traditions of india

Don’t know about you, but I find that i enjoy these greatly.

I planned on taking a photo of the ink line-work before adding the watercolor, but apparently not, meh. Cat jumped on the table when I was halfway through the background wash, and I really out to buy new brushes …

India ink, dip pen with maru nib, and, watercolor. In moleskine watercolor sketchbook, with some artist tape for a clean border :p


A Kashmiri woman collects smoked fish from slow-burning grass on the outskirts of Srinagar on December 27, 2016.  The smoked fish which is known locally as ‘Fahre’ is prepared by slowly smoking over grass, is one of the traditional foods in the Himalayan state, and is usually consumed as part of the Kashmiri winter cuisine. TAUSEEF MUSTAFA / AFP


CHEERY RED - photography by Tarun Chhabra, National Geographic Your Shot - text: Janna Dotschkal

‘Tarun Chhabra’s 15-year effort to capture Indian culture in a “self-initiated” photo project has yielded this “good and rare picture” of Holi celebrants in India. Holi is the Hindu festival of love in which participants splash each other with bright colors that represent “energy, life, and joy.” Chhabra writes of the experience, “I was kneeling down in the middle of a group of people who were singing bhajans (devotional songs). People were throwing lots of water and colors, and I was fully drenched … My eyes were filled with water-and-color paste, and this was very irritating and painful. With great difficulty I tried to slightly open my eye … and found the beautiful moment unfolding just in front of me. People … were singing devotional songs, and red color was flying like clouds. This amazing moment [gave] me inner strength, and I dared to open my eye slightly more to compose the picture.”

1) ©Tarun Chhabra 2) ©Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images 3) ©Kevin Frayer/AP Photo 4) ©Achal Mishra


MASTERS OF CEREMONY - “A cup of tea isn’t merely a drink; It’s the history of the world itself…Before set, before oil, before cars or guns or Coca-Cola, there was tea - one of civilization’s first truly global commodities as well as one of its most enduring and beloved.” ~ Heidi Johannsen Stewart - photographs by Anna Williams - prop styling by Amy Wilson (full story CN Traveler January 2015)