up late talking and she enjoyed every minute of it. If it wasn’t for Kushina slamming the door open with bed hair and screaming at them to go to sleep already, they would have probably stayed up until the sun rose.

Hinata woke to a warm bed and an arm tossed over her stomach. She tensed and slowly moved her head to the left and was shocked to see Naruto’s sleeping face. His body was so close to her own that any movement would cause their body to make contact. She blushed hotly when she felt one of his legs intertwine with her own. She looked away and opted to look at the ceiling, counting from one hundred to zero in her mind to keep herself from fainting or worse. After a while she grew accustomed to Naruto’s warm body heat and snuggled a bit closer to her heat source. He was different than what she imagined and she smiled warmly when she recalled a moment from last night. She subconsciously placed a hand on his chest and gripped the material of his shirt. He scooted closer to the sudden contact and his arm constricted tighter around Hinata’s waist. In unison, they sighed happily and Hinata thought it wasn’t so bad waking up to something like this.

After their first awkward encounter of finding each other in the other’s arms, they set off to school, Naruto being ahead of her by a few feet. She didn’t mind the distance but was rather curious when his bright smile transformed into a frown. The closer they came to school the more of a cold aura radiated off of him. He was becoming more of the Uzumaki Naruto she’s heard so much in school grounds. Busy with her thoughts, she failed to notice the stop light ahead of her. Naruto knew the moment he saw Hinata’s eyes yesterday, he should have kept his distance. The Hyuuga Family was known for their unique eye color with no pupils and the prodigy, Hyuuga Hiashi. Ever since Naruto discovered his father’s lair with guns and blueprints of the mansion owned by the governor of Japan, he’s been with the business and worked alongside his father. He is an experienced killer who, if the time asked for it, will kill without as much as a flinch. He grew in an underground world known for its hideous crimes and being scorned from the public eye. He was used to the questioning gazes he’ll get from his school mates (“Doesn’t he look like Namikaze Minato?” “Ah, but that can’t be! The principal wouldn’t let a filthy criminal like that attend this school!”). He learned how to control his temper when he heard pedestrians talk badly about his father. He learned long ago that having a double life meant survival. So why would he purposely get himself involved with Hinata, Hyuuga Hiashi’s daughter? It was just something about her that kept him up at night, leaving him wanting more and more.

But as they approach school grounds, he began to worry. How would their classmates react when they see them walking together? High school is a cruel place that spreads false rumors like wild fire and he worried that he won’t be able to protect Hinata all the time. He made enemies and has a price for his head. If the world found out that he had an attraction for the petite woman, she would become a target. So he decided to keep his distance for now. After school he’ll talk to her about living arrangements. It pissed him off that she’s living with that Kiba. He’ll have to change that. He paused when he reached the street light but watched with horror as Hinata passed him, her head down. He saw a car racing towards her and he reacted quickly. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back, her body crashing against his chest. The car went whizzing past them, the person’s honking drawing attention.

“Oh my god, is that the Uzumaki Naruto holding onto Hyuuga Hinata?”

“You think they’re dating?”

“Well duh! He wouldn’t have saved her if they weren’t.”

“She’s just probably after the fame. That slut.”

Naruto whipped his head around and glared menacingly. He pressed Hinata’s head closer to his chest, hoping to drown out the words they were spitting at her. But she heard everything. She was used to the name calling but it still hurt from time to time. She felt her chest ache with pain and she bit her lip to stop a sob from coming out. She’s been bully ever since she could remember. The name calling started shortly after and the physical attacks way later. When she registered for this high school, she dreaded the first day of school, afraid that she’ll have to face any new bullies by herself. But when she learned that Kiba and Shino would also attend the school along with Ino and Sakura, her heart gave out a sigh of relief. No more tormenting, she thought when she passed the school gates. But hearing the people talking to her like that right now opened wounds that she tried to recover from.

Naruto felt her tremble and immediately knew that something was wrong. He wanted to sit her down and force out some kind of response but even he knew when to keep his distance.

“Do you still want to go to school?”

Hinata’s head snapped up to meet his own curious yet mischievous gaze. “Y-You mean skip classes…?”

Naruto laughed loudly and ruffled her hair, making her pout cutely; god, how he wanted to kiss those lips again. “Well yeah. I don’t want to force you into doing something you don’t like.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets and glanced down the street, embarrassed that he was showing a caring side of him. He was cynical—that’s what he was known for—so he was still getting used to the concerning glances he’ll shot her way or the need to do some silly act in order to make her laugh.

Hinata smiled gently and Naruto’s breath got caught in his throat. “I can hold on. I’m not as weak as I seem to be.”

He was astounded, to say the least. But then he smiled softly and caressed her cheek with such care that it made her blush. “I know, Hinata. I know.”

Everywhere she went, she heard the low whispers of her classmates. Their eyes followed her like a hawk and her body trembled with fear. Many girls sneered at her and some attempted to bash her head against the lockers. If it weren’t for Ino or Sakura, Hinata would have been in the hospital by now. During lunch, Hinata, for the life of her, couldn’t find Naruto. Something was telling her to go find him, to be beside him, but her shy nature kicked in and instead followed Sakura and Ino to the rooftops. They engaged her out of her shell and Hinata told them everything. Of course they gushed like little school girls and asked if they were dating. When Hinata responded with a “no”, she was startled when pain squeezed her chest. Did she really want a relationship with Uzumaki Naruto? She knows the general things about him (he likes ramen and the color orange, apparently) but nothing more. It surprised her that she wanted to become a part of his personal life, to know him like the back of her hand. Ino and Sakura shared a knowing glance with each other as they watched Hinata’s cheek color darken. ‘Don’t get hurt, Hinata,’ they thought in the same time, feeling a sense of doom in the horizon.

As Naruto walked down the corridor, he watched as many people scrambled away from him. He was pissed off and he was sure that if anyone bumped into him right now, he couldn’t guarantee their safety. He was looking for Hinata all day—he cursed his lack of IQ at the moment—and had failed in his conquest. It was after school already and he was damn sure he just missed her. He forgot to tell her in the morning the arrangement he wanted to do. He possibly lost his chance and he was taking it out on the world. He leaned against the doorframe and watched as a few students left the school grounds. His eyes lingered on a couple whose hands were tightly clasped together. His heart ached and an image of a smiling Hinata flashed in his mind. He wanted a relationship with her and he was nervous what would her reaction be. Maybe he was going too fast?

Someone tapped him on the shoulder and he whipped around quickly, determined to burn the person with his gaze. He was surprised to see Hinata with her cheeks red.

“S-Sumimasen! I was worried that Naruto-kun was hurt!” He looked at her for a few more seconds before laughing loudly. Hinata ducked her head, ashamed that she just said that aloud.

“Hinata is so cute!” They both blushed—Hinata more so—and he scratched his cheek. “Etto, I was wondering if you want to come home with me.” She gave him a questioning gaze and he immediately explained that he’ll love to have her home—he excluded the part where he actually wanted her out of the house she shares with Kiba—and she won’t have to worry about expenses because he’ll take care of her. After his winded explanation, with cheeks colored red, they both stood in an awkward silence. Hinata contemplated his request. It’s been one day since she shared her first kiss with Naruto, taken to his house after he practically saw through her shirt; and talked about everything and anything. It’s been a few hours but she felt as if it’s been years she’s known him. And she still wanted to learn more. Her heart beat loudly at the thought of living together with him. Maybe, just maybe, they can be more than friends. She was feeling more confident of herself and she knew that he’ll bring great changes in her life.

“Mm!” She nodded happily and he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well then, let’s go!” He grabbed her hand and they raced out of the school.

When he confronted his parents about his master plan, Kushina was the first one to jump the gun. She scolded Naruto for not thinking it through. “A young teenage girl is going to be living under our roofs! She’ll be our responsibility!” Kushina knew what kind of trouble Hinata could bring to the family but, like her husband, she couldn’t bring herself to tear the two apart. They were falling for each other yet they didn’t know it themselves. That kind of love, she once told her husband, can become the most wonderful tale you’ll ever hear or a fatal tragedy. It’s a kind of love that blinds you so deeply and one mistake can cost a life. It’s a deep emotion, a bond that roots its way into your soul and if you get hurt, it’ll feel like you’re dying. But, Kushina countered, if properly treated right, it’ll be the brightest love the world has ever seen. After an hour long argument, both mother and son simultaneously turned to look at Minato who had yet to say anything. Hinata, too, decided to be neutral. She told them since the beginning that whatever decision they come up with, she’ll understand. She didn’t want to burden anyone any longer. After a few intense minutes, Minato smiled widely and Naruto whooped in joy. Kushina, however, gave a concerning look at her husband. Minato waved it off, mouthing the words, “We’ll talk about it later.”

And that’s how Hinata ended up with the spare bedroom with Naruto helping her move in. A few hours ago she called Kiba and explained to him that she found a new place to live. When he asked where, she sweated nervously. She was known as the worst liar in the world and she couldn’t find it in her heart to lie to her best friend. But Naruto was prepared. He wrote a script for her and made her practice it till she got every word right. She told Kiba that she found a job that paid well and a hotel to live for a cheap price for a while. She said that after a few weeks she’ll get a pay check and she’ll be moving out of the hotel and looking for an apartment. Of course, Kiba argued that she could still live in his place till she got enough money but she countered that she couldn’t take the guilt anymore. She wanted to become independent and show the world that she can achieve her dream with determination. Kiba sighed and wished her good luck. Before she hung up, she heard Kiba say, “You’ll be able to do it, Hinata! We believe in you!” It left her in tears. Her biological family has shunned her out but a new one opened their arms wide for her. And for that she was grateful. She went to Kiba’s house to pack all of her necessities—which wasn’t much—and departed with a final fierce hug.

“So is that all? Wasn’t much…” mumbled Naruto. He wiped away some sweat and sat down beside Hinata. She opted for a traditional futon instead of a bed. She explained that she was used to the traditional style and she felt more relaxed. He decided not to make fun of her unless he wanted to cause their first fight.

“I didn’t have much in the Hyuuga house. I only had my clothes. Otou-sama never allowed any personal items…”

Naruto frowned and stuck out his tongue. “Well that sucks dattebayo!” ‘That’s going to be the first thing to change,’ he thought with a hidden smile.

Hinata fiddled with her hands and kept glancing at Naruto and back at the ground. Finally gaining enough confidence to speak up, she said quickly, “Naruto-kun, why are you so different from the one everyone knows in school?” It was a silent for a moment and Hinata worried that she had probe too much.

Naruto’s smile left his face and he glanced down, her question bouncing around his head. “Well…” He paused and looked at the door, missing Hinata’s surprise expression. “I’m more comfortable around my parents. I’m more of my goofy self then the ‘scowling troublemaker.’” He had to be careful with his words. “You see…I had to live up to some people’s expectations ever since I was a child…”

“Look at that kid! That’s Minato’s kid! I bet you he’s a big troublemaker. He’s going to be one hell of a killer when he’s older.”

“They thought that only because I…” ‘I am my tou-san’s son that I will also be like him.’ He wanted to tell her his problems, about the high expectations that weighed down on his shoulders ever since he was a child. The way people would immediately cower in his presence and shed away from his mere touched sickened him. He hated when people glared him down as he walked alongside his father or how people pushed him into becoming the fighter he was today. He tried to fight the destiny that was shoved upon him but at some point in his life, he learned to embrace this cruel reality. He wanted to become something more than a criminal. He didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. But what can he do when everywhere he turns he can hear the people cursing his name and judging him before knowing him. It hurt. So to cover the pain, he became the criminal everyone expected of him. But he couldn’t tell her that. Before he can finish his sentence, he felt a pair of warm arms encircling around his torso.

Hinata took in every facial expression he made when he stopped in the middle of his sentence. His brows furrowed (distress, anger, confusion), his eyes moved to the bottom right (reminiscing about a troubled past), and his eyes glanced down (sadness).  “I had to live up to some people’s expectations since I was a child…” His words hit close to home. She knew what it felt like being criticized over every flaw because she wasn’t like her prodigy of a father. She knew that feeling so well. His sadness was once reflected in her own lavender ones but lately she’s been thinking of her own faith, of her own life. Living with Naruto showed her that when life shuts you one door it was because it’ll open you another. And when that door opens, take it and never let it go. The prospect of finding a job is nerve wrecking but if it’ll help her prove to the world that she’s walking in her own shoes then she’ll take it greedily. Seeing Naruto—a boy who’s so bright and full of smiles—down like he was now hurt her tightly. Hearing that he only acts like his true self in front of his parents—and now her—brought a warm feeling of acceptance within her soul. It honored her to the point that it left her speechless. Her body reacted before her and she found herself hugging Naruto tightly.

“I understand that feeling,” was her muffled response. “I am Hyuuga Hiashi’s daughter and everyone expects me to become a great police officer like him but my passion lies somewhere else. I want to help people not using the system of justice but talking to them and guiding them out of their misery. I want to sit down one on one and help map out a solution that will leave them smiling. I don’t want to bring down criminals or learn how to use a gun. I want to become a social worker and learn to help people. So you don’t have to say no more. I can see it in your eyes the same pain I felt a few days ago. But someone taught me that with a bit of confidence and a big smile, maybe I could even conquer the world.”

Her words left him speechless. He’s used to these pep talks—he’s broken down in front of his parents a couple of times—but never had his parents motivational speeches left him feeling a sense of warmth or awed. How can a girl he barley met a few days left him feeling better than he ever felt before in his life?

“Hinata…” The husky way he said her name made her shiver and she glanced up. His eyes were tender and slightly misty. She was about to ask if he was okay when he swooped down to kiss her. The first time his lips touched hers, she was shocked and a bit scared. But now, sitting here in his room and being so close to him, she responded shyly. She had a better idea of who he was and it warmed her heart that she’s able to see a different side of Uzumaki Naruto. He was a goofy boy who was always silly and never knew when to stay quiet. But underneath the goofiness laid a good man who would do anything to help the people he cherished.

He grasped the back of her head and slowly pushed his weight on her, making her lay down on her back. She massaged his scalp which earned her a low moan. She smiled in the kiss and he couldn’t help but kiss her more fiercely. They parted with smiles on their faces and he kissed her nose.

“Be mine, Hinata?”

“I will, Naruto-kun. If you’ll be mine…” She shyly glanced away and he chuckled, grasping her chin and making her look into his eyes.


Missing in Action

Ahh so a small little one shot. Idk if I’ll continue it or not. Let me know what you peaches think! Continue it or leave it as it is! 

MC x Eisuke

All it took was five minutes.

Eisuke watched back the video footage from the hotel’s surveillance camera for the nth time. 

She fell, yelped, as two men grabbed her at each side. She flailed, managed to kick one of the men in the stomach and smack another across their face. They shoved a rag in her face and she lost consciousness as the dragged her away and out of shot.

Five minutes and he lost her. Lost everything.

He couldn’t look at anything else as he sent Soryu and the other bidders to see if they could find anything. He played the video back again, and again, and again.

He shoved his face in his hands and let out a frustrated grunt, “Damn it.”

“Boss.” Baba called out, but Eisuke made no move to look up as he continued, “We couldn’t find anything. No camera’s show their face and looking back at a month’s worth of footage there was no one who-”

“Shut up.” He spat.

Baba did what he was told and stood awkwardly in the silence as Eisuke ruffled his hair. 

“Look again.” He ordered.

Baba didn’t argue as he went back to check the surveillance again.

That was months ago. Four months, seven days and twelve grueling hours that Khim was missing, and he had no idea why.

Maybe it was in spite at someone he screwed over. That was the only option he could consider that actually made sense at this point. 

He was still searching. As he sat during the auction, which he rarely did anymore, he clacked away on his computer, searching thousands of sources of underground human trafficking and other sleazy networks trying to find Khim.

“And that’s it for-” The auctioneer began to speak, but stopped as someone ran onto stage and handed him a card, “Ah I believe we have a last minute item.” He said, gesturing towards the side of the stage.

All the guys turned to look at Eisuke who finally pried his eyes away from his computer, “What’s going on?” He asked, angry that someone interrupted his search. 

“And now for our last minute item! Someone who was once sold before,” The auctioneer said as a girl was being brought one stage.

Eisuke’s eyes went wide. The small girl with the same brown hair and same brown eyes stood before him. He couldn’t let this chance go to waste, “50 million.” He said, placing his bid and closing his laptop. Everyone turned to look at him in shock. 

“Is that…?” Ota mumbled as everyone stared at the girl being hoisted off stage in a whirlwind. 

“Penthouse, now.” He ordered, as everyone followed Eisuke to the penthouse.

He was running.

He ran through the lobby and jammed the button on the elevator. Once reaching inside the penthouse suite he saw the small girl with his back to him. It had to be her, it had to.

Gripping her shoulder and turning her around, the air left him as he stared at her face.

It wasn’t her.

“Where is she!?” He yelled, gripping her shoulders and forcing her against the wall. Tears instantly fell from the girls eyes as she didn’t know what was going on. “Where is Khim!?” 

“Wh-whose Khim?” She asked through sobs as she shook for her life. 

Eisuke slowly let go of her shoulders and turned around to be met by the bidders. Casting them an irritated glance Baba and Ota went to the girl to try and calm her down as they brought her out of the room.

“Boss,” Soryu said, gesturing to the couch.

Reluctantly he sat down and ran his fingers through his hair. 

“We’ll find her.” He reassured, handing him a folder with “Khim” written across the front. He opened it up and saw one paper, but it was better than none as he scanned the file. “I just bet my life on this info, so you owe me.” He followed up, smirking as Eisuke gave him his usual smirk too, something Soryu hasn’t seen in ages.

“So according to this Khim and that girl are connected your saying.” He asked.

“There is no doubt that the look alike wasn’t planned. Following the source, Inui said that the group that distributes these woman kidnap them against their own will. He’s looking into the leaders as we speak.” He finished, walking over and taking a seat across from him, “What now?”

Eisuke stared at the paper. On it, a photo attached of what appeared to be Khim. Shaky and highly pixelated, he held onto the hope that it was her. Looking back up he gave a curt nod, “I’m going to make those bastards go through living hell.”

Guatemala's foreign affairs minister: "Migration is neither a sin nor a crime"

External image
A family walks into a forum on immigration called New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform at Baruch College on August 26, 2014 in New York City. (Photo : Getty Images News/Spencer Platt)

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly’s General Debate, Guatemala’s foreign affairs minister said the influx of undocumented immigrant children to the United States should not be considered a crime.

“This [Central American child migrants] crisis, provoked by diverse factors both in Central America and the United States, has warned us about the need of accelerating the path towards greater prosperity, in particular for children and adolescents,” Carlos Raul Morales said to the UN General Assembly.

Morales was speaking about economic, security and social advances in Guatemala, but he noted some “higher profile” challenges that remained an issue for the Central American country. Morales acknowledged the migration of Central American children toward the U.S. and Mexico border. He called for the U.S. to comply with a calculated action to ease the migration of unaccompanied, undocumented minors.

“We trust that the peoples and government of the United States understand that the migrant crisis requires a strategic response which attacks the structural roots of this phenomenon and offers sustained actions,” Morales said. “This implies working together to promote greater shared prosperity in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, and a lucid management of temporal work for migrants that satisfies the demands of the labor market in the United States and the supply of workers from Central America.”

Morales said it’s important to adopt necessary efforts to resolve the situation of undocumented immigrants entering the U.S., but “We must avoid criminalizing migrants, because migration is neither a sin nor a crime.” Morales said human trafficking networks, which are guilty of corruption, extortion, kidnapping and sexual abuse are to blame for the migration crisis.