traditional knitting


Join us every Thursday after classes in third floor, fifth door on right !

• magical knitting, muggle-style knitting without use of magic, handspinning, tea and cookies

• we own a wide selection of rare muggle knitting patterns from prof. Dumbledore´s private collection given to our club by prof. McGonagall, patterns are not for rent !

• beginners and pets are welcome

• for more info contact Han or Ophelia on school corridor or in Slytherin/Hufflepuff common room

We´re looking forward to meet you ♥

Help Me Pay For College?

Hello friends! If you would be so kind to check out my Instagram account I would really appreciate it!

Since I am disabled I’m having a hard time finding a job that I am able to work, therefore I am now selling kitted and sewn stuff and some of my artwork!

If you don’t have money to buy anything, it’s fine, I understand. But I am asking you to share this so someone else who is interested can see it! This is honestly my only income, so please help me pay for college?

Thanks!❤ ❤ ❤


And then Maru failed to keep a straight face for the photo. (Ba dum tsh)

Something silly inspired by the tradition of giving ugly knitted shirts and woolly socks for christmas. And if Maru was going to get stuffed in a centaur-sized shirt, Pony needed to have socks.

Hope Chest

in a chamber no one enters
a coffer waits in the corner
clamped, but easily pried

the key was lost before it came to linger here

revealed on rainy days
in solitary moments
with remnant thoughts

cedar smells like something deferred past its time

a prospective of soft and pretty
pastels and pristine whites
cloths of varying shapes and patterns

adhering to the ritual of tradition, albeit blind

knitted dreams for dew baby skin
woven beliefs of family dinners
sewn with devotion and love

each stitch, a noose of expectations unfulfilled

~ LKT 

pilot pals hanging out before poes mission to jakku

(“you wanna know what my magic eyes see, dameron? you’ll somehow screw everything up immensely but somehow get out of it as beautiful as ever” "so same thing you see every time?””pretty much”)

re: Khux back cover

there’s one thing about Unchained X Back Cover that’s already hitting me a little hard. regardless of what you think about the Foretellers – who they are/aren’t, who is or isn’t the traitor or whether there’s one at all – it’s painfully clear that this movie is going to be another notch in the Kingdom Hearts ladder of tradition, namely a close-knit group of friends being painfully torn apart by someone’s selfish ambitions and toyed with by destiny.

we had Sora and Riku at odds in KH1, Roxas/Xion/Axel in 358/2 Days, and then Ventus/Terra/Aqua in BBS. Note that all of those friendship plots began on a happy note, but the trailer for Back Cover started off dark right out of the gate. this isn’t just a misunderstanding that has friends hurting one another’s feelings and dragging each other back home. this is the kind of conflict that sparks a full-scale war that nearly destroys the universe.

we’re going to meet these five characters. we’re going to learn their exact relationship to one another, and then we’re going to watch all of it crumble as strife and paranoia creep in and destroy them from the inside out.

worse, this isn’t something that happens easily. in the very first trailer for Back Cover, we hear Aced having faith in his allies and defending the group, saying that there can’t be a traitor among them – and now we see him attacking the others verbally and physically. we see Leopardos caught between defending himself and not wanting to hurt his friend. we see and hear Vulpes grief-stricken over this turn of events. we see Unicornis struggling to understand the group’s role in the world. Anguis and Aced are at odds over their Master’s teachings to the point where she sounds utterly shocked that anyone would go against what they’ve been taught.

my point is: underneath all the lore and plot this movie is going to deliver, it’s still the same basic method of storytelling that the key KH games are famous for using: characters you come to love falling apart from one another in circumstances that are frustratingly stacked against them. despite the repetition, it manages to come off fresh, innovative, and more painful with each game – and considering Back Cover isn’t even trying to give off an air of Disney cheer thus far, I can’t imagine just how dark this story is really going to be.

Signs as Christmas jumpers
  • Aries: a classy red one with nice patterns all over it
  • Taurus: the ones my auntie makes- so fluffy
  • Gemini: a purple one I used to wear all year
  • Cancer: a cute fluffy penguin one
  • Leo: the pink one with the gold antlers my mum owns
  • Virgo: the white and pink one my sister has that I want
  • Libra: a sparkly pink one with lil white reindeer
  • Scorpio: the dark blue Christmas Pyjama pullover
  • Sagittarius: the testy rude Christmas jumper all the teachers hate
  • Capricorn: a traditional creamy knitted one I own
  • Aquarius: a blue one covered in silver snow flakes
  • Pisces: the Mickey Mouse one I had when I was 7

Went to a rummage sale to look for some junk for my apartment and found a nice suit from my previous place of employment. 3/2 roll, lightly darted, cuffed trousers. I’m having the seat let out slightly and buttons added for braces.