Spoilers? Maybe, maybe not.

Wattpad Novel: This Blinding Smoke

Author: Tonia Stark/Smilies/Eliza/TrafficCop/Azile/The Woman of Many Names

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Synopsis: Many have heard of him, but few have ever seen the man in the smoke. He was one of the greatest Crossers ever to exist, but when Oliver Peake is given his most recent Crossing assignment, to escort a young woman across the border to see her dying sister, his abilities are put to the test. It should have been just another Crossing, but it soon becomes a race of death.

 With the price on his head in the demonworld, he is soon hunted down by many demons who will stop at nothing for the reward. As he runs for his life, all he doesn’t know is why the demons are after him. And when he does find out, the answers may just push him into a smoke more blinding than ever before.

My Thoughts: Buenas noches, mis leales súbditos. That is ‘Good evening, my loyal subjects’, in Spanish. And before you ask, I don’t actually speak Spanish. It’s sad really, being a Mexican that can't speak Spanish, I had to use Google Translate. Anyway, you’re not here to read about how uncultured I am. You came for a review and a review is what you’ll get.

Before we start can we take a moment to admire this lovely cover? It’s friggin’ beautiful, right? The author made it. Isn’t she awesome?

Okay, moving on. A fellow Wattpadian had recommended this story to me, she said she needed someone to fangirl with. I happily obliged. Suffice to say, we did some major fangirling and shipping soon after. #VialiverForLife.

This Blinding Smoke is set in what seems to be the victorian era, only a dark fantasy version of it. What I liked about the setting was that you can tell it was victorian, but there was still this essence of make-believe in it. It wasn’t 100% victorian, Eliza played with the the era and made it her own.

The people that inhabit this world are strongly built, faults and all. Faults, people, they have faults. So many times on Wattpad writers make the mistake of not giving their characters flaws. That makes them unrealistic, and unrelatable. Eliza’s characters are flawed and that makes them beautiful. Yes, imperfections are beautiful.

Eliza understands that to make good character you must give them backstory. Backstory is not only important to the development of the characters, but it’s also interesting. I have an unhealthy love for backstory. It’s just so awesome. You read about this brooding, secluded man and then with reading his backstory you why he is the way he is. It’s the best! The backstory of TBS is so intriguing. I love it.

And her villains. Oh, my gosh! I hate her villains. They are terrible people. What is the worst is that they are so good at being evil. And it’s so annoying!! Ugh! Evil people! Oh, and the writers evil, too. She has a sadistic love for cliffhanger. Evil woman. (Eliza, if you’re reading this I didn’t mean it. I promise)

Guys, I highly recommend this book to you. It’s really great. You need to become a shipmate. Come aboard the S.S.Vialiver! The ship can not be sunk! Click the image and it will take you directly to the story. Please click the image. Please.

Hope you all had a happy Wattpad Week! Until next time. *tips imaginary hat*

~The Pagemaster