Creates project to cover up unwarranted dick pics with really poorly drawn MS Paint skills.
Forgets that she has never saved the pictures before, because gross, and therefore has no material to start with.
Is now waiting for unwarranted dick pics to cover up. Are they still unwarranted?
Is confused.


Traffic - Empty Pages

Zayn is staying at Harry’s place in LA, watering his plants, “yeah babe don’t worry they’re doing fine they’re healthy,” and feeding the stray cat that visits the back porch ever since Harry started leaving food out for it, cooking using the quirky recipe books decorating the kitchen walls, burning through various collections of poetry in Harry’s collection, going to places Harry suggests, like local coffee shops and vintage stores, being inspired and writing and sharing it with Harry via Skype or phone, sending Harry snaps of him relaxed and smiling, “can’t wait for you to get back!,” and Harry is just so happy Zayn is happy and relaxed and can’t wait to get back to LA.