traffic light night

Caught in the Act

Here you go Anon hope you enjoy! 

After school was always you and Eric’s time.Eric however was distant in the last month, canceling your plans to hang out at  least 2 times a week. With him canceling you notice something funny about that, he always stayed home. After 3 failed attempts to ring Eric you on one of the days he canceled you decided to head over to Mr.Harris’s house to see what  keeps him.

The drive was maybe 10 minuets with light traffic, this certain night it was and you only passed 2 cars on your way. Eric’s driveway looked as normal as it always does with Eric’s Honda parked in his usual spot. Eric’s basement bedroom light was on indicating that you weren’t wrong when you thought Eric stayed home on your hang out days. You smile and walk to the front door letting yourself as you always do then proceed towards Eric’s bedroom. The stair well was well lit with foot light’s as it was dusk outside and the stairwell is always dark anyway. Coming upon Eric’s door it was cracked and you can see not one shadow but two. 

“Hey babe, maybe next week we can head up to Denver and go Ice Skating, that would be fun right?” A female voice floated through the little crack. Eric’s shadow moves from his TV to the couch stooping low to meet the female’s voice when  a fit of giggles come from the room. 

“You’re a low life piece of shit you know that?” How could you Harris?” You bust the door open  with so much force  the hinges shook. Anger taking over. 

“Who is she Eric?” He looks pale, he was just caught making love to this girls neck with his mouth and has nothing to justify himself. 

“I….baby I can explain.” With his hands in the air he tries to compromise with you walking slowly towards you. The girl on the couch looks petrified and slowly gathers her things. 

“Isn’t that what they all try to say?” You giggle tears trying not to spill, but hands shaking out of anger. “I think this explains it’s self.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a girl?” The mistress asks after slapping Eric’s face and stamping away her red pumps clicking up the stairs. Eric stands speechless rubbing his cheek. 

“I like her.” You point to the stairwell. 

“I’m sorry…” Eric’s eyes are glossy and his cheeks red. You felt terrible but he deserved it. 

“Yea, i’m sorry too…” You attempt to sound sincere. 

“What for?” His voice cracks.

“This..” You give him a peace sign as you walk away singing bye Eric. If he was gonna cheat on you he can be single right? 


Ρομαντικά κόκκινα φώτα να χαίρονται οι φαντασμένοι ,

και εμείς μεσ’τα συντρίμια της καλά καβατζωμένοι…