Stuck in a Traffic Jam
  • Aries:Oh my god, I am so ready to just fucking walk home.
  • Taurus:*sigh* *sings along with music on the radio and texting friends while not moving*
  • Gemini:OH MY GOD I'm gonne die of boredom!!
  • Cancer:;-; I just wanna go home...
  • Leo:*rolls window down and sings loudly with music*
  • Virgo:*glances around at all the people on their phones* despicable...
  • Libra:*calls a friend* hey, don't go on highway 89... no, there's a freak traffic jam... you too!? Ugh, I've been here for TWO HOURS!! *gabbing away*
  • Scorpio:*drumming fingers against the steeringwheel in boredom*
  • Sagittarius:*turns the car off after rolling the car window down, listening to everyone else's impatience*
  • Capricorn:*gripping the steeringwheel* I want to get the hell out of this car!
  • Aquarius:*turns car off and starts texting people*
  • Pisces:Jeez, was there an accident or something? *sighs and dozes off into a daydream*

No matter how much your commute sucked today, at least it didn’t take almost a fortnight.

5 Huge Monster Versions of the World’s Most Annoying Things

#5. Drivers in China Got Stuck in a Traffic Jam for 12 Days

It happened in 2010, when someone got the bright idea to do some construction work along a stretch of the busy Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway, ostensibly for the purpose of making the constant traffic problems suck less. Instead, they managed to accomplish the exact opposite. Apparently, no one foresaw that when you take an already seriously overtaxed highway and close half the lanes, everything stops. Traffic slowed to the infuriating, grandpa-like speed of 1 kilometer (a bit over half a mile) per day. The 75 miles of highway essentially turned into a big parking lot. Oh, and it was summer.

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