traffic box

Bangtan: *Loses Jimin in a crowd* Shit where the hell is jimin

Jungkook: wait I got this!

Jungkook: *Shouts* JIMIN HYUNG I LOVE YOU

Bangtan: Why isn’t he coming?

Yoongi: *Cough*

Jimin: /Running through traffic with a tissue box and a bottle of asprin/ YOONGI BABY IM HERE FOR YOU

you thought i was done but you were wrong here’s even more south-east queensland gothic:

  • wet n wild water world closes down for the winter. as you drive past you see a shadowy figure standing atop one of the towers. it gazes across at whitewater world. you experience the vague notion of hunger.
  • the abc classic fm announcer whispers, panicked, before the station cuts to the distant roar of the entropy of the universe and the echoes of the big bang
  • you sit in the cool of the south bank IMAX cinema. a hand rests on your left thigh. then another. a third follows. synchronised, they caress you softly.
  • yellow lid for recycling. green lid for green waste. red lid for general waste. white lid for the viscera of your enemies. chartreuse lid for teeth. glitter lid for regrettable fashion choices.
  • fallen jacarandas litter the streets, ground into the path by foot traffic. fallen bougainvilleas litter the fields, forgotten, picked clean. when will the bloodshed end?
  • as you walk along the street the paintings on the traffic control boxes become both more disturbing and more obscure portents of doom. the final one you see is a perfectly rendered copy of the 1979 film ‘Thirst’ surrounded by circling magpies with the word ‘regret’ scrawled across in red letters.
  • a crowd of protesters march from queen’s park. you cannot discern what they are chanting, and their signs move too fast for you to read. endlessly they pass. people wait to cross the road. people die waiting to cross the road. still they march.
  • the government starts enforcing healthy options at your school tuckshop this year. salad. wholemeal sandwiches. ennui. whole fruit. juice. low-fat yoghurt. the sensation that disappointment is to come. vegetarian risotto.
  • thousands are still trapped inside when the entirety of the IKEA store flatpacks itself for its annual migration back to Sweden.
  • a table full of SALT campaigners loudly hawks their merchandise and pamphlets along a busy footpath. a woman and her girlfriend clap loudly at them. they startle, hissing as they withdraw into the shadows, defeated.
  • children are herded into a dark van. from a curtain in a corner, a giraffe emerges to teach them about drugs. three weeks later another child has overthrown the giraffe as leader of the newly formed cartel. it is a coup de tete none shall forget.
  • as you walk through GOMA, one of the paintings begins to sob as you pass it by ‘please don’t leave,’ it begs, ‘it’s so dark here. so cold.’ the plaque beside it simply reads ‘That’s What They All Say.’
  • a thief stands in the middle of an open field. twenty police officers, three police dogs, and a helicopter surround him. none of them will approach for fear of provoking the plovers that have accepted him as one of their own.
Caravan park - Michael Clifford [fluff]

Requested - no

A/N: I had this idea while stuck in traffic woo

Word Count - 847

*aged 7*

Long-leaf caravan park was your happy place, the place you waited all year to get to and the first place you thought of when you needed a happy memory. If you’re honest it’s not like it’s anything particularly fancy, it’s just a caravan park, there’s a games center with a swimming pool, rock climbing and skate park, a kids club, a bar, a disco, everything in a regular holiday destination, for some reason you just love it. You’ve been going every year since you were pretty much born and you spend most of your time at the kids club, so much so that you’ve become a regular, they let you pick the activities and help with the scheduling, it’s like heaven for you.

One year, however, something is different; the kids group was usually like a school system, the kids that go are 4-13 and it’s pretty much accustomed that they have graduated from the babies groups - no one would dare just join a community like this, but then there was Michael. You knew nothing more than his name but already you’re skeptical of him, all he does is sit and draw or play his handheld game.

“[Y/N] come here,” one of the kids group employees, Carla, called you over. “Do you maybe want to go talk to him?” 

She pointed at Michael.

“He looks lonely and I thought you’d be best for the job,” she added.

“But he looks weird,” you murmured.

“Don’t think like that, he just doesn’t have any friends yet,” she nudged you forward to go over to him.

You sat down next to him but his eyes didn’t even move from the screen.

“Hi,” you said and he glanced up with an almost inaudible squeak and nod. “What are you playing?”

He didn’t reply but you looked over his shoulder to see him holding a gameboy colour.

“It’s rude not to talk to people,” you told him but he didn’t even waver so you gave up and walked away.

“What happened there?” Cara questioned when you arrived back.

“He’s mean”

*aged 14*

You didn’t talk to Michael again, though he came every year that followed, but when you got to 14 you were told that you weren’t coming back because your family would hopefully be selling the caravan soon. Naturally you were devastated but still you decided to make the most of this last year. You took part in all the activities you could, even the ones you were scared of, and you made sure to say all your final goodbyes before you left.

On the day you left most people were leaving and n top of that there seem ed to have been some kind of accident so you were stuck in traffic, boxed in with cars surrounding you, only inches between the different lanes.

Your dad rolled down the window and screamed out, “How long is the wait?”

“Traffic guards say 45 minutes,” a random civilian replied.

“Look’s like we’re here for a while,” your mum sighed.

You turned your head to look out the window only to find any form of view was blocked by the car immediately adjacent to yours, and in that car was the 14 year old Michael with his head down and eyes locked on a nintendo DS, he’d upgraded. Suddenly you heard him groan through the two doors and slam his DS into the seat next to him, it’d run out of battery. His head lulled against the windows and he caught your eye. Bravely, you rolled your window down and he did the same, though seemed scared.

“Lost without your little games?” you asked.

“No, I just like games ok?” he told you defensively.

“Alright, I just wanted to be friendly since we’re both stuck in traffic for the next while,” you turned away.

“Sorry, I just want to get home, I hate this place, my mum and dad make me come every year,” he moaned.

“You’e lucky, I love it here, and I never get to come back,” you glanced over to check your parents weren’t listening.

“Can we trade families,” he chuckled.

Over the course of a laborious 45 minutes you created a strange friendship with Michael but had to bid your goodbyes before you could exchange contact information, you were certain you’d never see him again.

*aged 19*

Now, you’ve graduated high school and you’re looking for a job, when you see that Long-leaf is hiring recruits for the kids club, you check over the information 10 times just to check everything over, it turns out they’re looking for very little qualifications so you apply immediately to someone with the email address ‘mgc1995′ 

You pull up at the familiar drive way to the caravanpark a month later after acing your online interview and being hired pretty much instantly. You almost can’t contain your excitement to be back.

You walk into the kids club ready to begin, only to see a boy with bright blue and white hair turn to you, Michael.

“I thought you hated it here”


A/N: That wasn’t all too good, I’m sorry

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Masterlist // Request


There appear to be quite a number of you arriving today. I hear a rumour that I’m making a circuit on Reddit at the moment. I’ve not done that in a Steven Universe capacity before, and as I feel I’ve barely taken a step in that direction, it feels a little weird. The show’s on what, like episode ninety or something, and I just finished #23 last night. BUT WELCOME ALL THE SAME

Because there are rather a lot of you streaming in and my FAQ has yet to be restored after The Nuke (don’t ask), I figured I’d take the opportunity to throw together a quick post to let you know what you’re getting into.

  • Greetings, I am Jet Wolf. This is my fandom space, and sometimes personal space. I’m an unapologetic nerd and I talk a lot. A LOT. Particularly when I’m liveblogging, I can get pretty spammy. I love loving things, and while I’m not shy when I don’t like something (and have it on good authority that my rage quality is excellent), I much prefer to love it. I hate drama and have no time for it. I have strong opinions about, like, EVERYTHING, and I will talk about them excessively. But they’re just mine. If you don’t agree or you have a different interpretation of something, that’s cool. My opinion is only ever my opinion.

  • I love Rei Hino. This will be a recurring theme.

  • Sailor Moon is my main focus. (Well really *I* am my main focus, but.) I’m approaching the end of my rewatch project that I started in October 2012, though by “the end” I really just mean “I will have watched them all oo let’s go watch them again now.” I doubt I’ll ever really be DONE with the anime, but then I have the manga, PGSM, the musicals, and gods know what else. I HAVE A LOT MORE SAILOR MOON TO GO IS WHAT I’M SAYING. Sailor Moon is where my heart lives. You don’t have to like Sailor Moon to be here! Though it’ll probably help.

  • And Steven! Sailor Moon is my main focus, but I have a big heart. Steven Universe crawled its way in and said “Hi I’m here love me” and I said “Yeah, okay.” I’d consider my AND STEVEN liveblogs to be my secondary project, in that I plan to keep them to a semi-regular schedule. “Plan” is the operative word (we’ll get to that), but what I’m currently looking to do is alternate one or two AND STEVEN liveblogs between whatever Sailor Moon stuff I’m doing at the time. The train is rolling and I don’t plan on stopping it.

  • I go slow. If you’re looking for someone to zoom through stuff and be caught up by next week, this is not the blog for you. I am slow. I am SLOOOOOW. When I watch something on the scale that I’m watching Sailor Moon and Steven Universe, the details are everything. I can and have, many many times, taken hours to liveblog seconds. This is not an exaggeration. Character and details is MY THING, and given the opportunity, I will pour over literal frames and spew thousands of words about them. That quality and potential is exactly what drew me to liveblogging Steven Universe in the first place. BUT DID I MENTION SLOW. Patience is a necessity, because while I love you guys, I’m here for me, and I’m not moving one tiny bit faster than I want to.

  • I Go Slow, Part Two. I do my best to stick to plans and schedules and keep you guys up to date on when to expect stuff, but sometimes shit happens (shit has happened in the MULTITUDES this year) and I have to be flexible. I love what I do here and it’s important to me, but at the end of the day it’s a hobby and sometimes those don’t always get to take top priority. I can’t promise to always keep to a plan, but I DO promise to give it my all when we get there.

  • SPOILERS ARE THE WORST FUCKING THINGS. I am AGGRESSIVELY anti-spoiler. I’ve written I don’t know how many posts on this, but will suggest here, here, and here for more reading. PLEASE READ THEM. The short version is that I don’t want to know ANY information at all. No confirmation, no denial, don’t correct me if I’m wrong, don’t give me behind the scenes info. I don’t like rules and I think I’m generally a pretty laid back person, but this is my hard line. It’s VITAL to me that I get to have my experience the way I want it, and  can only assume that my experience is important to you too else why are you here. That’s my boundary, and I’ll just block if it can’t be respected. I DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT THOUGH SEE PREVIOUS RE: HATING DRAMA SO LET’S JUST NOT HAVE THE SITUATION. Think before you reblog or comment or send an Ask. Err on the side of caution. Check with @watchjetwolf if you want more eyes on it first. Please.

  • I get a lot of stuff. I love this community we’ve built up. It’s so important to me, and I love adding more people to it. We’re Sailor Moon focused, as I said, but there’s a TON of overlap between SM and SU and absolutely everyone is welcome here whatever their love. There are a lot of you though, and that means there’s a lot of traffic coming at me. I try to give everything the care and attention that it deserves, but that means a time investment. I have a tremendous amount of Ask Box traffic, which is definitely not a complaint. I love hearing from you guys, and ADORE complicated and thoughtful questions, but the volume of what I get doesn’t always allow me to answer it in a timely manner. YOU MAY BE WAITING A WHILE BASICALLY. When I get to it, I will try my best to make it worth the wait. I promise I’m not ignoring you though, just that until we perfect cloning, there’s only one of me.

    And finally:

  • Your experience is most important for you. I’ve got pretty thick skin, and a frankly unreasonable sense of my own self-worth. If you’ve followed me and you find that you’re not having fun for any reason – I talk too much, there’s not enough of the content you want, you just straight don’t like ME – that’s okay. I tag thoroughly and consistently, and you are welcome to filter out whatever you want. You can unfollow me at your discretion and I won’t be offended. You can straight up block me and that’s okay too. You aren’t going to hurt my feelings, I’m not going to chase you down and demand answers. Please take control of your own enjoyment, and if I can’t be part of it, that’s okay.

I think that’s pretty much the highlights. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and I think we’re pretty great, if I do say so myself (and I did). If you’ve got questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to get to them in something resembling a timely manner. I don’t expect that all of you pouring right now will stick around (which again is totally fine), but those of you who do, I hope you enjoy the fuck out of yourselves. I look forward to screaming at you a whole lot about absolutely everything.