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Cam Girl Tips

If you’re looking into camming, here’s a basic list of tips along with my personal experiences. This list includes tips on protecting your identity, which sites are most popular, camming on a budget and more. Feel free to ask more questions.

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We went to my aunt’s house today, which is very close to the Anaheim Hills fire going on right now. Standing in the backyard we could even see some of the flames in the distance. The smoke was so thick it looked like a bad storm and even partially obscured the sun. It made for some very nice photos though, with some very unique lighting.  

Posted photos to my twitter of the scene just a few hours into the fire here if you’re curious.

So I guess the Black girl is the fire emoji?  At this point, brands *have* to be doing this shit on purpose for any kind of publicity they can get.  So, don’t give Sports Illustrated any extra traffic.  The Black model is Leomie Anderson and she has a great interview about her brand (and blog) centering on female empowerment.  Send your traffic over in that direction instead.

I can’t reblog from you, so – I guess I’ll have to vague, as well. I’m going to paraphrase and not quote directly.

„I use ‘kids’ colloquially! I even call 20 year olds 'kid’!“

The goal posts are beyond the horizon at this point.

„Why do you keep insisting that it’s fine to tell teenagers that adults wanting to fuck them is okay/that adults wanting to fuck teenagers is ok?“

I’m not. Why do you keep twisting my words? Why do you keep insisting that’s what I want, or that that’s what I’m saying?

You don’t like me quoting my initial premise, because you think it doesn’t prove anything, but I’m going to do it again:

be careful when arguing that 18/19 years olds shouldn’t be with anyone remotely older than them because they don’t have ‘fully developed brains’ yet and ‘can’t asses long-term risk’, because -

The emphasis is on

because they don’t have ‘fully developed brains’ yet and ‘can’t asses long-term risk’

If that is the axiom your argument pivots around, then you have to consider that the logical consequence would be to adjust our laws accordingly. You’re claiming I’m saying the exact opposite of what I’m actually saying. I’m asking the people who agree with „because they don’t have ‘fully developed brains’ yet and ‘can’t asses long-term risk’“ to be mindful of what they’re implying.

What you’re taking away from this is: „if you don’t let an adult (note: whatever the fuck an adult is according to your definition) fuck you, you have to surrender all of your rights“.

What I am, again, actually saying: „if you claim that 18/19 year olds don’t have fully developed brains and can’t asses long-term risk yet, and that disables them from being with anyone remotely older than them, then you have to acknowledge certain logical consequences“

I want people to be logically consistent.

But hey, here’s my personal opinion on the matter, because I haven’t given it yet, I’ve only stated what US law says, and drawn some conclusions from it:

I’m glad it’s not up to me to define what makes an adult, because I’d immediately disqualify a portion of Tumblr’s userbase. Frustration has me considering the idea that maybe the Age of Majority should be raised, because apparently a number of individuals cannot handle adult responsibilities, and are much to quick to reject them outright. Some of the interactions I had with highly immature people on Tumblr make it much too tempting to consider that they represent more than they do.

Whenever I log into this account I have to remind myself that I have to remain charitable, and patient, and give people the benefit of doubt, and that I can’t let my budding ageism determine how I think about certain topics. I’m being asked to treat teenagers/young adults as 'literal children’ who 'don’t have fully developed brains yet’ and 'can’t assess long-term risk’, etc, but at the same time I have to take them very seriously, and heed their demands, and don’t patronize or condescend. It is really fucking difficult to do both, and it’s just as difficult to not harbor a rising amount of resentment. You think I want to, what, prey on teenagers or young adults? For some reason? Because I’m arguing for people to be logically consistent with their demands, statements and arguments? Or because I want to believe that people who have reached the Age of Majority are capable of making certain choices? Listen – I’m trying not to dislike teenagers and young adults, because that would make me a prejudiced asshole, and also hypocritical. I refuse to have my Tumblr Discourse experience color how I think about certain groups of people. I’m gritting my teeth through taking everyone equally seriously, because I believe everyone is initially deserving of a basic amount of patience.

The core issue is … some people are willing to throw their own age group (or a younger age group) under the bus just because they don’t want them to ship their favorite character with a character who isn’t part of their preferred constellation. So, be careful how far you’re willing to go just for your personal convenience and preferred experience. Be careful when making arguments that deal with real circumstances. Be careful what you’re asking for.

Happy Birthday, Brandi Quiñones!

Brandi Quiñones (born January 25, 1977 in New York City, NY)  is an American model of Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, and Sicilian origin.

Quiñones began her modeling career after having been recognized by a talent scout in 1992 at a mall in Florida, when she was just fifteen years old. Within a few days, she had returned to New York and signed a contract with the Next Modeling Agency. She began appearing in fashion shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. A breakthrough in her career came in 1993 when she was sent to Europe. Within a few weeks of signed contracts, Quiñones was in Paris , London, Madrid and Barcelona, catching the eyes of designers who were very quick to recognize the potential of Brandi and began to invite her to their shows. Brandi began to walk the runway for the following labels: Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Lolita Lepmickiej, Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfield, among others. She also appeared many as four times on the cover of the Spanish edition of Elle Magazine and repeatedly graced the cover and posed for pictures of the American and French editions of Vogue Magazine. In 1997, her photo appeared in the Pirelli calendar. Brandi’s career started to dwindle after the late 90’s, reportedly due to a drug addiction. Quiñones had been arrested numerous times in the early 2000’s for cocaine possession, which lead to her absence from modeling. However, Brandi began to resurface in 2009, appearing on the runway at a show for Givenchy’s Fall 2009 line. As of 2014, Quiñones is rarely seen in the public eye, but still models under the Traffic Modeling Agency, located in Barcelona and Madrid in Spain.

miss congeniality sentence meme
** change pronouns, etc to fit your muse!

“yep. the three stooges.”
“this broad’s got two asses.”
“i really love this borscht.”
“that is one really, really purple russian!”
“his victims didn’t get a chance to choke on a peanut!”
“you’re not killing anyone, you peanut eating bastard.”
“how’s your head, my little broski?”
“i shouldn’t have moved!”
“you made a choice. it was wrong, but that’s it. it’s over.”
“by the way, you look like hell.”
“is this you not arguing? cause you suck at it.”
“no i get these made special by the same guy that put the tattoo on my ass.”
“i forgot the alamo.”
“i got a cousin in texas.”
“not unless it’s the miss lamaze pageant.” 
“yeah, right, in a thong.”
“in a tasteful one piece!”
“i don’t even own a dress, i don’t even own a brush.”
“what part of that is supposed to shock me?”
“damn right. the spinning, the twirling, the smiling. the cute little tap number.”
“i don’t know, man. she’s got a lot of rage.”
“so join the marines.”
“my god, can you really be this superficial.”
“hard to believe, right?”
“especially without their knowledge!”
“if you are ( muse name ) i quit here and now.”
“yeah kinda having a bad hair day. hair decade, really.”
“you like caps?”
“it is always yes, never yeah. sit down.”
“have i offended you in some way?”
“i haven’t seen a walk like that since jurassic park.”
“it’s not the bloody ice capades.”
“because i’m preparing to run away!”
“it takes a very secure man to walk like that.”
“it’s all in the buttocks! don’t i look pretty!?”
“hey hey! i’m gliding here! asshole.”
“when she gets there, he’s gonna take one look at that fake rack and send her back.”
“look, she’s gonna cry again.”
“oh! if i only had a brain!”
“i am somewhat less than amused.”
“with some work she’ll be ready for the world’s finest trailer park.”
“both painful and grotesque, isn’t it.”
“hopefully remove the beer stains and steak residue.”
“as long as it doesn’t say thank you very much for the country music award.”
“yeah, well, my iq just dropped ten points.”
“i am in a dress, i have gel in my hair, i haven’t slept all night, i am starved, and i’m armed. don’t. mess with me.”
“my god, i’m good.”
“operation thong has commenced.”
“why don’t you stun gun yourself.”
“one little mistake, and i’m a bloody bellhop.”
“washington – nice apples.”
“she’s obviously been drinking too much coppertone.”
“yeah, i’m talkin’ to you – i’m lookin’ at you.”
“at least she thinks i’m funny.”
“i wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say who is that old (man/woman) wearing my pajamas?”
“don’t cry for me … alabama.”
“OH JESUS CHRIST! sorry, i had a bite of my bagel and i forgot to pray.”
“they slammed their doors when i said chocolate. they didn’t give me a chance to say fat free!”
“excuse me! i am in the middle of a rem cycle over here!”
“no armored car?”
“that would be in my other dress.”
“this (man/woman) has no talent!”
“listen to me, you old fruit cake.”
“how dare you, you cupcake!”
“you are not having sex on this stage.”
“i know, you think i’m gorgeous.”
“what’s her talent, bar tending?”
“of course he had a gun. it’s texas. everyone has a gun. my florist has a gun.”
“i don’t have a gun. my ancestors were quakers.”
“what’s the other seventy percent, cleavage?”
“i would so love to hurt you right now.”
“you have sarcasm and a gun!”
“i am a miserable, grumpy, old elitist. and that works for me.”
“none of your damn business, that’s why.”
“you look good wet.”
“those better be candy dishes.”
“it’s for the little baggies under your eyes.”
“oh, good, hairspray, something i recognize.”
“it stops the suit from riding up!”
“that would be harsher punishment for parole violators… and world peace.”
“that was charming. are you drunk?”
“glad you enjoyed it. now if you’ll excuse me i have to go unscrew my smile.”
“hey, listen to me, sparky.”
“well, leg waxing. fake orgasms. the inability of men to commit.”
“what, you want me to beat it out of her?”
“uh, it’s light beer, and she’s gonna throw it up anyway.”
“i’ll sit here with my very large, very cheesy pizza.”
“first step pizza, second step flaming batons.”
“i guess we’ll be needing some more pizza.”
“this is my third one of these and i don’t feel a thing!”
“don’t worry about that, we all suck.”
“no wonder you’re still a virgin.”
“speaking of illegal, have you ever committed a crime?”
“one time, i stole red underwear from the department store.”
“my mother wouldn’t buy them for me! she said they were satan’s panties!”
“ — anyway, he attacked me.”
“(he/she)’s just got a boot up (his/her) ass about something!”
“(he/she) threw a chair out the window!”
“why don’t you jump on (him/her) dressed like a bavarian fruit cake!?”
“where are you getting your information from, a pajama party?”
“betrayal implies an action, you just stood there!”
“part of the job is following orders!”
“the other part of the job is using your brain!”
“take the rule book and just throw it out the window!”
“i like the rule book! i like knowing what i can and cannot do!”
“don’t do that! that slow creepy thing in the shadows! (name) used to do that!”
“you’re a genius.”
“no, i’m just pissed off.”
“if i ever had a child, i imagine they’d be somewhat like you. which is perhaps why i’ve never reproduced.”
“maybe (he/she) couldn’t take the pressure. (he/she) ate four slices last night!”
“i overslept my beauty sleep.”
“which one of these is, uh, lipstick?”
“i forgot my breasts, hold on i’ll be back.”
“that was incredibly stupid of me.”
“oh, shit.”
“that must’ve hurt.”
“not even a traffic ticket. model citizen, beauty contestant, pageant director, loving (mom/dad.)”
“a sniveling, obsequious, weasel of a human being.”
“(his/her) assistant (name)? asshole (name)?”
“you ate pizza, you stole panties, you’re a wild woman.”
“wait a minute, i’m not with him with him it’s not like that.”
“come on, muffin!”
“(he/she) certainly lit my fire.”
“what, disgusting perverted (name)?”
“you’re drinking my talent!”
“i once saw a girl who rearranged furniture.”
“that and a right hook.”
“oh, (he/she)’s kicking (his/her) ass!”
“we’ll be back with our final five lesbians. err, interviews.”
“can we say lesbians?”
“you got a problem with that?”
“terrific answer. damnit.”
“my god. i did it.”
“and if anyone tries to hurt one of my new friends, i would take them out. i would make them suffer so much that they’d wish they were never born. and if they ran, i would hunt them down.”
“a brief shining moment and then that mouth.”
“yes. wear the crown. be the crown. you are the crown.”
“i was right in the middle of my song! and there was this big explosion!”
“where you’re going, i’m sure they’d love to meet a former beauty queen.”
“yeah, he means m-e-a-t.”
“when i met you, dennis rodman looked better in a dress! but now you’re a lady!”
“you know what you’re under arrest, get in the car.”
“you got a really good shot at that insanity plea.”
“twenty five years of bitching beauty queens and what do i get? FIRED!”
“get it, the women’s correctional facility?”
“i don’t know, maybe we could have dinner?”
“no, just a casual dinner.”
“if we happen to have sex afterwards, so be it.”
“you think i’m gorgeous, you wanna date me.”
“and i’m suddenly very aware and proud of my breasts.”
“that’s funny, me, too.”