My work for 2D-3D acting exercice from last month : 2D animation (with the character Merry from Sleeping Beauty), 2D light animation, and backgrounds done with Photoshop

(By the way, if I may give an advice ; if you want to make a camera movement in a 2D background, please don’t use a 3D camera from maya !! Use the one from After Effect and do a cam mapping, as you would do for a 2D background, it will make you win a lot of time and energy)

To see the final result, click here !

Here’s some Skeleton Dance tap dancing !  

Because La La Land’s Soundtrack is stuck in my head, I just saw it yesterday and I love it so much !   

bonus: (messy) sketch under the cut

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SHOWREEL 2017, Here you are !


Acting Robin Hood

He’s saying “Listen here, Bernard. I think that you and me got the same problem : we can’t always count on our beauty. Especially you”