Today is Free Comic Book Day, and what’s more free than webcomics?

I’ve been drawing my webcomic Color Blind for almost three years now, it’s a labor of love and ink and paper cuts. It’s an urban fantasy webcomic about five kids who find magic, new friends, mysterious lands, and murderous fiends.

I’ve learned a lot drawing this webcomic, and I know I’ll learn a lot more down the road. Webcomics are a blessing that I know I’ll always cherish.

A very happy birthday to Bill Sienkiewicz to whom I owe a lifelong love of The New Mutants! His revolutionary work in the 1980s broke the conventional boundaries of traditional comic book art and it is fantastic to see him today still at the top of his game, continuing to set the pace for creativity, innovation and style across multiple mediums.   


Here you go. This is the mini, called Foie Gras, that will be available in The Webcomic Underdogs Anthology (which you can back for as little as a buck right HERE).

Super short, super simple. I had a limit of 5 pages, so it was definitely an experiment in condensing and making it work the best I could, which was a massive challenge as I tend to lean towards very long and drawn out storytelling. In any case, it was super fun to do, and will be something I might try doing a little more often for the sake of some much needed learning and upping my short story game. We’ll see how it goes!