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I want to see a world that’s… well, let’s start like Harry Potter, with the secret magical and separate muggle worlds, with muggleborns and halfbloods and purebloods, and kids who make a surprise discovery one day.  Only, I want to see a world where the most powerful magic users, consistently, are the muggleborns.

It’s not a guarantee, it’s not like every muggleborn is stronger than every pureblood, but there’s a definite pattern, and everyone knows it.  Because magic is power, but it’s also wonder; magic is the impossible made real and the awesome spread of all that could be.  And there is no moment in any life more magical than the moment a muggleborn child discovers magic is real.  They will go through their lives forever in the echo of that moment, that knowledge that magic can do absolutely anything and they can do magic.

The purebloods keep up, because they have milennia of history and tradition behind their spells and rituals, and belief is a kind of magic too.  Their magic is dependable, reliable, easy to predict, and that’s useful.

But the big magic, the magic that rips the world apart and puts it back together, the magic that warps time and makes legends, that is the realm of the muggleborns.

Because purebloods view magic like clouds; sometimes they’re pretty, sometimes they’re powerful, sometimes they’re just “ugh I hope it doesn’t rain today, I planned a picnic.”

Muggleborns look at magic and they see wonder, potential, power; they see magic.

Inviting the Sun to Tea

This ritual involves the element fire and invokes the sun’s blessing and good favor. The sun toils day in and day out bringing life and growth to all beings, and I’m sure would love to sit down for a nice cup of iced tea after a long day’s work. If you’re lucky, the sun may bestow it’s blessing upon you for this kind deed. This ritual can be done any day of the year that the sun shines, though its power will be strongest on the summer solstice. 

You will need:

  • 2 red candles
  • 1 yellow candle
  • 1 green candle
  • 1 blue candle 
  • 2 cups 
  • Iced sun tea
  • Dragon’s blood or cinnamon incense


  • Decorative wildflowers 
  • A small table 
  • An altar or table cloth
  • Chairs or cushions for sitting

As the sun sets, set up a small altar outdoors where you can clearly see the horizon. Place the table, altar cloth, chairs, sun tea, incense, the cups, and summer flowers in a clear space, then cast a circle. Place the candles at their corresponding points on the circle and light them in a clockwise direction, starting with the southern most candle and ending with the second red candle on your altar and the incense. Focus on the element fire as you do this. Call it to you, feel the fleeting warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin as it sets. Then take the cups and fill them with tea, setting them across from each other on the altar. Take a seat at the altar, close your eyes, and raise your glass, saying this:

Won’t you join me, Father Sun?
A humble table awaits your splendor!
Grace me with your presence, golden one,
Pray let me be thy defender.

Feel the sun’s presence with you at the table as you drink your tea. Feel it’s warmth and love flow over you, remember all good and wild things that the sun brings to life with it’s rays. At this time you may ask for the sun’s blessing, but do be polite. Once you have finished your tea, close your circle by extinguishing your candles starting with the southern most one in a counterclockwise direction. Leave your altar set until the sun’s last rays leave the sky, and let the remaining candle and incense burn out completely.

🌞 Happy Litha! 🌞

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Hi, I noticed many embroidered sheets of cloth in Slavic culture. What is the purpose of it? Could you explain on that? Thanks.

Hello anon!
I can only guess what you mean - the name is kútna plachta (”corner cloth”), and it was used in many Slavic countries. I will use Slovak and Czech examples here. 
It is really an embroidered sheet of cloth: 

What was it for? As the name says, this piece of cloth was hung in the corner of the room (position varies throughout regions), in order to create a private, personal space for mother and baby after birth: 

It is basically a great disproof of the wide-spread idea “In the past, the mother gave birth right in the field and resumed working”.
NO. That´s not true. Corner cloth is the proof. 

Corner cloth was used in the lying-in time, that is six weeks after birth. During that time, the mother could devote all her time exclusively to herself and the baby, as within the corner cloth area, she was not to be disturbed. 
During that time, relatives would come to provide warm food and do the housework. Again, it was no visits to see the baby. The woman was not disturbed. 
In a way, this was much better than the present situation in some aspects - the woman did not have to expect visitors, take care of the husband and other children. nothing. 

The cloth was usually embroidered or decorated heavily: 

The reason is, this cloth was considered a ritual piece. 

In some areas of Slovakia, the cloth was embroidered during maidenhood, and the bride was wearing it around her arms during the wedding ceremony. 

If you have any other examples from different countries, please let me know! 

I´d love to find out if there is a similar tradition present outside the slavic world. :)

Flower Blessing Mini Ritual

Originally posted by noentiendonada666

Offer yourself, your circle, your family, & the world a flower blessing. Take flower petals to a body of water…even a bath can work…and let each flower petal go in the water with a spoken intention, affirmation, blessing, prayer, wish, or hope. (You may wish to speak out loud or in your head - silent affirmations are the most effective)  

A few Flower suggestions + their symbolic meaning:

Primrose - ‘I can’t live without you’, patience, kindness

Buttercup - Childishness, riches

Cactus - Endurance, ‘My heart burns with love’

Carnation (General) - Fascination, devoted love

Carnation (Striped) - “Sorry I can’t be with you” or “I wish I could be with you”

Petunia - Your presence soothes me

Phlox - Our souls are united

Tulip (Yellow) - There’s sunshine in your smile

Marjoram - Joy, happiness 

Rose - Love, desire

  • Dark red rose: unconscious beauty
  • White rose: purity, innocence, reverence, silence
  • Pink rose: grace, happiness, gentleness
  • Yellow rose: joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning
  • Orange rose: desire and enthusiasm
  • Lavender rose: love at first sight
  • Coral rose: friendship, modesty, sympathy

“May you know the warmth of sunshine and of smiles. May you celebrate friendship and solitude. May you open your arms to someone’s first step. May you cry well, laugh often, and feel much. May you feel the deep connection between past and future, and may you dwell in all the fullness of your days. May you know beauty, may you walk in beauty. ”

blessings within and all around, 

Rosemary Milk

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I've noticed that you mentioned Wiccans a lot. My MC is a witch, and I wasn't really aware of other kinds of witches, even though I did thorough research. What other kinds of witches are there? Just fyi, she is a mostly-closet witch, and uses stones as connections to places. She mostly uses runecasting and entomomancy (especially beetles and spiders). What might she choose to align with, if anything?

There are, honestly, so many more choices than just Wicca. I’ll try to list several, but do not take this as an exhaustive list. I have added resources where I could, and please forgive the length…


An Asatru witch follows a specific branch of Heathenry that worships the major Nordic pantheon.

Athiest/Laveyan Satanic (Secular Satanic)

This witch feels more that Satan is a concept or idea, not an actual entity.


This witch uses the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and language / symbols as a means of learning, internalizing, and performing magic.


A witch that honors and worships the Christian God through the practice of magic, usually alongside more traditional Christian worship.


This witch utilizes magic through the bodies and spirits of the dead. This can include bones, blood, skin, and other pieces of the corporeal form left when the spirit leaves, as well as contact with the spirit that has left its physical form behind.


Is a very old, and very complex set of religious and nature beliefs changing from region to region, and time to time.


A witch who respectfully uses parts of multiple practices, traditions, and paths.


This witch pays homage to the Gaulish Gods through the study, reconstruction, and practice of Gaulish tradition.


A witch who follows the ways of, works with, and/or worships the Norse deities.


A path by which the witch follows Greek traditions and honors the Greek pantheon.


This witch was born into a family of witches and so is likely to have practices, traditions, and/or paths that are not usually shared outside of their family practice.


A complex interweaving of Western African traditions as well as a long history of utilizing Christianity. This is a fairly regional practice of the Southern United States, but can be found elsewhere.


This type of witch works with the Egyptian deities.


A witch who works with and worships Loki and/or any of his relations (Hel, Jormugandr, Sigyn, Angrboda, etc). This witch may pay homage to other Nordic deities as well.


A witch who works majorily, or exclusively, with Odin, Thor, Freyjr, Freyja, Frigga, and Heimdall.

Pop Culture

A pop culture witch uses lyrics or movie lines in spells, worships and/or honors pop culture icons and/or idols. Likely to utilize fandom in some way, it is a very new and wide practice. They could draw inspiration from Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Practical Magic, The Craft, Supernatural, or other, similar shows.

Regla de Ocha

A religion that was synthesized by West Africans who were taken and enslaved by the Spanish Empire who were then sent to work on the Caribbean Islands. It mixes West African tradition with worship of saints.


This kind of witch synthesizes their craft from a mixture of empirical evidence/data and metaphysical leanings. It is highly individualized.


This type of witch doesn’t connect with any religious practices, traditions, or paths.


A witch who practices alone, but follows a particular practice, tradition, path.

(Theistic) Satanic

A witch whose practice revolves around worshiping, honoring, or otherwise appealing to Satan.


A witch who hunts for the “traditional” ways of magic. Likely to be found scouring through histories and stories looking for references to spellcraft, rituals, and traditions that have since been lost to time.


An Afro-Caribbean form of worship that focuses on the loa, and spirits.

I hope this put some things in perspective as to just how large witchcraft is, and why I seem to harp about being frustrated that the majority of what I see is Wicca. It is prevalent and popular, not the only way to be a witch, and definitely not the only tradition.

To answer your question about your character, Some of these paths lend themselves more towards nature than others, but I’d suggest rather looking into a tradition/path, look at types of witchcraft instead. Your character most sounds like a variety of Green Witch, and/or Animal Witch.

-Bruxa Guerreira

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I feel like you've talked about this before but I can't find it. I'm interested in contacting the angel Gabriel about something & I was wondering if you could tell me (as someone who's knew to stuff like this) how to go about that. I'm also an ex-christian so I'm anxious how that might fit into this..

Archangel Gabriel


  • The Archangel of the Moon.
  • His name means “God is Mighty”.
  • Ruler of the zodiacal sign of Cancer the Crab.
  • Regent of the element of Water.
  • He is often portrayed holding a staff bearing Lilies, a flower that is sacred to the Moon.
  • Ruler of the angelic host of the Cherubim
  • Bringer of the creative Word and giver of vision.


  • Gabriel may be visualised in the western quarter with eyes green as a storm-tossed sea.
  • He has aura-wings of violet shot through with silver
  • All about him the sound of many waters


  • The ebb and flow of magickal power through the phases of the Moon.
  • All things domestic.
  • Marriage
  • Fertility.
  • Childbirth.
  • All women’s matters
  • Prophecy
  • Psychic development.
  • The tides and all water activities such as fishing.
  • Emotional issues.
  • Agriculture.
  • Animals.
  • Voyages by sea
  • Revealing of secrets.
  • Matters of reincarnation.

Methods of Communication:

  • The Theban Script was communicated to man by the Archangel Gabriel and it is his personal script which should be used in all communication with this archangel.
  • To use the Theban Script is, from magickal perspective, a powerful vibrational tool, and using it will make your magickal request work more rapidly.
  • Theban Script should be used when making physical petitions which are drawn out on paper, such as the First Pentacle of the Moon or the Banishing Square of the Moon
  • You can communicate with him meditatively, and is best used in combination by anointing yourself with Archangel Gabriel Oil

Archangel Gabriel Oil Recipe:

  • 4 parts Weeping Willow Leaves. 
  • 2 parts Jasmine.
  • 1 part Bay Leaf.
  • 1 part Sandalwood.
  • 1 part Aloe.

Next, you must consecrate your oil. On the night of new moon (Third new moon cycle) take the jar of the oil in your right hand, call out Gabriel’s name nine times, whilst visualising the Archangel appearing in front of you. Hold this image as long as you can.Whilst still retaining Gabriel’s image in your mind, say:

 “I dedicate this oil to you Archangel Gabriel, Archangel of Light, and messenger of God. May this oil unite our souls and aid our communication.” 

You naturally may use your own dedication. Now visualise Gabriel as strongly as possible. When you feel you have spent enough time establishing this link.
Thank Gabriel, and wrap the jar of the charged oil in the cloth of your Archangel’s colour, which is white for Gabriel, and store in a safe, cool and dark place until needed.

Meditation Technique:

  1. Relax and take a few deep breaths, concentrating on eliminating any tension from all parts of your body. 
  2. As you breathe out visualise the stress leaving your body.
  3. Apply a drop or two of the oil, described earlier, to the middle of your forehead. 
  4. Apply it in a slow circular motion visualising in your mind your ‘Third Eye’ opening. 
  5. If you do not have any oil prepared, you may leave this element out
  6. Place your arms by your side and check to see if any tension has returned to your body. 
  7. If so undertake a couple more deep breaths to remove the tension. 
  8. Try to clear your mind of any invading thought.
  9. Try to visualise that you are enveloped in a bubble of pure white light
  10. Hold this steady for a few minutes.
  11. Now mentally call out your Archangel’s name
  12. Repeat it again in your mind.
  13. Start visualising, or “seeing" the archangel in your mind’s eye;
  14. Call the archangel again mentally, and think of the assistance that you wish him to help you with
  15. Keep these images in your mind as long as you can
  16. Finally, speak aloud to your Archangel; request his assistance in all you do, and to visit you when you call through your invocations
  17. Relax once again and clear your mind
  18. Thank your archangel(s). 

Omens of Consent

  • You should receive “omens of consent” to know that your petition has been accepted by Gabriel, and these are always random - they are described below.
  • An unexpected gift in the form of a shellfish.
  • An invitation to a meal in which shellfish are served.
  • A gift of melons, lychees, or pears.
  • A visit to a place in which you find a pear tree in blossom or in fruit.
  • A gift of silver.
  • A surprise invitation to a christening or a birth rite of passage ceremony.
  • To hear of a baby being born or for a baby to visit your home for the first time.
  • A strange dog honouring you with its affection.
  • A dog persistently barking outside of your home. 
  • Acquiring a new dog or puppy.
  • Seeing a Weeping Willow tree for the first time.
  • Moths or spiders entering your home.
  • Moonlight shining upon you.
  • A gift of white flowers
Five Weather'd Nails (A Vernal Charm)

Five Weather’d Nails

A snail shell, a cloister, a labyrinth of life
its essence made of distillation, propagation, strife.

Three rabbit bones a stream did cross, never a fallow hare
six times a raven circl’d the heath, calling in despair.

“Bind it thrice for heathen earth, thrice for death’s embrace
tie it now for new born life, thrice for winter’s disgrace.”

A handful of mugwort dried, from summer’s recent past
that burns upon the censer, brings the visions we have cast.

Five weather’d nails, through autumn sleet and winter hail
that call to the fire in the sky, let vernal birth avail!

“Bind it thrice for heathen earth, thrice for death’s disgrace
tie it now for new born life, thrice for spring’s embrace.”

For Pleasing Household Spirits

“From a golden broom pluck five long straws,
Light them as tapers at the fire;
Carry them through the house, and cause
Their subtle smoke to thicken the air–
Then summon good fortune with this spell:

Wraiths of the house,
Take heart and live:
To every chamber
This light I give,
To every corner
This breath I send–
Approve and favor
My willing hand

If you would please them doubly well,
Sprinkle the floor with leaves of tea
And orris powder and grains of salt–
Then sweep with the broom, until you are free
Each crack and crevice from speck or fault.”

— From Crone’s Book of Magical Words  by Valerie Worth

4 steps for a beginner witch.

1. Choose a path, Wiccan, pagan, just a witch, whatever you want.

2. Start a Book of Shadows, this will help you tremendously as a newbie, it allows you to look back at your successes and mistakes.

3. Start a collection of jars and bottles and candles, candles are usually used for about everything in the craft, the jars are for spells, herbs, items, and ingredients.

4. Find a place where you can practice at any time, best places would be a hidden place in the woods, an abandoned house, or a secret spot on the beach. If your parents don’t mind you casting spells and playing with fire then your back yard is good too (preferably near a tree)

Full Moon Ritual

Adorn the altar or working space with black candles, any icons, and two candles specifically to represent Hekate and the Witch Ancestors. Light the black candles and begin burning incense for Hekate. I use charcoal discs with an incense made of Copal, Benzoin, Frankincense, and Dragon’s Blood, but you could just as effectively use stick incense. Light Hekate’s candle and say: 

“Oh great Hekate, you who crowns the sky tonight with your silver orb, I invoke thee. Come receive these offerings which I place before thee. You who rises and sets with the night, lunar queen, infernal host of things unseen, be present at my rites which I perform in your honor." 

 Light the candle for the Witch Ancestors and burn the same incense for them. Then say: 

 "Oh great Witch Ancestors, mighty dead, I invoke thee. You who are the dead which I honor above all others, come and receive these offerings which I place before thee. Oh departed shades of witches passed, be present at my rites which I perform in your honor.”

In a bowl, mix warm milk sprinkled with cinnamon, honey, wine, and water. Cut or prick your finger and mix blood into the mixture. Say: 

 "Hekate, Witch Ancestors, I give to you my life blood to show my devotion and honor. Take of my body as I take part in thy power. Receive my essence and look upon me with favor.“ 

Hold the bowl to the moon/sky and say: 

 "Oh great celestial gem, to your majesty I present these offerings." 

 Place the bowl on the ground and say: 

"Oh great Witch Ancestors, to your ancient powers I present these offerings.”

 Continue by saying: 

“Oh Hekate, you who are the moon, it is by you and your glowing presence that all my witchcraft may be worked. In the light of your torch which fly across the sky at night my art is performed. I present to thee these offerings for your consent and blessings upon my spells and rites. Celestial being which I honor above all others, I supplicate thee." 

"Oh Witch Ancestors, who on this night, like witches in life, are at their strongest, it is by your guidance and inspiration that my ancient craft is performed. I present you with these offerings to please you and ask for your continued aid, guidance, and companionship in my craft. Spirits who I honor above all others, I supplicate thee." 

"Hekate, Witch Ancestors, look upon your devoted follower with favor and give to me your blessings on this night. So be it." 

Pour the mixture directly onto the ground so it may be absorbed into the earth. The rite is done.