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Richard James SS18 Collection - Pitti Uomo 92 Preview

While Savile Row is worldly renowned for its unscathed traditionalism when it comes to the school of British tailoring, recent changes in this bespoke haven have led many to question not only its future, but current contribute to one of menswear most revered art forms. Without delving too deep into the controversial that surrounds the Row, I’m grateful for the fact that some institutions still remain bastions of traditional tailoring and others have been able to materialize contemporaneity without compromising their roots. 

One adamant example of what one may call “modern tailoring” is undoubtedly Richard James. As one of the “New Establishment” labels on Savile Row, only since 1992, Richard James has been able to create a reputation for itself through its irreverent use of color, pattern and design, portrayed on collections which embody its location’s trademark values of luxury, quality and craftsmanship. In fact, the bold vibrancy its garments present could easily pass as something more mainstream to the untrained eye: the unusual color palette, modern styling and mix of relaxed pieces are not what most would expect from Savile Row.

However, this progressive approach to tradition is exactly what makes it so appealing. The underlying concept is that of owning quality pieces that can then be mixed and matched to portray individual style, but always with a twist. On a personal level, this completely resonates with my own vision on personal style, heavily marked by the mix of bespoke and more easy-going garments. For SS18, the amazing color palette of green and pink suits, jackets and slacks, is beautifully complemented by crisp sneakers, knitted polos and linen shirts that immediately balance any overly stiff attires. 

Miguel Amaral Vieira