Merry Christmas Hannah!

I tried to get most of the things on your list, but that ‘don’t kill anyone’ was kind of hard to fit in sorry (I’m just kidding it’s Christmas). Anyways, hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Here’s a bit of Percabeth to make it a little a little better. 

Percy taps his fingers on the edge of the table and watches the laces of his converse swing as he kicks his feet back and forth. Even after the hours he’s spent here trailing after Annabeth he gets antsy. He figures it has something to do with how quiet it always is, Percy’s never done particularly well with quiet. Punk rock loud enough to piss people off, that’s more of his thing. He runs a hand through his hair and grins at the thought of the fresh blue streak he’s dyed in it. Between his hair, the piercings, tattoos, and his generally scruffy look he tends to catch people’s attention.

Annabeth flips the page and Percy glances sideways at her. Her blonde curls are pulled back into a ponytail and he can see the stretch of her neck and the tendons held tight under her tan skin. She reads like she’s interrogating the book and Percy always has the urge to brush back the inevitable stray strand of hair and press his forehead to hers. He feels the heat in his neck and face at the thought and turns away so she won’t see. He picks absentmindedly at the rip at his knee and tries to remove the image of Annabeth’s lips being so close to his.

He’s nearly six feet of punk and angst and trouble but the thought of holding Annabeth’s hand sends him spiraling and he hates it. Being head over heels for your best friend is completely shitty, especially when you don’t stand a chance in hell with them. Percy can’t figure out what horrible thing he did to deserve this fate.

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Happy Halloween everyone!

There’s a pumpkin patch/farmer’s market that my wife discovered a couple years ago not far from our house.

My wife, my son and I (as well as a couple friends) went out there on Friday to pick pumpkins. Then we got together Sunday to carve them.

My son’s pumpkin is on the far left, he wanted to carve 4 faces on his. Then the one for our cat Penny which I carved to look terrified because our cat panics all the time. My wife’s is 4th from the left, burping, and mine is 5th from the left. I call it Pumpkinception.

They’re all set out on the porch now, ready for tonight.  :D

In radio news, I’ve got more work done on the Philco 39-45, should be posting about that shortly.

Stay tuned!

ffshiphop  asked:

OMG The gang celebrating Christmas!! Luke, Jocelyn, Clary and Simon(he always celebrates Christmas with Fray/Garroway even if he's Jewish) inviting The Lighwoods/Bane to celebrate with them. Especially Izzy and Max gets really excited. How could you not notice what's happening each December in the mundie world? Where would they celebrate tho? Not the Institute, that's for sure.. Oh maybe in the Jade Wolf?

okay I was gonna wait to do my Christmas with the squad headcanons but you brought it up and I can’t resist…

- Izzy, Alec, Max and Jace have never experienced a proper family Christmas before. they always got each other gifts but maryse and robert never celebrated it with them.

- So imagine their surprise when Luke asks Alec if they all want to come round for Christmas. they immediately say yes because what does a mundane christmas consist of? is it as magical as everyone says?

- Jocelyn turns up at Magnus’ door to invite him to Christmas at theirs as well. Magnus is beyond grateful because usually he just hangs out with ragnor but he isn’t there anymore (rip ragnor I’m still not over it) so the opportunity to not be alone is perfect.

- The days leading up to Christmas, Clary and Simon make it their personal mission to get the lightwoods and Magnus in the Christmas spirit. I’m talking 12 days of Christmas movies.

- Max’s personal favourite movie they saw was Elf. He was laughing throughout the whole thing until the excitement caught up with him and he fell asleep on izzy’s lap.

- Izzy drags Alec christmas shopping with her which he isn’t happy about but what can he do? They get all their gifts for everyone, getting a nice bottle of wine for Luke and Jocelyn as a thank you for inviting them.

- They meet up with Jace and Max and pass a huge Christmas tree in Times Square and the four of them just stop for a moment…the fairy lights glittering under the dark evening sky, the tinsel and ornaments hung in an array of colours, the star glistening at the top. this is something they never had growing up, no decorations, no Christmas tree. and seeing the beauty of that one, they wanted that experience- no they needed it.

- Clary, Simon and Magnus turn up the next day outside the institute. Jace opens the door to them but they all quickly walk past him towards the training centre, knowing he would follow. there they found Izzy, Alec and Max. the lightwoods just stare at all the stuff the others have in their hands, a tree Simon has hauled in, a box labelled decorations in clary’s arms, boxes of fairylights in magnus’ hands.

- you can bet they spend the whole day setting up the tree and the lights in the corner of the training room. purple and silver is the theme they went for, simple but elegant. the other shadowhunters at the institute stop and stare, probably never one to experience the joys of Christmas decorating themselves.

- Christmas Eve arrives and jocelyn and Luke send them all a cryptic message to come to Luke’s house. they all arrive, no one having a clue what’s going on except clary and Simon. they’re all like ??? until jocelyn holds out Christmas stockings with each of their names on and is just like “we figured you wouldn’t have your own” and they all just stare at her, overwhelmed until luke beckons them forward “come on, hang them on the fireplace, it’s tradition” while clary and Simon are grinning at them,watching the array of emotions pass through their friends.

- Christmas Day and you can bet Luke, jocelyn, clary and Simon have the most cheesy and stereotypical Christmas ever. The lightwoods and Magnus arrive early in the morning, arms full of gifts for everyone. they all settle around the tree. they dish the presents out while Luke and jocelyn went to go get something, when they come back in, they have a bag full of what looks like more gifts and sets them out on the floor. a pile ends up in front of Izzy, another in front of Alec, Jace looks up to find a load of gifts at his feet, as does Max, Magnus too. all from Luke and jocelyn. a protest goes up “you didn’t have to get us these” “we can’t accept them”

- Luke and Jocelyn just look at each other and smile, jocelyn rising to her feet to sit between Izzy and Alec, arms around their shoulders in a hug, Luke has Max on his lap, an arm around Jace, clary is snuggled up against Magnus, Simon sitting the other side of him. “don’t be silly, you’re part of our family” jocelyn says, “and family takes care of each other”. So many hugs and maybe a few tears fill the room. because the lightwoods who have never really had that sense of motherly/fatherly love at this level before have now been taken into a family. and Magnus, so used to celebrating mainly alone, is suddenly surrounded by people he loves so much.

- after they’ve opened their gifts, clary enters the room with a bunch of sweaters in her hands “this is another one of our traditions”. Christmas jumpers. of course. usually they’d be refused, Jace and Alec not ones to dress up but they all eagerly pull them on.

- dinner is incredible, so much food and laughter spread around the table that Magnus so gracefully used magic to extend in order for them all to fit. Max falls asleep after they’ve eaten but is woken up when it starts to snow. all of them gathered by the window, a glass of wine or a hot chocolate in theirs hands, watching a bed of white cover the road.

- clary and jocelyn have been taking photos all day or quickly drawing sketches. they got a couple of extra funny shots when Luke and Alec absolutely dominated Jace and Simon in some random board game. Izzy doubled over in laughter at the losers expressions. Max giggling in Magnus’ lap as Magnus tickles him, a smile on his own face.

- those photos are printed out three times in order to put into three separate photo albums. One for Magnus, one for the lightwoods and one for themselves. “you can start you’re own tradition” Luke says “each year we’ll make a new Christmas album, so you can remember each Christmas we have, and one day show it to your own kids and family” soft smiles are sent to each other. The lightwoods and Magnus all pull jocelyn and Luke into a group hug, squeezing tightly whispering thank you’s between them.

- that year, the lightwoods learn that Christmas is as magical as everyone says but not because of the lights or the food or the presents. it’s magical because of the people you spend it with, the laughs and jokes shared between you which will soon become great memories.