traditional mediterranean architecture

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white people steal black, native, Latino, Asian and Romani culture because they don't have their own culture to stick to, I'm getting sick of that shit

While I am sorry that you are a victim of cultural appropriation, i definitely can’t ignore the fact that you are stating white people have no culture.

- flamenco singing, instrument and dance (Spain)
- kilts ( Scottish)
- high landing ( Scottish)
- Norse mythology
- Greek mythology
- Greek philosophy
- European architecture
- traditional Mediterranean food
- traditional clothing in Germany, England, Ireland, Wales, Italy, Spain, Greece, France
- Morris dancing ( british folk)
- Maypole dancing ( European folk)
- football ( soccer English)
- theater (Greece)
- Ballet ( Italy)
- handfasting ( type of wedding)
- bullfighting ( Spain)
- democracy ( Greece)

Those are very few. I know you are angry but throwing insults around isn’t the answer, darling.