A personal one-page comic I recently did. It begun with just the first panel. Just a scene in my mind. And developed into a mini story. 

I wanted to share my process with you all. 😊😊😊  It was a little something I was working on in between the larger personal projects I am working on 😁 It was super fun to paint! I hope you all enjoy!

It’s on 18x24 paper in watercolor and acrylic ink. 😊😊😊🍃🍃🍃 It took me about 25-30 hours to complete start to finish. 


Dreams are odd. Even to this day, no one can give us explanation what they are and why we see them. Why we lucid dream? Why sleep paralyses are terrifying?

Hereafter is paranormal story focused comic I worked on since last fall/winter when I made animated trailer for it (view it here). Story is told from a perspective of normal everyday anonymous person, who discovers something mysterious and even sinister about nighttime’s world, that is our dreams. The whole comic is made with traditional tools, with papercrafting techniques to give it a handmade look and it’s 22 pages long.

You can read the comic HERE
And you can purchase the copy of comic HERE

♥Thank you and have a nice day!♥