traffic event

Hampton Roads

- Two field trips to the Historic Triangle every year: one with school and one with the Scouts

- The swamp catching fire every summer and having to explain to visitors that the omnipresent dark smoke and burning smell is nothing to worry about


- ‘Science’ field trips to Busch Gardens

- Being able to name at least three of Mike Joynes’s law partners (’Iiiiif yooooou’re hu-urt…’)


- Tunnel traffic

- Shipyard traffic

- BGW traffic

- Rocky Horror at the Naro

- Seagulls in the parking lot even when you’re half an hour’s drive from water

anonymous asked:

Man this is frustrating. I'm on my French account. I collected all the ingredients (Finally -_- after two hours), Mixed them up like I'm suppose to, but it keeps telling me I don't have any chocolates to give!! I can see that there are 4 available chocolates. :/ I can't exactly go to the Forums and ask for assistance.. I don't know French very well. Are you having a problem like this? It worked perfectly fine on my English & Spanish account. what gives? T^T

Yeah. It lagged for me a lot today.

It’s because of traffic from the event.

I am sure some other people have experienced it as well. 

Don’t worry, someone else might have reported it.

Remember Hiro Mashima’s Monster Hunter Orage???

Well I’ve been thinking about how these main characters could be the parents of Natsu and Zeref. Think about it:
-the hair color
-MHO takes place in a world like Fiore but there is a lack of magic
-the way Shiki acts all goofy and happy but totally badass when the need arises. That’s totally Natsu

Idk exactly how Zeref was before the tragic events he faced but he could have been like his mother (I forgot her name)

Oh my god. Oh, my god. I got actual confirmation that I got fired from my LGS because of the fact that:

a) im a girl and being female “intimidated the male customer base.” which is bull. ive had people message and even call me to say that they missed me working at the store and that i was the most charismatic one there.

b) the charity I volunteer with (that my old boss got let go from for being the literal worst) is having a charity event at another game store. I am in a financial crisis. Because he doesn’t like the people I do charity for. Fucking CHARITY. That store isn’t even getting any revenue or foot traffic for the event, they’re just supplying us space in a secluded area for a stream and are getting an honorable mention!

And I live in a state where this is fucking legal :)))