traditional yoruba religion

Osanyin is the orisha of herbal medicine. This is one of the most neglected orisha in all of the world’s indigenous systems. As a result, the Europeans’ most powerful weapon against melanin-rich people has been the usurpation of their healthcare. There is no greater power. The control of the FDA and health insurance companies have made it so that it is difficult to escape his authority over your health. If there is only one goal that we have in the liberation of our people, it is the reclamation of our control over our own healthcare. Even in the so-called orisha worshipping community many of you are bedazzled by babalawo who travelled to Nigeria. They know countless rituals and love nothing more than to “consult Ifa for you” for a nominal fee. However, if you ask them about their knowledge of herbs they will focus on the chanting of words of power and more mysticism. They generally have done little worshipping of Osanyin. While there are various specialties for all babalawo today, in the Pre-Maafa Yorubaland, you could not call yourself a babalawo without extensive knowledge of effective herbal medicinal practices. The babalawo, or Father of Secrets, first role was not a diviner, but a healer!