traditional mexican food

whiskey headcanons

• he’s biracial
• he’s trans
• his mom is mexican
• he’s awful at spanish but an accent slips out every time he’s talking about his mom/ traditions/ mexican food
• that boy can cook
• he’s cautious when it comes to new people since he’s shy in general but also bc he’s had to deal with transphobes
• he’s an introvert
• he likes art but is bad at it
• he’s great at makeup
• he likes to hang out with lardo when she’s painting bc she doesn’t expect him to talk and she seems to enjoy the company
• she also lets him give her a makeover and he becomes her go to whenever she wants a certain Look
• he ends up becoming as permanent as a fixture in the kitchen as bitty and they end up swapping recipes
• tango got on his nerves until he realized he didn’t always want an answer, just someone to listen to him
• he’s just as grossed out as bitty by the boys’ hygiene and they share looks whenever they do something gross
• he becomes sort of in love with bitty bc bitty cooks and dances and talks and seems to be able to handle his awkwardness with grace (how did bitty learn to do that?)

I don’t think anything gets under my skin as fast as when I see that a traditional Mexican food that I grew up with has been made into a “casserole” by Karen, the soccer mom.