Acting Robin Hood

He’s saying “Listen here, Bernard. I think that you and me got the same problem : we can’t always count on our beauty. Especially you”

Ok, so I know I’m a bit late but I really wanted to draw these two cuties for the Undertale shipping pride month. Their day was the 13th… we’re now the 21th… sooo yeah ! I’m late ! But anyways I really wanted to draw them ! 

Sorry for the time the next page take, for those who missed it I’m back to school… with work. Lot of work. So my freetime is actually near the 0. (This drawing is part of my actual work, no kidding here)
But I will try to do it for you soon ! 


An illustration I made for a school exhibition, showing an appartment’s façade with a view of each inhabitant’s life…

It’s not exactly what I wanted to end with, but I really enjoyed imagining each person’s story / relation with the neighbourhood… it’s all made with pastel (and a little bit of gouache), it’s been such a long time huhu