Someone I didn’t know texted me a while ago.

They then apologized when I said they got the wrong number, that they were trying to reach their daughter. I’m not good at texting and such, so I sent them this little comic to cheer them up and assure them that I was not upset.

I don’t know. It was interesting, to say the least.

I don’t know how to handle wrong phone number calls. -_-


Sans has really bad night terrors and Papyrus wakes up in the middle of the night to comfort him (even tho he’s really confused and disoriented) 

EDIT; I fixed it so you guys can read it easier since I was getting a lot of messages that some people couldn’t read it properly 

I bought this hat at some stall during a local festival. It was too out of reach to pick up so I could only see the front and I thought “that’s perfect for the cosplay I am gonna do!” and, after I paid, I saw the underside of the visor and this is how I got this hat.
And apparently people on IG really like it and a couple asked me where to buy it but I have no clue sorry…