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Nashinoki-Jinja, Kyoto / 梨木神社(京都) by Kaoru Honda
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Friday 7th April 2017. 20:30 Kyoto Japan.

I did some extra classes at school today as I usually have Fridays off. I was working with Yoshiko San at Shugakuin and we decided to cycle to Kiyomizu-dera Temple after class for the night viewing of the cherry blossom, which is only happening for a few days. When school finished I cycled to Takano and collected my wages from Mitsumi. I then cycled home, made some food and packed my work stuff for Soul Scramble and my camera into my rucksack. Yoshiko cycled to my house for 19:30 and we headed down from there. From the bottom of my hill it’s just 1 straight 25/30 minute cycle down hill to Kiyomizu.

The ride down was horrendous, the rain was so so bad, I could hardly see! We finally made it to the temple and the good thing about the rain was that it was pretty much empty. It was very humid, just t-shirt weather, so the rain didn’t bother me as much! I 

I haven’t been here for months, last time I came was when Jay was still in Japan! Despite the weather it still looked beautiful, maybe even more so with the low cloud and the rain dripping off the cherry blossom.


Saturday 8th July 2017. 19:30 Kyoto Japan.

Finally I’m back in Kyoto. We spent the whole afternoon cleaning my room top to bottom. Because my house is so old and my room hasn’t been lived in for 2 months it smelt so weird and felt really musky. We took my futons outside and banged them clean, Japanese style. Well I say we, I kinda just carried them downstairs and watched Nomu do all the hard work haha. As we were cleaning there was a huge storm, I’ve never seen anything like it, the rain was so different to back home! Yet still so so hot and no cool breeze anywhere, not even from the fan lol. 

Our plan this evening was to watch the sunset from our favourite bar, In The Moon, in Gion. The storm had just about cleared by the time we were ready to leave. When we got to the bar it turned out it wasn’t open for another 2 hours so we went for some food in Gion whilst we waited for it to open. We ate the most beautiful Japanese food. I think my stomach has shrunk because I couldn’t finish the whole thing lol.