traditional rice cakes


The best thing about Lunar New Year holiday is the act of gathering together to make all kinds of traditional food. 

The Vietnamese ‘bánh chưng’ is a traditional savoury rice cake with mung bean and seasoned pork belly stuffed in glutinous rice, wrapped inside large 'dong’ leaves (the leaves turn the rice a beautiful green colour), and boiled in a large pot for 11 hours. Its history goes back nearly 4000 years, when a prince presented the square rice cake to the Hung king as a symbol for the earth (back in the days, the earth was square, and the sky was round). The rice cake is made of everyday ingredients of farming life: rice, mung bean, and pork. It is appreciation for the local farming culture at its finest. Every new year, all Vietnamese families have a pair of bánh chưng on their family altar.

I’m a flop at tying the strings, but wrapping the rice cakes was fun. I made five!! (Yes the pair on top is mine.) It was very effort-extensive and time-consuming work, but it’s the process that makes it feel like home.


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1) We only have one show left! #taipei
2) I want to eat songpyun.. at this hour.. and in Taiwan. They probably don’t have any.. even if they did, how would I ask..? Song-pyun sian ma..? Song-pyun.. wo ai song-pyun..

Note: Songpyun is a traditional rice cake with sweet honey fillings inside and is mainly eaten on Korean Thanksgiving Day (today).

Translated by: @big_seunghyun