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“ Can I have 60 with Jack x reader and Mark saying it? Thanks in advance!”

60: “Why don’t they kiss already?”

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Mark had invited you all to dinner.
But before hand; You, Jack, Bob and Wade were to meet up at his hotel room. Just so it was easier for all of you to get to the restaurant together and chat a little since you’ve all been busy with PAX. 
You were the last to get there. And as you approached the door with the door-number Mark texted you, you could already hear the mayhem inside. 
Mark was being teased, you knew by his laughing rage tone that echoed down the hallway. 
Jack’s laugh followed Bob’s hysterical chuckle while Wade was speaking, slightly muffled by the walls that separated you from them. 
You knocked loudly, so you were able to be heard over the ruckus.
“Oh! So the you finally grace us with your presence!”  Jack yelled as Mark let you into the apartment.
“Bite me, Irishman,” You joked back. “Traffic was hectic around my hotel.”
“That’s no excuse!” Jack said, “There’s traffic everywhere!” 
You poked your tongue at him as you embraced Mark in a hug. Wade and Bob greeted you the same way, but Jack of course had to be the different one. 
He wrapped his arms around you, spinning you slightly and then toppling both of you onto the couch where you pushed his off, laughing. 
“Dammit, boy! You’re going to ruin my hair!” You exclaimed with a pout. 
“You’re hair is fine.” Jack chuckled. 
Mark shook his head, glancing at Bob with a shared expression, a silent conversation passing between them. 
“Alright, we’ll head out soon.” Mark told everyone. “I’ll just call two Ubers, because we all wouldn’t fit in one car, and we’ll be off.” 
Once the drivers was called, you all made your way down to the lobby.
You followed Jack through the doors, giving him a smile when he opened it for you, stepping aside to let you through. 
“Aww, such a gentleman.” You lightly teased. 
“My Lady,” He responded with a small bow of his head. 
Behind the two of you, Bob face palmed himself while Wade chuckled. Mark was growing increasingly frustrated with the two of you. 
When the two Uber drivers arrived outside, Mark had to restrain himself from slapping the Irish guy when he opened the car door for you, complimenting your outfit as he slid in next to you. 
“Why don’t they kiss already?” Mark hissed angrily to Bob. 
Bob chuckled and patted his friend’s shoulder. “I got this.” 
As Bob set himself in the front passenger seat, Mark and Wade moved to the other car. He already had his plan and as you and Jack were chatting, giggling, in the backseat, he began to unfold it. 
“So, (Y/N),” Bob started. “I’ve been seeing a lot of fan-art of you and Jack.” 
You blushed a little, nodding, “I get hundreds of messages with fan-art. They’re really cool.” 
“Even the ones that are, you know, a little graphic.” Bob said with a knowing smile. 
Your flush glowed against your cheeks, and you half glared at Bob. “What are you getting at?” 
“Nothing, it’s just, well, Mark and I were thinking the people were getting onto something.” Bob shrugged, his voice coated with amusement. “I mean, you two would make an awesome couple.” 
Jack shifted beside you, laughing a little uneasily. “Bob, since when did you decide who makes a good couple?” 
Then the driver spoke up, “To be honest, I thought you two were a couple.” 
Bob pointed at your driver, “See! Even strangers see it.” 
You sighed, a blushing mess as you turned to Jack. He was bright red as well, chuckling nervously. 
“Alright, I’ll admit I’ve had some feeling for you since our last few videos.” Jack said with a smile. “So, how about it? Go on a little date? See what happens?” 
You nodded, “Sounds good to me.” 
While the two of you tried to organize your date, Bob sent the recording to Mark. And as the drivers pulled up at the restaurant, Mark flew out of the car and yelled 
“FINALLY!” At you and Jack.

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UT/UF Sans sits next to a cute Crush on the bus who wears ear buds all the time. As time goes by, they end up passing little notes to each other, growing closer and closer. One day, Crush offers their earbuds to the skell to show what kind of music they're listening to. There's no music. Crush is deaf and wears earbuds to kind of hide it. (I was thinking about a video I saw years ago when I read the bus ask hhh)

Ok so I googled deaf girl earphones notes lol, and I think I found the video you were talking about. It’s this one:

if anyone is interested.

Also this turned into a small one shot

UT!Sans: The first time you two interact is the first day he’s on the bus. He’s not completely sure where his stop is and his phone is dead so he can’t google it. He turns to ask you but when he sees the earbuds he just gently taps on your shoulder so you’ll turn to him. He starts asking you the question when he realizes that you’re still wearing the earbuds. He gestures for you pen and notebook you’re holding and then quickly writes out the question on a blank page. When you write the answer he just thanks you and lets you be, you didn’t seem like you wanted to interact and he respects that.

Next day he sees you on the bus, sitting in the same exact spot. Because the bus is fairly crowded he figures he can get away with sitting next to you again. He is, conveniently enough, carrying a pen and pack of post it notes in his pockets. He plops down next to you and carefully sticks a post-it note on the back of the seat in front of you.

’’I hope you’re not too bus-y, just wanted to properly tank u for the help yesterday’’

…the puns are starting to sink in.

But he keeps at it. Placing the block of post-it notes between the two of you so you can both reach them. The rest of the bus journey is spent trying to come up with the corniest jokes about traffic and writing *groans* and ’’omg that one was so bad’’ in response to some of his worst ones. Examples include:

’’Yesterday was my first time taking the bus, I wanted a car but I couldn’t a ford one’’


’’But I can Harley wait ’til I  get my motorcycle license’’

After a few days the puns are slowly replaced with questions and a real conversation starts to build. Everything from books to movies to his brother and just general life on the surface and all of its struggles. By now both of you carry your own post it notes and pens and Sans finds himself skipping his stop to talk to you for just a little bit longer. He’s really starting to like you and your humor and he wishes he could talk to you without the post it notes.

When you offer him your earbuds after a few days he takes it as you opening up to him a little more. His stop is coming up soon but he still has a little time left. When he takes the earbuds and doesn’t hear the music he’s kind of confused before he looks up and sees your sad smile. Then he puts two and two together. You never reacted to people screaming in the back of the bus or loud noises outside. He hands you the earphones and smiles back. Then he starts signing. You never introduced yourself when you talked through the notes so that’s what he’s doing now. Before you have any time to react, the bus stops and this is as far as he can take it. He grabs a post it note and quickly scribbles something before hopping off.

’’Thanks for trusting me enough to show me your song. I’d love to talk through more efficient notes, though. Text me?’’

His number is written on the bottom.

UF!Sans: He’s been on the bus a few times before and he’s seen you around. This time he’s sitting next to you, though, and that’s a first. He’s kind of flustered which he hates, and he’s doing everything he can to not look at you. He notices a guy a few seats across from you two, and he won’t stop staring. That wouldn’t be so unusual if it was at Sans. But this creep just won’t stop staring at you. Then, the guy slowly brings his phone up and starts taking pictures. That’s the last straw. He doesn’t want to cause a commotion in public right now, he’s way too tired for that sh*t. Instead he opts for sending a death stare in the creep’s direction. It’s effective and the guy quickly puts down his phone and looks away. He gets off on the next stop.

Sans still feels like he has to warn you though. He pokes your shoulder to get your attention and your head jerks up. He starts to speak when you gesture to the headphones. He wonders why you can’t just take them off but decides not to ask. Instead he picks up his phone and quickly writes a message in his notes telling you about the creep. He gives it to you and watches you read it before you start typing away on his phone. You tell him that you know the guy and that he’s not gonna do anything but you thank him for telling you and also making him stop. He just grunts and takes his phone back, turning away from you. He’s blushing and he doesn’t want you to see. He gets off on the earliest stop possible.

He sees you again a few days later. Still sat there with your earbuds in and looking out the window. There are not empty seats, and he’d rather sit beside someone who doesn’t look at him with distaste so he slips into the seat next to you. You look over and give him a small smile before turning forward again. He kind of wants to talk to you, but you’re still wearing your earbuds. So he picks up his phone and does the same thing as the other day, he writes you a small message in his phone’s notes.

’’what’re ya listening to kid?’

You smile down at his phone and raise and eyebrow at him and for a moment he feels kind of stupid and thinks about teleporting off the bus. But you just give a very quiet laugh as you type out something on his phone and then hand it back.

’’It’s a very special song, it’s part of me’’

Well that wasn’t what he had expected. Still, you weren’t rejecting his attempts at conversation. He hands you the phone again, asking if maybe he could hear it. You pause for a second seemingly re-reading it a couple times. Then you shake your head and give him back his phone with an answer.

’’I’m embarrassed by it :(’’

Just as he reads the note you squeeze yourself out of the seat and bolt towards the exit. Huh, he hadn’t even noticed it had stopped. Just as you’re about to jump out of the bus you stop and turn around. You give him a smal smile and a little wave and then you’re out. He can feel his soul brighten a little.

This time he doesn’t delete the notes you left in his phone.

It becomes a sort of routine. Every time you’re both on the bus you sit next to each other and talk through his phone. He knows you better now, and his crush on you is growing more and more. He knows a lot about you. Your favorite movies and books, your interests, your humor and what your family’s like. But he still doesn’t know why you refuse to take of your headphones and talk to him. He ignores it though, and tries to push down the tiny bit of insecurity he feels because of it. And then one day when you’re talking about one of the human and monster talk shows, you ask him something out of topic.

’’Can I have your number? It would be easier to text than to go on like this. And then we wouldn’t have to limit our talks to the bus :/’’

This is his chance

’’I’ll show you my number if you show me your song’’

You stare at the screen for a while and then look up at him with a pensive look. Then you reach up and take your earbuds out and then hand them to him. He lift them to where his ears would’ve been if he were human, which is where he hears the best. Still nothing. Sh*t, did he break them?

But when he looks back at you, still a little panicky because sh*t he just broke your headphones, you’re just smiling sadly. Then you sign something with your hands that he doesn’t understand. You must have noticed that he didn’t follow what you just signed because you pick up his phone and, while making sure that he can see what you were doing, you went into his contacts. You add a contact with your number and then name it ’’cool bus person’’

Then you go back into his phones notes where you have been having your conversation. You type for a while and then give him the phone. This time you’re not looking at him as he reads, instead you’re looking out over the bus.

’’I’m deaf and there never was a song. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to look at me like I’m different. You still owe me your number though’’

He can’t help but laugh as he goes into his contacts and starts typing a message to you. Only now does he realize that holy f you gave him your number. As he’s typing he doesn’t notice the bus slowing down and coming to a stop. His head jerks up as you tap him lightly on the shoulder and wave as you walk away. Before you jump off you turn to him and make a motion with your hands as if you were texting on a phone. He nods his head to you. You look relived and smile one more time before exiting the bus. As soon as the bus starts moving he continue with the message.

’’It doesn’t make you different in a bad way. Made me think I broke your headphones tho - Sans’’

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

“Hold the door.” you heard a voice call from the corridor as the evaluator doors began to shut.

You stuck your foot in the way of the closing door and peered your head out to see who was calling. You saw a speed-walking Barba coming down the corridor towards you. He slipped in beside you and the doors closed.

“Hey Barba.I didn’t know you were here.” you greeted.

“Liv called me in to oversea an interrogation. Which was great timing considering I have court in an hour.” he commented bitterly looking down at his phone texting franticly.

“Oh stop complaining. You’ll get to court on time.” you said chuckling.

“From here to downtown Manhattan. Sure I will.” he smirked.

“I would know. I’ve been to practically every strip joint in the city today hunting down this lead. The traffic been great.” you joked.

“For the Santiago case, right? Shouldn’t your partner be with you?” he questioned finally looking up at you.

“Sonny, had a family emergency. So I said I’ll cover for him and anyway I’m much more convincing when it comes to strip joint owners. If you know what I mean.” you explained.

“I’m sure none of them can resist telling you anything you want. How many have propositioned you?” he questioned sarcastically.

“Not as many as last time.” you smiled.

That had earned you a small smile from him when the elevator stopped abruptly. It felt like your whole world had shifted to the side. Suddenly, the floor felt like it was going dropping from over you. Then their was a crash and then a sharp stop. You clung onto the wall for stability but the heel on the boot gave out and you crashed onto the ground.

“Are you alright?” Barba asked outstretching a hand to help you up.

“Yeah,” you said taking his hand and getting up, “I just didn’t steady myself quick enough.”

“I can tell.” he commented.

“What is going on?” you said ignoring his comment and going towards the doors to inspect them.

“Well I think it’s clear that the elevator stopped.” Barba quipped.

“Really detective? Honestly, your wasted as a lawyer, you know that?.” you snapped.

“You asked.” he shot back.

You sighed deeply. You went to the control panel and pressed the emergency button. A voice rang out informing you that their was a technical difficulty and that they were working to fix it. They said that it would probably take an hour.After that the door opened slightly. You peered your head out against Barba’s wishes and looked up seeing that you had stopped right in the middle of two floors and you couldn’t reach any.

Turning around you saw Barba tapping the screen on his phone.

“What are you doing?” you asked curious.

“Calling the courthouse so they can postpone court. I can’t believe this is happening. Why today?” he ranted putting the phone to his ear.

“It’s okay they’re going to fix it.” you tried to reassure him.

“You don’t understand.” he spat beginning to pace to the small room and hanging up the phone due to lack of service.

“Well we’re not going anywhere so explain it to me. ” you demanded trying to get a read on him.

You had been working at SVU for a few months at this point. You got on well with the rest of the squad. You maintained a positive attitude despite what you saw day to day. You liked to make others smile on their darkest days. You had an instinct to help people but that didn’t mean you were a pushover as Fin said after you went postal on a suspect you were “ damn right scary under that pretty face”.

You were great at reading people. You could get basic details about a person with just one look but Barba was complicated. Sure you knew the basics he was late thirties and single. You learned later that he was heavily sarcastic and liked to detach himself emotionally from cases. He was the polar opposite to you but much like your scary side he had a kind side as well. You being a detective had also picked up other details about him but you still didn’t really understand him.

He was a mystery but you liked miseries especially cute ones.

“It was the Greenwald case.” he admitted sadly.

“The serial rapist who targeted women in their early sixties. Same age as your mother, right?.” you understood.

He shot you a confused look.

“I’ve seen pictures of her in your office and besides I’m a detective you know.” you smiled shyly at him.

A silence fell over you two. You looked away but you could feel his gaze on you. You dared turn to look and met his gaze.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you.” he apologised.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad your not the emotionless robot I thought you were.”you chuckled.

“You thought that?” he questioned.

“Well obviously. You’ve been riding my ass since the day I got here. Everything have to be perfect for the oh so great one. ” you accused playfully.

“I’m the same to everyone.” he replied.

“No your not. You’re on me way more.” You shot back folding your arms defensively.

“Well you’re special.” he finally admitted after an intense glare down.

‘How so?” you questioned.

“Your not as good as a detective.” he sated.

“Excuse me, councillor?” you asked offended.

“I’m kidding. Lighten up and call me Rafael.” he teased pulling off his suit jacket and laying it down on the floor.

“What are you doing?” you asked raising an eyebrow.

“Getting comfortable. We’re going to be here for a while. And these pants are too expensive to get dirty on this floor.” he said sitting down heavily on the ground.

“And the jackets not?” you said sitting down beside him.

Once you sat down. You both launched into a much needed conversation. You told each other a little more about yourselves. Talking briefly about your past. He was actually quite funny when he wasn’t on you about a case. Very considerate as well. Just a big old softy like you. You could sense a beautiful friendship coming along but when you said this out lols you were met with a scoff and a sarcastic comment but you laughed off.

It was good hour before the intercom crackled, the doors closed and the elevator started moving again. You both got up and you helped him dust off his suit jacket varying jokes the whole time. The doors opened back to the squad-room floor. Olivia and Rollins were waiting for you both.

“Are you two okay?” Rollins asked as you both stepped out the elevator.

“Just great.  Two and a half hours of this one complaining.” you joked.

“Mmm and this one talking about her exciting new career as a stripper.” Barba fired back glancing over to you.

“Well, I’m just glad you two didn’t kill each other in there.” Olivia chuckled.

“Two minutes more and it would have been bye bye Barba. Which by the way is Barba’s favourite movie. Got thing for musicals.” you teased.

“While Y/N’s here is Pretty Woman. Whole life is based on it.” he shot back.

You both glared at each other before breaking out into smiles.

“Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship.” Olivia commented after she made sure you were both okay.

And she was right it was.

For it would only be two more months until he asked you out on your first date.

All I Want For Christmas

Characters: Reader Collins (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Marley Collins, Drover Collins, Danneel Ackles, JJ Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki, Tom Padalecki, Shep Padalecki.

Pairing: Misha x reader, Jensen x sister!reader

Warnings: Stress of traveling with kids, traffic, pregnant women jokes (blame Jensen), not much just fluff.     

Wordcount: 2700ish

A/N: This is the fourth one shot for “Kari’s Fluffy Christmas” and it is written for @babypieandwhiskey’s “Cam’s darndest things challenge” - My prompt was  “Stop surfing the coffee table.” and I chose to write for Misha x Reader

Thanks to the sweet, amazing @percywinchester27 for betaing this one for me.


Everything was always last minute in your family. Normally you didn’t mind, but being pregnant everything seemed to bother you more than usual. Usually you didn’t mind being last minute because the kids always had fun, no matter what you were doing or where you were going. Your husband turned everything into an adventure. He always had and that was one of the reasons you had fallen in love with him in the first place.

Right now, it was that particular adventurous and always easy to distract side that were driving you crazy. You had told him to get the kids and help them pack two hours ago and he had. He had just not really done it the way you had envisioned it happening.  

Rather than packing in their room, Misha had dragged half the room into the living room along with the bags. He and the boys were currently playing a game of jump on the couch and into the bag and onto daddy, while he was packing. It did look fun and the boys were laughing and using a lot of energy which would pay off for the plane ride later. Still it was making packing slow and you had already overslept this morning… or well not overslept but you hadn’t exactly gotten out of bed by the hour you had planned. Thanks to your pregnancy, your husband’s hands tended to wander even more than usual and also thanks to said pregnancy you had absolutely no willpower to stop him. Frankly, you seemed to have three moods these days, hungry, grumpy or horny. Right now it as you were chewing at holiday themed crackers and staring at your husband, your 4 year old and 2 year old’s shenanigans, grumpy was winning.

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Just a Fang Thang

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Dan thinks his neighbor, Phil, is a vampire

At first Dan thought his neighbor was just a pale, nerd who’d rather stay inside playing video games than go outside during the day. But the evidence just kept piling up.

“I’m just not a fan of the sun,” Phil has shrugged when Dan had asked him the question of why he rarely went outside.

Dan was fond of Phil, they often found themselves making excuses to knock on the other’s door, slipping into a 20 minute conversation still out in the hallway.

But the more time Dan spent with Phil, the more Dan was convinced Phil was a vampire. Aside from his abnormally pale skin, Phil’s eyes carried a red tint at most times.

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Stana Katic: “ATP: Where do you want to go today?” Presentation | Talks at Google  (x)

I live in Los Angeles, traffic already suck, people joke in LA about how dating someone on the other side of town can be a dealbreaker, because who wants to do long distance. Can you guys imagine what a population surge in that city is gonna look like. 

When he's a demon and you have to make a deal (You x EXO Chen)

“Jun! Jun, hurry up! We’re going to be late!”

“I’m coming, noona! I can’t find my tie!”

“It’s right here! Now hurry up!”

You struggle to button up your jacket and put your heels on at the same time as your younger brother Jun comes barreling down the stairs, his backpack clinging to his arm. “Did you wake up late or something?!” You demand. “And did you even brush your hair this morning? You weren’t up late last night playing video games, were you?”

“Maybe.” He mumbles, pulling a brush out of his back pocket and brushing his hair forward haphazardly. “Mom usually wakes me up.”

You frown. You kind of hated the fact that Jun relied on your mom so much. She was barely ever home, and you were trying to teach him to take care of himself. Your mother was recently divorced, and spent most of her time doing what she called “reclaiming her life.” That usually meant going on trips with her friends and staying out late, forgetting to cook Jun dinner and go to his school conferences. Jun was only thirteen, and still a middle school student. Jun needed her more than she knew.

You had only graduated from college last year, and although you had landed a pretty decent job as a teaching assistant at Jun’s middle school, life was still hard. You had to make sure that Jun was eating well and that the bills at home were paid–you couldn’t even think about dating or finding your own place now. Making sure Jun got to school on time was one of your responsibilities.

“Your hair is sticking up in the back.” You sigh, reaching to smooth it. Jun ducks out of the way. “The ladies love it.” He grins. “It drives the girl who sits behind me in class wild. She likes me, you know.”

“Yah!” You pinch his cheek hard, and he whines. “You’re too young to date! And I have to meet any girl who is trying to be your girlfriend! Now put your shoes on!”

The two of you practically sprint to the bus stop, Jun running a few paces ahead of you. You wished you would have thought to grab your make-up bag or something. At this rate, you were going to be a mess by the time you got to work. The principal wasn’t going to be happy with you.

“We made it!” Jun gasps between breaths, his hands on his knees. You join him at the bench, but it’s already crowded with other students waiting to get on. “Get up on time tomorrow.” You scold him. “I’m going to wake you up with cold water tomorrow if you don’t!”

“Please don’t.” He blanches. “Here.” He reaches into his bag and pulls out two cartons of banana milk. “I grabbed these. You haven’t eaten, have you?” You sigh and give him a withering smile, accepting his peace offering. “I haven’t.” You stand there, sipping and fanning yourself, when something catches your eye.

An old man struggles to cross the street, getting bumped around as he straggles from one side of the crosswalk to the other. He seems to have dropped something, and he stoops to his knees, looking for it. “That’s so dangerous.” Jun sniffs, noticing him. “He should just leave it.”

Get out of the street. You will him with your mind, staring him down. Morning traffic was no joke, and there were hundreds of cars already inching forward at the light. You watch open-mouthed, unable to take your eyes off of him. Move! Please! He doesn’t, and you see the other light turn yellow.

He’s not going to make it.

“Ahjussi!” You yank your heels off and dart into the street without a second thought. “NOONA!” You can hear Jun calling you, but there’s no turning back now. “Ahjussi!” He look up, confused, and you throw your arms around him. Cars start forward only to screech to a stop, honking as the light flashes green.

A dozen people rush to you, Jun leading them all. A few people have their cell phones out, and your heart is pounding. “Are you okay, ahjussi?” You ask, tears streaming down your face. “Of course I am.” He says, confused. “I was looking for this.” He holds up a crumpled bill, the money dirty and old. “But, why are you crying?”

You cry even harder as you hold him, and he offers you a handkerchief, the edges the yellow and fading. Someone in the crowd finds a cell phone on him, and calls his son, the only number there. “Jun? Where’s Jun?” You call.

“Are you okay?” He asks, his eyes wide with fear. “Are you hurt? You are!” You shift away so he can’t see your scraped knee. “I’m fine, Jun. Make sure you get on the bus, okay?”

“I’m not leaving you!”

“Yes, you are!” You command. “I’ll be fine. I’m just going to stay until his son gets here and then catch the next bus, okay?” He looks at you skeptically. “I’m okay, Jun. I’ll call the principal and explain everything.” He sighs and nods. “Okay. But call me when you get on the bus!” You laugh a little. “I will. Now go!”

You stay until the son arrives, a businessman who almost cries with relief. “He’s getting older.” He says, hailing a cab for the two of them. “It’s hard for him to realize things now, and his hearing is bad.” You smile. “It’s okay. He’s got his money, so I think he’s alright.” The guy smiles at you. “I can’t thank you enough for this.” He says. “Maybe I can take you out to dinner sometime?”

You blink in surprise. The guy is kind of cute, with super-white teeth and nice eyes. “Um…I’d love to.” You blush. He chuckles and reaches in his jacket, pulling out a card. “Here.” He says. “Give me a call sometime.” You give him a little bow. “I will.”

Once the crowd has dissipated, you limp across the street to a coffee shop to collect yourself. Okay, maybe you’re a little more hurt than you anticipated. Your elbow and knee are scraped up pretty badly, and your ankle feels a little sore. Your cell phone didn’t survive the fall either, and the cracked screen is completely dark.

I need to call my boss. You frown. Maybe the cashier has a phone? You limp to the counter. “Excuse me? Would you happen to have a phone I could use?” The cashier shakes her head in sympathy. “It’s out of order right now. But there’s a PC room next door! I’m sure they’d have one!”

“Thanks.” You smile. “I’ll go over there.”

You pace quickly down the sidewalk, hoping that you’d be able to place the call before your boss figured out that you were already late. Would it sound like an excuse? “Agh!”

You barely have the chance to scream as someone grabs your arm, yanking you between the two buildings and shoving you up against the wall so hard you see stars. “Leave me…alone…” You gasp, squirming in panic. When your head finally stops spinning, you gasp at the sight of your attacker. He’s…..gorgeous.

He’s got electrifying blue eyes, and black hair cut short and sweeping over his forehead. He’s wearing all black, and the smell of leather and sandalwood coming from him is oddly calming. His expression isn’t good though, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he’s not happy.

“Who are you?” You choke in fear. He smirks, eyeing you.

“No, the question is actually who are you.” He sneers. “My name is Chen. And I believe you owe me something.”


Scenario end…..for now! Hehehehehe *grins* What did you guys think? I decided to split it into parts to improve it’s quality >.< I think it wouldn’t be as nice if it were short, like a one shot! I hope you enjoyed what I’ve got so far! I’m loving writing this scenario~ The concept is so cool^^ The next part will come soon!


Walk on the Artery

The Umbrella Revolution had taught me about the role of a photographer. Seeing all the great live images from the photojournalists, does make you wonder if you’d be able to get some. Answer is simple, yes and no. Yes, if you get paid. No, if you ain’t get a dime from a single image. There’s a fine line between your passion and your own personal safety. Riots and protests can go sour especially on the frontline when the civilians go against the police authority. You have 50% chance of getting hurt without any insurance coverage, damaging your gear (insurance associated). I just think it’s not worth it to risk on any of the above mentioned unless yourself is part of the protest party. Give the job to the journalists and leave your passion behind until the situation improved.

It was my first time in life remembering how a protest escalated and had turned into a riot of such scale in Hong Kong. My first reaction was ‘Oh my god! It’s really happening’. Right after the surprising announcement by Benny Tai of the Occupy Central founder which’s the same day midnight, they moved up the schedule to occupy Central as the students have gathered at the Government HQ and sparked a huge impact thru the news. It’s a statement just like declaring a war only the students were guerrilla and the Occupy Central with Love and Peace Movement Group is the mercenary backed by the news tycoon Jimmy Lai.

How quickly a movement like this had brought all the international news correspondents to town. I still remember I tuned in the 6pm news report just when I got home. Just when the live reporter about to describe the situation, the riot police popped a few gas grenades out. This type of scenes would only be seen through TV on the soccer-popular countries. The reporter got choked and people were escaping behind. I thought it was a surprise too, but surprises like these were necessary to contain the situation like all riot police in the world. It’s just rare happening here at our home turf. Really rare. The announcement last night I thought i was witnessing something, but then when the protesters gone mad with the tear gas i thought i was witnessing history. The history of how citizen protect their rights to protest and voice their views in indifferences.

The tear gas had brought more people out to the battle ground at the Government HQ the day after. The protesters had jammed the entire highway. That even brought more aware people to visit the site on foot on the first day of work after all the chaos happened over the weekend. All business district without traffic is a joke. It was a little jog from where I work but I made it there twice during lunch and once at night on the early few days of protest. The speedway of both direction to and out of Central is sealed off along with many other major passages, even the world famous double-decker Tram cannot run through Casueway Bay to Central (oops to tourists). It’s the artery to the heart of Hong Kong. Drivers are forced to drive up to the mountain to go pass all the roadblocks. That’s why business owners do not support this Occupy act.

So here I give you an exclusive view of what you might not be seen at the protest, A walk on the artery of Connaught Road.