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Instagram: loganmartintran

The best decision I ever made was forcing myself to learn to be happy on my own. Not everyone is meant to settle down and get married, not everyone is built for the ‘traditional’ lifestyle. Give yourself time to learn to be alone, figure out if you actually want a partner or if you’re just checking off boxes on a list that someone else made for your life. 

I know society makes it seem like single women, especially older single women, are unhappy. Don’t buy into that narrative. Write your own damn story. Write your story so well that other women look at it and are inspired to write their own stories too. 

Instagram: loganmartintran


Instagram: loganmartintran

In a world full of magic, destiny and struggle… four heroes emerge.

For a newly initiated plan to build energy towers that protect the Bright Empire from the recently accumulating attacks from a parallel shadow world it is crucial to track down the location of huge crystals that store magical power and such a crystal exactly is in the possession of the Shadani tribe, laying deeply guarded in the holy Temple of Mo…

Elco – The Scientist (Virgo, Aquarius, Aries)

Forward-thinking, pragmatic, quick-witted and responsible, Elco’s task is to provide the Bright Empire with his newest scientific research and inventions. Pretty much considered a genius, Elco caught Queen Lusica’s eye when he was only 14. Searching for new and effective ways to protect the kingdom, Elco was the youngest one ever assigned to be Royal Science Officer. Sadly, one of the experiments went terribly wrong whereupon Elco lost his left arm which got replaced by a mechanical one.

Elco is so much more than he may appear at first: Rational, inventive, ambitious and cynical, he shows a lot of sass when he knows he’s a step ahead of someone. Higher beliefs concerning things like fate or predestination are a lot of mumbo jumbo to him and he’s always relying on his experience and technological know-how. He’s very passionate about the wonders of science and deeply devoted to the few having gained his trust, respect and admiration – most notably his little wife Tilly who was the first-ever to be given an insight into Elco’s inner world.

Elco always keeps a cool head and thinks strategically, which manifests in his (mostly self-designed) energy blasters and short-range guns. He keeps his best innovations for himself to test as he does with his jetpack and armor. Simplicity and functionality create a great deal of a foremost classy working appearance because why not look sophisticated when entering the fray?

Buki – The Warrior (Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer)

Buki grew up without parents but was soon discovered to be skilled in hunting and fighting. Her natural talents were brought forward under the watchful eyes of her fellow tribe members. She is deeply connected to nature, the gods and the traditions of the Shadani tribe which is viewed as rather primitive by many. Although the Shadani are part of the Bright Empire, they’d rather be left in peace concerning royal business. And because of her strong will and eager spirit it is Buki who is sent to fiercely represent the Shadani in the matter of retaining their crystal.

Buki is the incarnation of a fighter spirit: Strong, honorable, deeply spiritual and set in her ways, it goes without saying for her to defend the lifestyle and traditions of her people. As the quartet grows together, Buki’s wise understanding of the world develops even further and she especially forms a tender friendship with Ailish towards whom she is even a litte protective. Buki would never give up her principles but still – she learns as much from others as she inspires others with her questioning way of thinking.

Due to Buki being a melee fighter, her armor protects from physical strikes. Her cat-like appearance and agility though make it hard for the opponent to hit. She uses traditional Shadani weapons that are forged metal claws, one on each hand.

Tal - The Soldier (Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces)

Tal lost his mother and brother when he was only 14, but still his father Arlo, Commander of the Queen’s Elite Guard, blames him for not having been strong enough to prevent his family’s death. Tal had to learn to grow up on his own which he didn’t quite manage too magnificently for Tal is a real day dreamer, if there ever was one. Because of his by the Royal Household acknowledged skills Tal is assigned to accompany Elco, Queen Lusica’s royal scientist-in-charge, on his important mission…

Tal gives his best, no matter what. He has a strong moral compass and it goes without saying for him what is right and what’s wrong. He is just, focused and of a calming and reassuring aura. Courteous and eager to meet his father’s expectations, Tal is a hopeless idealist and first tries to see the good in a person. He comes across kind, reasonable but also rattled and dreamy and is driven by his determination to do good and to serve the right cause.

Tal is an excellent swordsman wielding the finest blades that are (depending on the kind of enchantment) weakening, cursing or poisoning tools of death. His armor represents the pride of the Bright Empire – shining golden and silver elements combined with maximum protection and practicability.

Ailish – The Princess (Libra, Gemini, Leo)

As a member of the Royal family and the daughter of Queen Lusica herself, Ailish’s duties actually lie with the Court in playing the role of the Royal heir and a lovely princess. Growing up as a talented mage but restricted by her royal status, Ailish could only watch the daily, quirky civil life (which looked a lot more fun and alive to her) from up above her tower window. Her mother wants her to behave herself as it befits a princess and doesn’t quite trust in Ailish’s abilities but she craves for adventure and foremost responsibility. As she sees a chance to prove herself, Ailish decides to follow the handsome soldier Tal – son to the General of the Royal Guard – on a mission…

Ailish is awesome. She’s so sweet, brave, stubborn, open-minded and fiery. She’ll stand up for her friends, cares deeply and possesses the ability to unfreeze people with her naïve and warm-hearted nature. Ailish tends to (re)act rashly but will always account for her decisions. Trusting and forgiving, she has no problem with approaching others and confront them with what she dislikes.

Ailish is a highly skilled witch, able to take it to action using a variety of magic staffs that differ in fire power and magic capabilities. Her armor’s of royal origin and therefore of a unique elegance, it provides maximum flexibility and features white, purple, blue and golden elements.

Grabbing coffee and walking around the local farmer’s market with my Dad on the weekends has become a tradition. I hope to someday be doing the same thing with my future husband every weekend, and then hopefully with my kids. There are the kind of memories I’ll look back on for years to come. 


Instagram: @loganmartintran