traditional locs


Week 2 started today! I decided to split my baby locs apart to make them smaller yesterday. I wanted to split my hair ASAP, so as not to slow down the locking process. I now have around 260 locs and before I had 184. The pictures are of my locs before I split them. Surprisingly, my hair had a lot of coils that were very difficult to pull apart. Most locs I left, unless they were just too thick or were not difficult to split apart.

I decided to split my locs because I want my hair to be full and voluminous. And, I won’t ever twist my hair to death, because I hate that scalpy look and I would like to maintain the thickness of my loose hair. I know it takes more time to re-twist more locs, but I have an idea of what I want to look like 10 years from now and I’m sticking with it.

Hair Decisions

Before I started my locs I was really into getting sisterlocks or microlocs because of the versatility etc. Somewhere down the “decision” line I marveled at a few hair crushes I had and opted for medium sized locs. Every now and then I dance with the idea of sisterlocks. And I’m strongly contemplating starting over with sisterlocks or just smaller locs in general. I love my locs. A lot!! but I often wonder if I got them this size because I truly wanted this size or because I adored some one else’s hair that was this size.


Piano Girl
Customized ‘moleskine cahier, blank, 80 pages. 5 x 8,25"  

That was fun! And I’m doing a bunch.
Will be for sale at SDAUM 18 and 19 march.
My first time at an artist alley. I’m excited!

Started playing the piano again, so it’s always on my mind :D

12 days old braidlocs; all fuzzy on me & stuff . In need of a re-ti soon you can see my new growth already !! My mama says my hair grows super fast cuz of my hair crack lol !! I spray my locs 3 times a day with a mixture of purified water, tea trea oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, & it’s two more that I can’t think of right now !! Some may say this is a lot but I have 4b 4c very very thick hair & it drinks water ! It can never get enough of it. Anywho each braidloc is doing its on little thing some is curly, some are hanging already, some are sticking straight up , some are going left some are going right but I’m perfectly fine with this :) I love my babies & i can’t say that enuff !!