traditional russian dress

A Chuvash woman in traditional clothing with an ama wrapped around her

The Chuvash have lived over the Volga region of Russia since ancient times. They are considered to be successors of ancient Turkic, Finno-Ugric and Iranian cultures. The Chuvash formed the core of the powerful medieval state - Volga Bulgaria. 

The ama which is one of the most common accessories worn by Chuvash women is made of bands of silver coins, and worn around the body in a way that resembles the armor of a soldier. As in many cultures of Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Central Asia silver coins are used in the traditional clothing of the Chuvash as talismans against the evil eye and malevolent spirits. The ama derives its name from a pre-Christian goddess of fertility worshiped by the Chuvash in past generations. 

Activity Report: Bisque Doll || Thomas & Vadoma

A bisque doll, dressed in traditional Russian dress, is currently being advertised on a dark web message board as part of a private auction to be held in New York City. The seller claims that the doll is Vasilisa the Beautiful’s doll from the Russian Fairy Tale.

In the story Vasilisa’s doll is able to perform any number of tasks if it is fed a portion of food or blood. The last reported sighting of the doll, dated to early 1920s, tells us that these tasks may include acts of violence when the doll was reportedly used to avenge the owner’s murdered family.

Although the source is dubious at best this is still a matter that must be investigated. If the real article the doll cannot fall in the wrong hands.

Thomas had absolutely no idea why his sister had instructed him to take a trip to New York City to pick up a doll when there were plenty of toy stores right in Chicago. Okay, so the fact that it was apparently up for private auction suggested that there might be more to it than met the eye. He had the feeling it was something weirdly diplomatic, like some ancient Russian monarch’s kid’s toy or something of the sort. That sounded like something Lara might want. She could probably use it for a fair bit of leverage.

The rest of it, he didn’t know. He hadn’t seen any reason to investigate the doll itself when he had simply been sent to bid on it. Lara had somehow gotten him entrance to the auction, and that came as no surprise at all because she had connections everywhere. It was how the Court operated, after all. All that he really knew was that it was extremely important to her, and that she was willing to put up a large sum of money.

So he arrived in New York City with a suit tucked into his bag, given that the auction was evidently meant to be formal. Various other high-value items would be up for sale as well, and Lara had indicated that she didn’t mind one way or the other if he wanted to pick up something else, but she’d given him some budgeting limitations for extraneous purchases. He didn’t expect he’d come across anything interesting, but the items would all be introduced and detailed prior to the auction itself, presumably to pique the potential buyers’ interests.

Once he’d obtained his transportation and checked into the hotel, he changed into his suit–all white with stylish silver accents–and made his way to the venue. Naturally, there wasn’t any parking, and he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t expected this, but he didn’t exactly come here much. Or at all. He found a parking space several blocks away and reached the building by foot. At least the weather was fair.

He passed his identification and invitation to the doorman and was ushered into a grand lobby where he was assigned a number for the bidding process and handed a listing of available items. Men and women drifted about in their formalwear, engaged in hushed conversation, and the place had the air of a political event rather than a strange private auction. Despite the atmosphere, he felt rather out of place. The auction hall itself was located up a flight of marble stairs, but was still closed for a short time before the items would be displayed.

A pair of tables lined either side of the lobby, offering an assortment of snacks and refreshments, but he didn’t feel much like eating just yet. Perhaps after he’d purchased the doll for Lara, he could stop somewhere for dinner. At least this one promised to be a simple trip.



Get to Know me Meme, Royalist Edition

[2/7] Royal Dresses/Gowns - Olga and Tatiana’s Court Gowns

These matching white and pink dresses were worn by Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana Nikolaevna, the two eldest daughters of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna, as part of the 1913 celebrations of the tercentenary of the Romanov Dynasty’s rule over Russia. The full length white satin gowns were traditional Russian court dresses, with long open sleeves and pink velvet accents. The dresses had detachable trains which were embellished with artificial roses. On their heads the girls each wore a matching kokoshnik of pink velvet that was decorated with bows and pearls. In formal photos taken of them to commemorate the occasion, it can be seen they also wore bright scarlet sashes with their Order of St. Catherine on them.