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Second wip for my second piece! Be sure to check out the Laika 10th anniversary exhibition at Gallery Nucleus! Opening this Saturday.

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contest entry for @doodlesfromthebird‘s DeviantArt contest, of her character Kio, the Prince of the Moon. His human form is on the right.

I’m happy with how it ended up, The jewel parts on his body and clothes are the plastic fragments of a broken CD because i liked how reflective it was.

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Was this really planned since the start? Is Oda so incredible?

So I saw this hypothesis saying that this whole marriage thing was already planned since the start(chapter 124 to be precise). This chapter is starting with this picture:

So this chapter was based on the fight against Mr.3(so it’s really old). 

- We can see Sanji calling a boat to go somewhere. This boat service is represented with a crane(the bird) and in Japan there’s a legend that if you do 100 origamis it will bring you luck and this tradition of the origami is often made for wedding so this boat can represent Sanji going toward his wedding.

- Plus he has his luggage with the name “THE SECRET” written on it so he’s going towards his wedding with his secret(family secret).

- This chapter is entitled as: “This Tea is Delicious” and right now on the recent chapter we are talking about a TEA PARTY, for SANJI’s WEDDING?! Personnally I think it’s really crazy! Sanji’s going toward the tea party,toward his wedding! and this more than 650 chapter before it actually happend!

I don’t say that Oda isn’t planing his story(on the contrary his story is really constructed and even too hard for me to fully understand it ahah) but (apparently) knowing the future of his story more than 650 chapter before and without knowing the fact that One piece was going to be as famous as it is it’s really crazy X)

Visit the American Museum of Natural History this holiday season to see one of New York’s most beloved displays, the Origami Holiday Tree—an annual tradition for more than forty years. Produced in partnership with OrigamiUSA, the tree is delightfully decorated with more than 800 hand-folded paper models created by local, national, and international origami artists.

The theme of this year’s tree is Mighty and Microscopic Life. Creatures tremendous and tiny decorate this year’s tree, taking inspiration from temporary exhibitions and permanent displays at the Museum. Included are models of microbes featured in The Secret World Inside You, the tenacious tardigrades of Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species, and the Museum’s newest icon, the Titanosaur, which will be unveiled January 2016 in the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Orientation Center on the 4th floor.

Learn how the tradition of the Origami Holiday Tree began.