traditional menswear


Sasquatchfabrix AW16 Collection

Reinventing time tested designs is one of the trickiest moves in the fashion business: altering built-in concepts of what specific garments should look like is bound to generate mixed feelings on consumers and aficionados. While I’m usually a purist on this note, I’m still open-minded enough to welcome successful revamps on classics. 

One such example is Japanese Sasquatchfabrix’s AW16 collection, a thoughtful reinterpretation of traditional Japanese garments, making use of plays on length and proportion.

I’ve been wanting to draw Zayn’s hair like this for awhile now ( his most underappreciated hair era, imo). This is inspired by the post I made about Prince!Zayn and Assassin!Liam. Tried to incorporate traditional south asian Sherwani menswear in his outfit. I really wanted to put him in a midriff (AGAIN) though. 🙈