traffic map

The 51st State

The relief traffic map above indicates approximate average density of traffic on the interstate highway system - a dense linear territory between city, state, and countryside. 

“Fed by the prosperity of the last decade, the 46,567-mile network of limited-access roads that make up the Interstate System is a linear economy-on-wheels, a distinct and self-sustaining 51st state, in a sense, that generates life and commerce …”

Peter T. Kilborn
The New York Times
July 14, 2001

The system is the destination.

i…can’t believe this actually happened


Tallahassee AU: Family Beach Trip

“Remember how you told me everything in Florida was near a beach?” Emma said, dryly. She pushed her sunglasses down slightly, staring pointedly at the heavy traffic ahead.

“Hey, that map was misleading,” Neal said, defensively, smiling a little anyway. Couple hours isn’t that bad.”

“MOMMY,” Lily screeched, loudly, from the backseat. “Mooooommy, Henry took my gummies!”

“Did not! The dinosaurs were mine, you had the bears.”

The baby whined, flailing her arms impatiently. Emma raised her eyebrows at Neal.

“Not that bad,” she echoed, wryly, already leaning into the back seat to mediate the burgeoning candy war. Neal laughed, sheepishly. 

“It’ll be worth it once we get there, hm?”

Emma shook her head, smiling despite herself as she handed Wendy her baby blanket. 

“Yeah. It’ll be worth it. 


Airplanes around thunderstorms

Watch what happens when thunderstorms strike the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta-Hartsfield.

This awesome map shows what air traffic looks like from space

The European Space Agency has a satellite that keeps an eye on any aircraft entering European airspace and records information about how fast they’re traveling, where they are in space and at what altitude they’re flying. The neon green shows where planes were located over the six-month period. And there’s even more we’re not seeing.

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Meet me at the corner
of certainty and doubt,
where right and wrong intersect.
We’ll catch a cab to euphoria,
praying that traffic lights stay green
and ignoring the staccato shouts of stop signs.
We’ll tuck crumpled maps into our back pockets,
and roll down the windows to laugh up at the stars,
daring the universe to disrupt our temporary permanence.

Here's the thing about snow in Texas:

We are not taught to drive in it so people have no idea what to do when the roads get even a tiny bit slick. Also, we treat our roads with sand which just isn’t nearly as effective as salt, imo. Thank bejeezus for my midwestern mother and those five years I lived in snowier places. 

There were a few pile ups reported that involved more than a dozen cars each and it took some of our parents and coworkers three-ish hours to travel 15 miles. The only other time I’ve seen a crazier traffic map was last year when Atlanta had all the snow (that was last year, right?).

My school didn’t close early, which felt crazy at the time given the traffic reports we were getting and the fact that half of our students were picked up before 1 p.m. In the end, I think it was better that we didn’t close early, because I think most people were on the road around lunchtime. 

I actually dealt with less traffic than normal (although I don’t have to travel highways) when I left. I wasn’t willing to deal with the extra traffic to get to the gym though so I just stopped to get essentials (i.e. things to make pizza) and headed home. Also, my body is so fatigued this week. I felt it yesterday and it remains true today. Snow isn’t a bad excuse for a rest day.

Back to the pizza, I will openly admit its taking all my will power to not eat all of it. Kale, onions, artichokes, garlic, and goat cheese on artisanal crust with a blend of marinara and pesto. My belly is happy. 

We were supposed to have a big school event tomorrow so my once jam-packed weekend is now looking much more relaxed. 

At the end of the day, news reports say we got less than 2" of snow. Let the mocking commence!

P.S. Instead of mocking us, you should go watch Agent Carter. You’ll understand Cap’s love for Peggy immediately what with all her ass-kicking and red lips. Major crush on that fictional lady.