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The MBTI Chronicles: Road Trip

ENFJ: *driving* I told you all this would be fun!

INFJ: *stiff in his seat as the car swerves all over the road* I think I’ll drive thanks.

INTP: *takes out earbud* Did you say that you would drive Thanks? Did you all name the car without me?!

ENFJ: *runs red light*

INFJ: Pull over ENFJ. I’m driving.

INTP: *puts earbud back in* This is Canada, INFJ. Traffic lights are only suggestions.

Rain, Coffee, Confessions - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Hey could you do an imagine from Georges reaction when you tell him that you are in love with him for a long time? By the way i love your blog :) and sorry for my bad english i’m from Germany

Hi! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get around to this request, I apologize! Hope you enjoy it!


y/n’s pov-

Rain splatter the dry side walk until the once pale brown concreate turned a dark muddy color. Dark clouds loomed above the London skies making the air cool and crisp. I mentally applauded myself for having the decency of mind to pack my throw over sweatshirt instead of leaving it back home like my mother had suggested.  

Traffic roared from the buzzing streets as George Weasley and I exited a muggle movie theater. Originally, Fred, George and I had all planned to visit the movie theater, seeing as they had never been to one, but a slight crease in the day’s events when Fred Weasley came up ill and on strict orders from Molly was conditioned to bed rest for the entire day or “sentenced to death and chained to my bed as well as starved for the day” as Fred liked to put it. So, being too lazy to reschedule, George and I decided to ditch the needy Fred with all his complaints and see the movie anyways.

George was beaming from cheek to cheek as we walked out of the theater side by side. To say he was oozing with joy and amazement would be an understatement. I couldn’t get him to shut up for a solid minute, but that was fine by me. I enjoyed very much so, listening to George talk. His voice, in an odd way soothed me to hear him rambled on. Not to mention his smile and the fresh sent of homemade syrup and forest wood that followed him like a dog making my heart swell. And his smile… oh one look at his stupid grin made my knees grow weak turning into jelly and basically give out.  I knew I had some sort of feelings for him, possibly even love though I denied that every time, and the worse part was each day they seemed to be getting stronger and stronger and I had no possible way to push them down. These feelings just kept rising to the surface. It wouldn’t have been such a problem if we weren’t as closer as we were. I would have an easier time avoid these feelings of love for him, if I wasn’t seeing him every single day. My whole summer was practically spent “renting out” an extra room at the Burrow or sharing with Ginny. The twins forced me to stay and I couldn’t get enough of their supporting family. I was trapped, but in a good way I suppose. I was too confused to figure out how exactly I felt.

“That was pure brilliant! Did you see the way the film just projected itself onto that ginormous screen? My god, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life! For a second there I reckoned those actors were going to jump out at us but they stayed trapped in the screen the whole time! And darling did you see when I put my hand up, you couldn’t see it on the screen… well until I stood up on my chair above that projector thingy and then that awful man in the row behind us yelled at me. What do you reckon he’s got shoved up his-“A bone rattling wave of thunder and lightning interrupted George’s little speech and caused me to jump in shock.  The heavens poured down even more buckets of water making it impossible to see the street signs. I had no idea what road we were walking down and Molly was expecting us home soon.

George gave me a lopsided grin interlocking our hands placing a sweet little peck to my bright red cheeks catching me off guard and leaning down towards my ear so I could hear him better over the sound on the rain smacking the ground,

“I remember when we got off the city bus there was a coffee shop we passed on our walk over to the movie theater. My guess is it’s not too far ahead so why don’t we wait there until the storm passes, mom will understand.”  His breath was warm hitting my freezing neck and I nodded feeling caught in a trance that went unnoticed by George luckily.  Nodding my head still in a daze from the little show of affection, I pulled my jacket snug against my chest not bothering to zip it seeing as the Café was at most a block ahead.

George rushed us down the street, glancing back at me every few steps and asking if I was alright. Several times he offered me his jackets and several times he offered to carry me through the rain so I wouldn’t risk falling but I politely declined him despite his heart melting actions.

Soon we arrived at the “Moonlight” café (( an actual café by my house that is amazing! )) and George being the gentleman that he is held the door open for me and pulled my chair out helping me in. I mumbled a small ‘thank you’ sliding off my wet jacket the clung to my body but before I could fully get it off my arm felt as if it got stuck trying to get out,

“Here I’ve got you, beautiful.” George commented helping untangle my arm and took my jacket off shaking the water droplets off the rough material and setting it in the open seat next to him.

Blushing scarlet red, I took a quick overview of the menus deciding to go simple an order the French Silk Latte while George picked the White Hot Chocolate.

The waitress set our drinks down seeming in a hurry and rushed off to the table across from us scribbling down more orders than she could handle.  The whole place was packed and almost every table was taken by normal people hoping to catch a break from the weather raining cats and dogs.

“Y/n sweetheart, are you alright? Something’s been off with you lately, but I can’t place my finger on it. We could talk about it if you like? I promise I’ll pay full attention and won’t get distracted and I won’t make any remarks or jokes. You have my full honesty.” I chocked harshly on my steaming drink at his kind words. What was wrong with him? Of course George was usually genuine to me but this was something different. He hadn’t crashed many jokes since we left the house or made snad side comments. In fact, he was acting the opposite of his usually humorous personality. Now that I was thinking about it he was using all sorts’ nicknames towards me all day long. I hadn’t noticed it at first and didn’t think anything of it but now I almost saw it in a different light, but I’m sure it was nothing. George probably didn’t even realize.

Setting the scorching coffee cup down, I shrugged lightly not sure how to respond. There was no way I’d tell him I was in love with him. I mean how could I without making things awkward? Diverting my eyes outside I took quick note that the rain storm had stopped significantly and rather turned into a light drizzle. Using this to my advantage, I threw a twenty dollar bill on the table, wrapping my jacket around my body once again and headed to the door with a confuse George Weasley close behind.

“C’mon lets head home, the weathers laid off a bit.” I smiled trying my best to convince him that everything was all good as we continued down our path from before. A silence fell over the both of us as we waited patiently for the bus to arrive and drop us off at Grimmauld Place . The tension hovering over the two of us was multiplying by the second and by the way George fidgeted, I could tell he was very uncomfortable going so long without talking. Breaking the silence, George stood from the bus bench coming over to my side,

“Listen y/n… I’m sorry if I upset you. You know I never meant to push you towards anything. Its just you mean a lot to me, more than you’ll ever realize, and I need to know that you’re okay and that something not bothering you and if something is I want you to tell me so I can help you. I-I love you.. y’know that? I care so much about you y/n and I know I’m probably over reacting but you need to know. You’re so perfect and you need to hear-“Maybe it was the smile tattooed on my face  or the rush of adrenaline I got by hearing him say those three words but without a tad of hesitation I took George’s face in my hands smashing my lips passionately against his smiling into the embrace at the feeling of sparks that ignited from his touch. Breaking apart I rested my forehead against his as the bus pulled up,

“I love you too, Georgie. I’m sorry I was just too scared to tell you how I really felt, but now I know better. Maybe it’s for the best that Fred stayed home.” George smirked nodding his head and lacing our hands together leading me towards the bus when suddenly a scream of urgency sounded,

“George… y/n, is that you?! Not even a call home?! We were all so worried about you two! I’m glad you guys had fun but let’s get home before you catch a cold!” Molly ushered the both of us into the car she tried her best to rarely use, pulled it into reverse and sped down the street heading back home. I reached a hand up to my lip which still felt numb, like it hadn’t happen but I was positive it had.  George smiled over at me kissing my knuckles lovingly. Molly glanced at us through the rearview mirror with a knowing grin,

“So are you two dating yet? That’s all Fred would talk about was how you planned on confessing everything to her today. Y’know y/n that’s why he stayed home! He wasn’t really sick, George just wouldn’t let him come!” She teased half serious laughing to herself taking a sharp right,

“Mom!” I giggled at George who rolled his eyes tightening his grip on my hands. Leaning over the to him I whispered faintly so Molly couldn’t hear,

“I love you, Georgie.”



Attempted  Military coup in Turkey

Turkish forces loyal to President Tayyip Erdogan largely crushed an attempted military coup on Saturday after crowds answered his call to take to the streets in support of the government and dozens of rebels abandoned their tanks.

One hundred and sixty-one people were killed, including many civilians, after a faction of the armed forces tried to seize power using tanks and attack helicopters. Some strafed the headquarters of Turkish intelligence and parliament in the capital, Ankara, and others seized a major bridge in Istanbul.

Erdogan accused the coup plotters of trying to kill him, and launched a purge of the armed forces, which last used force to stage a successful coup more than 30 years ago. (Reuters)

Photo credits:  REUTERS/Stringer, AP Photo/Emrah Gurel, Defne Karadeniz/Getty Images, AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici, REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis (2)

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