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Second wip for my second piece! Be sure to check out the Laika 10th anniversary exhibition at Gallery Nucleus! Opening this Saturday.

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The Legend of the Crane

Chinese legend has it that cranes live for a thousand years. Well, that’s legend but the Crane may conceivably be the oldest bird on earth; there is fossil proof that they existed over 60 million years ago. Cranes mate for life and have a beautiful and elaborate courtship dance which involves the intertwining of their long necks combined with much clacking of their beaks as if kissing. In Greek and Roman myth the dance of cranes  was seen as a love of joy and a celebration of life. The crane was usually considered to be a bird of Apollo, the sun god, who heralded in Spring and light.

Throughout all of Asia, the crane has been a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tradition, cranes stand for good fortune and longevity. However, the crane’s strongest association is with the soul.

The powerful wings of the crane were believed to be able to convey souls up to paradise and to carry people to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment. Over time, the crane has also evolved as a favorite subject of the tradition of paper folding – origami. It is said that a thousand folded cranes, one for each year of its life, makes a wish come true.

demoiselle cranes.

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☕️first of the many coffeeshop christmas au! that are on its way as we await christmas!! enjoy and don’t hesitate to share your views!❤️

☕️characters: suho x reader

☕️genre: christmas fluff

☕️word count: 2k

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Tortie Scouts can always make up a badge if they miss one. Here’s this week’s make up scouts for Entomology.

1) For her Entomology badge, Jasper decided to try to figure out the secret to butterfly cocoons and see if she could transform into a catterfly. Unfortunately, her experiment failed, but on the plus side she did find a cozy spot to nap!

2) Here is your new tortie Scout Murphy Abrams. He is completing the Entomologist badge. He is pictured with his zinnias that attract bees, butterflies and dragonflies. He loves to sit and watch them. He also nibbles on the leaves but leaves the flowers for the bugs. He is so nice. He is learning not to use pesticides so he doesn’t harm himself or his insect friends. 

3) For my badge, I learned about one of Mom’s favorite insects:  the dragonfly!  Did you know that, like me, dragonflies need to warm up in the sun in the morning before flying around the rest of the day?  Here’s another fun fact about dragonflies:  If a dragonfly can’t fly, it will starve because dragonflies eat only prey they catch while flying, which they catch by grabbing with their feet with more than 90% accuracy!Since we don’t have any real dragonflies flying around our house, Mom showed me how to fold traditional origami dragonflies—and I tried to nom them!Bonus fact:  Some people think it is good luck if a dragonfly lands on your head! Kirby

Was this really planned since the start? Is Oda so incredible?

So I saw this hypothesis saying that this whole marriage thing was already planned since the start(chapter 124 to be precise). This chapter is starting with this picture:

So this chapter was based on the fight against Mr.3(so it’s really old). 

- We can see Sanji calling a boat to go somewhere. This boat service is represented with a crane(the bird) and in Japan there’s a legend that if you do 100 origamis it will bring you luck and this tradition of the origami is often made for wedding so this boat can represent Sanji going toward his wedding.

- Plus he has his luggage with the name “THE SECRET” written on it so he’s going towards his wedding with his secret(family secret).

- This chapter is entitled as: “This Tea is Delicious” and right now on the recent chapter we are talking about a TEA PARTY, for SANJI’s WEDDING?! Personnally I think it’s really crazy! Sanji’s going toward the tea party,toward his wedding! and this more than 650 chapter before it actually happend!

I don’t say that Oda isn’t planing his story(on the contrary his story is really constructed and even too hard for me to fully understand it ahah) but (apparently) knowing the future of his story more than 650 chapter before and without knowing the fact that One piece was going to be as famous as it is it’s really crazy X)