traditional walls

Monologue assignment from 1st year of TAW with a grumpy Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) I just now tied down and colored. AND the monologue is Martin from my favourite BBC radio sitcom Cabin Pressure <3 

We had lovely Sarah Airriess - aka @tealin - as our teacher this time, and being a fangirl herself she had selected this as one of the clips we could choose… So of course I had to take it. 

(Also, I have rarely fangirled more than when she did an animation demo of Arthur from the show… *sigh*. It was amazing.)


Holiday House in Gargnano

This Holiday House by Titus Bernhard Architekten sits on a steep slope about 300 meters above the west shore of Lake Garda, in the park-like outdoor area with a view of the lake, in the ground area of ​​an old rustico Guest quarters. So in order to obtain a building permission, the ancillary uses are under the ground and thus do not appear as part of the building volume. A spectacular infinity pool follows the contours. The rustico and the “limonaia” are rebuilt with traditional dry stone walls, but double with a cavity, and therefore retain an explicitly rough, haptic character. The ensemble conveys a warm, distinguished, rustic atmosphere. Landscape and building, nature and artifact: a symbiosis to feel at home in.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.


MP100 x OtGW - 07

Matsuo as Auntie Whispers
Asagiri Minori as Lorna
Mogami Keiji as Spirit

From here on out the plot thickens, no more one page per episode. Tho still no guarantee when I’ll be uploading the next ones.

aaa I’ve been so busy lately and I post so little, so here’s a small update

my time has been divided between 4 things, university stuff, that takes most of it, commissions (pretty long term ones so they keep me busy for a while), griffin village (personal animation project), and doing concept art for Overmare Studios (they’re doing a fallout fan game Ashes of Equestria :D super cool)

Aaand as you might guess , very little of those things can be posted online, either due to nda or part of a thing that I’m not willing to spoiler until it’s finished =u=

But things are pretty awesome, I’m always busy from morning til midnight, and most of my time goes to things I love doing: concept art, drawing, painting, working on projects

so yep! I’m well and alive, maybe silent, but it’s only for the time being :3

also credits to Elias, my dear and talented friend for drawing me way more handsome than I really am pffthaha
(yup that’s my face there alright ;D)
(follow his instagram for awesome traditional stuff here )

So thanks to anyone who read this!
Stay awesome y'all~