A young man walking between cars in a traffic jam to sell his colorful balloons. #Kabul #Afghanistan Photo by Naseer Najwa @najwa_images #everydayKabul #everydayAfghanistan #everydayAsia #everydayeveryWhere #Instagram
پسرى جوانى در حال قدم زدن ميان وسايط به منظور فروش پوقانه ها رنگا رنگ اش. #كابل #افغانستان عكاس: نصير نجوا (at Kabul, Afghanistan)

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Warnings: Cheesy fluff. Kinda trash?

A/N:  I actually wrote this imagine quite a while ago at like two in the morning and I got the inspiration from @pastel-shitposter so thanks Syl lol.
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Subways. My worst enemy. Every time I ever took a damn subway somewhere something bad would happen to me. But now, with extreme traffic jams, I had no choice if I wanted to get home before ten o'clock. I sat nervously, waiting for that one bad thing that would ruin my week to happen, but so far everything was okay and I was only two stops away from where I needed to get off.
We came up to the next stop and I watched as one crowd of people exited and another one boarded. When the doors were about to close, a man (a handsome one at that) ran on and just managed to squeeze through at the last second. He had a triumphant smile and started walking toward an empty seat but the subway came to a sudden start and sent him flying to one side of the car.
The side I was on.

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Hieu Minh Nguyen - “Traffic Jam”

“At my high school graduation, my aunt told me that our voices were so similar. I began talking to myself. Told myself how proud you were, told myself that you were coming back.”

Performing during his book release show for This Way To The Sugar, available now with Write Bloody Publishing!