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Hc from Sanji, Katakuri, Law and Corazon, whose s/o has overprotective siblings, please? I think I have already asked this question? If so, then please excuse me!


- He doesn’t know what it is to have protective siblings and so, he is quite fascinated by how protective his s/o brother is

- But he is very afraid and confused the day he spends his first interrogatory with the other man, feeling like a criminal

- "Sooo… Your name is Sanji Vinsmoke, you are a cook and you seem to like ladies… How much is your love for my sister/brother ?“

- He gulps as he gets many questions like that but every time, his s/o comes and save him from their sibling


- Having a lot of siblings helps him because he isn’t afraid of meeting the sibling of his other half

- He is chill the whole time, even if he finds his s/o sister a bit too overprotective, staring at him as if he was a demon

- However, he keeps being polite and well-mannered because he can’t just let his lover sister having a bad impression of him

- "Hmm… He is quite alright… I think. But he is weird like, does he has something to hide by keeping his scarf so close from his mouth ? It’s not normal…” “Sister, please, stop.”


- He can do whatever he wants, he won’t charm his lover brother as he does with everyone else

- The boy is very protective of his sibling and trying to act smoothe with him is not working, Law knows it

- "So you are a surgeon ? Is it not a dangerous job ? I strictly forbid you to put my dear sibling in danger, are we clear ?“ "Yes.”

- He isn’t one to say something but he finds their brother quite funny because he really thinks that he is weird and all


- This man is very very nervous every time he sees his lover siblings because they are two to be overprotective

- They can’t stop threatening him, telling the poor blond that if he hurts their sister/brother, they are going to hunt him down

- Corazon’s clumsiness is even worst when he is with the two siblings of his darling lover and he feels very bad

- They actually know that he is not a bad guy, but you know, siblings are siblings and they have to protect their cadet

Can you do hc for law, Ace, And kid where there s/o has hemophilia? Thank you 🤗 I’m in actual love with your blog your seriously your an amazing writer

Eustsass Kid

  • “For fuck’s sake, ditch the knife. I won’t be the one putting all the blood back in your body if you start bleeding on me.”
  • Well, Kiddo has a general idea what his partner’s disease is, but nothing more than that
  • he knows they need to be taking some pills, he knows it’s better if they won’t use any sharp stuff meaning, most of the things in Kid’s cabin, and that it’s a real pain in the ass, overall 
  • he always wonders whether the bruises on their skin were caused by him or by the illness 
  • God, why is there so much blood on my clothes?” 
  • It’s not like he actually minds that his clothing is dirty, since he thinks blood makes him look cooler, but it’s more like an annoying nuisance 
  • and the nosebleeds, oh my 
  • he’d eventually start carrying a pack of tissues in his pocket, so that they will be able to stem the blood, at least a little bit 
  • deep inside, it actually terrifies him how easy it is for his partner to bleed out, the mere thought of it makes him shudder 
  • since during his battles, it’s almost a rule for him to get hurt, but he always brushes it off 
  • his imagination quite often drifts to a scenario where his lover is cut or hit by an enemy and they get internal injury or start dying from blood-loss, horribly fast, in most of the cases he won’t even get to bring the medic 
  • all of this greatly affects how he acts around his partner, and after a short while, he might turn into an Overly-Protective Mode
  • it might be harsh, and Kiddo often beats himself up for it, but he secretly thinks his partner won’t get strong enough to survive on their own in the New World, if he was ever to leave their side 
  • and this realization somehow makes him even angrier at the whole world, that it’s not safe enough for his lover to live peacefully in, without the constant threat of stupid cut which might lead to serious injury 
  • it’s probably one of the most annoying and gut-wrenching illnesses, as for Kiddo 

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Does Fujitora ever visit the Monkey-Trafalgar household and uses his gravitational powers to play with the little one?

Law is tired of people trying to put his snowflake in danger so he will attack!

I’m sooooooooo sorry for this late ass response! I don’t ever get ask and when I checked it was there 😅

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Drabble prompt #67 with LawLu! I'd been wanting to read or write something about them being trapped in an elevator...

HHh I’m so sorry I took like more than a year to reply :’D but you forgive me if I say it was so long I had to cut it in half and there’s a second chapter coming? Hope you’ll like it :D

Of all the people I could’ve gotten stuck in an elevator with and it just had to be you.”


Law sighed. Looked at the only person he was stuck in the elevator with. The boy grinned. He, sighed again – rolled his eyes.

The surgeon then glared at his watch As if it were responsible for the past two minutes that had been a pure waste of time that he had undergone Because that is exactly what it was.

A waste of time.

Two minutes were one hundred and twenty seconds. And one hundred and twenty seconds were important.

This is why he never took elevators. Can’t trust machines. Always do everything yourself. Who can you trust better than yourself? … Well, no, nevermind– not certain that was a good example–, but machines were definitely out of the competition of trust. Not since Corazon had once nicely proposed to go on a roller-coaster and–hah, he’d lost his stomach when way out… Though he was pretty sure it was nothing compared to Corazon’s reaction when he told him he’d “never trust him again”. Sure, that could have been seen as a mean kid or teen’s words but that was fair– he really had had a bad time.

He’d trusted him. And that damn machine.

Not that he decided machines were useless, of course not. As a surgeon that would be a great mistake. But only using them when necessary was the way that he worked.

Which explained why he never trusted elevators. Elevators were sneaky.

First, you had those horrible little buttons on the side, and everyone was touching them with their dirty fingers. And the fact that he was working in a hospital made everything worse – despite the cleaners’ efforts.

Second, people. All kinds of people. Sometimes, they stink. Just being in the same room as someone who farted wasn’t pleasant for anyone, so imagining an elevator? It’ was a tiny place. With no windows.

Speaking about tiny, that was one of its problems. When elevators had people in it, you got touched by them. Because they all came at the very same time, like cattle running for its food inside of a barn. And then, it gets worse. The smells get stronger, the people get louder, and they sweat.

But that wasn’t actually the worst part of the scenario.

As mentioned before, in elevators, you’re rarely alone. Maybe never. Think about it: when was the last time you took an elevator and were alone? Taking, of course, into account that the building isn’t a private one. So obviously, if you’re lucky not to get an over-crowded one, you still are unlucky enough to get someone with you. And that is the worst case-scenario ever. Because they take a moment to look at you, and think the silence is awkward, when it’s not. It’s really not. It’s just silence, good, old silence. But they break it.

They try to make conversation.

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Can we get law with a crush whos loud, fun loving and kinda reminds him of corazon? I wonder if he would be romantically interested in such a person ૮(꒦ິཅ꒦ິ)ა 

  • “How can you even trip on a flat floor?”
  • lmao Law would totally be interested in them
  • but he’d only realize it after some time passes 
  • since, at first, the resemblance was simply too hurtful for him to process, and he tried his best to stay away from them as often as he could 
  • then he caught himself relishing in how cheerful they are, and predicting when they’re going to fall or set something on fire xD 
  • so after a while, he involuntarily follows and restricts them from destroying half of his ship 
  • he’d eventually get a hold of it, and realize, not without surprise, that their behaviour isn’t annoying him as much as he’d think 
  • since their laughter, their sparkly presence and their smile is just so appealing, he can’t help himself 
  • his crush would sometimes even too often catch Law staring at them from the distance 
  • it’s like he’s with Rosie all over again, just a 2.0 version 
  • they become that uncommon person whose laughter makes him smirk a little, just from hearing its’ sound 
  • seriously, watching this man fall in love is simply beautiful 
  • he somehow feels closer to Rosie and his presence, whenever his hopefully-partner-to-be is with him 
  • and if they are ever to be in a relationship, Law gets so bitter and sassy about their clumsiness 
  • “Cora-san, if you can hear it, stop haunting me.” 
  • “Did your soul really descend from heavens just to mess with me?” 
  • would totally tell his partner stories about Rosie, how brave he was and how he acted like a cute dummy 
  • gosh this is ripping my heart