Celebrating in the car 😂😂😂
【トラフィックライト。】Traffic Jam【オリジナル曲】
トラフィックライト。 メジャーデビューシングル「Dance Dance!! / Traffic Jam」 2016/11/16(Wed)Release!! 作詞:TAKESHI 作曲:SHIKATA / 原田峻輔 / 大智 編曲:守屋友晴 監督:瀧澤 雅敏(東京No.1) 振付:shoji(s**t kingz)...

Next up for trafficlight’s song is Traffic Jam! Sakura has veeeeeeeeeeeeery strong feelings about this song cause this was how I found MeseMoa (MusuMen back then) in the first place :3

Traffic Jam || Ivon || Closed

The blonde SIGHED loudly as he CHASED down his familiar. Faustus was usually incredibly sweet and well-behaved, so much so that he RARELY walked her with a leash. 

(He HAD been today. The remains of said leash were SNAPPED in half SOME still with the hyena the other loosely wrapped about his WRIST.)

Today his FAITHFUL companion seemed to take JOY in bringing his mood down further than the phone call from his FATHER and was happily bounding down the street.

FAUSTUS!he shouted as the unnaturally canine scrambled around a corner. This caused him to DIVE into the turn, managing to GRAB the unruly animal by her collar and YANK her into his arms.

He was PANTING, his eyes changing lilac to match his mood of IRRITATION before he glance up realising he had jumped into somebody’s path.

SORRY about the pet she’s 
a bit of a shit.
Hope we didn’t SCARE you.
I’m Ivon & Faustus is VERY
sorry we’re in your way,he said with a warm smile as Faustus YIPPED and tried to LICK his cheek.